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I present to you a (hopefully) growing list of my “ingenious pieces” that have been approved by the almighty devs and that you may have spotted in-game or mentioned in my chronicles. Listed in chronological order:

1. 11/13/11 07:35AM Artifact: 25-hour clock : Made with the busy hero in mind, adding a thirteenth hour to your day to enjoy that extra pint of late night “apple juice”. Hardcore dude.

2. 11/18/11 02:16PM Monster: Illegal Snuggler: Sneaks in a quick hug when you least expect it! Kinda like that creepy aunt we all have. You know what I’m taking about.

3. 11/19/11 05:39PM Artifact: spoilers

4. 11/26/11 10:43PM Carving inappropriate pictures of unicorns and ponies into a milestone…

5. 11/27/11 07:42PM Making intense eye contact with a complete stranger…

6. 12/07/11 08:20AM Artifact: vial of recycled godpower (@) Used with 100% GP to add 1 charge of GP thus allowing accumulation past 3 charges.

7. 12/11/11 09:59AM Gossiping with %random_friend% about the Almighty…

8. 12/14/11 04:27PM Rolling the dice to see how many steps I can take…

9. 12/17/11 08:51AM Easing the tension with some epic dance moves…

10. 12/18/11 07:47AM Weapon: Reflex hammer: the hammer the doctor uses to check your reflexes.

11. 12/20/11 12:08PM Giving the opponent directions to the Grim Reaper…

12. 12/25/11 09:18AM mood destabilizer

13.01/01/12 12:21AM Picking up %pet name% at the dry-cleaners…(My personal favourite 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)): – used while in town after resting and selling loot.

14. 01/01/12 12:23AM Weapon: Atomizer: Converting heroes into fine mist since 2012

15. 01/02/12 11:27PM Talisman: shadow puppet

16. 01/06/12 09:32AM exploiting a glitch…

17. 01/10/12 05:39PM deleted footage

18. 01/24/12 08:27AM Looking up an obscure meme reference…

19. 01/24/12 12:56PM background music generator: Mine has “Single Ladies” on loop but I occasionally sneak in an “Imperial March.” Really adds a spring in your step and drama to your entrances!

20. 12/26/11 08:42AM [This diary entry has been taken down due to inappropriate content or copyright issues] (Not sure how this one got accepted. I’ve seen a million variations of this entry since I first submitted it… Oh well!)

21. 11/24/11 05:53PM Almighty I think its time we recruited more followers. I’ve advertised your name in the busiest place in Godville. From today onwards, everyone leaving Godville’s toilets shall speak of your glory!

22. [12/24/11 08:13PM] When the going gets tough, the tough gets going in the opposite direction. I’ll be back, %monster name%!: I’ll probably wait for your day off though…

23. [02/17/12 08:18PM] Frantically yelled “Fire!” and watched as my guildmates cleared the waiting room for the doctor. I guess I’m next!

24. [02/24/12 10:23PM] Defusing the awkward silence with a poorly executed joke…: “So then the drunken priest said to the alien salesman, ‘Cause she only licked one side!’ Alien:’ I’m offensive and I find that alien!’ “

25. [02/16/12 12:40AM] prosthetic brain: If your find that your hero is a klutz,you may find this product useful in helping him maintain his balance.

26. [03/16/12 08:14PM] Legs: platform shoes: Made for the fashionably ferocious heroine and designed to give them a boost! And, in the name of equality, we’ll let you try them on too boys!♪

27. [11/24/11 09:12AM] Waving madly to the sky to get Almighty’s attention…

28. [12/10/11 05:09PM] %Attacker% is shooting daggers with his eyes and, in a magnificent display of skill, %Defender% deftly manages to catch two of them with his teeth and one more with his chest. Finally, my first arena entry! :D

29. [04/10/12 08:37AM] Talisman: death rattle Shake melodramatically for best effect!

30. [12/24/11 09:17AM] The unregulated disposal of diaries have caused an unprecedented environmental disaster that is threatening to drown Godville in a sea of bad literature as hero levels rise. – My first Godville Times entry!