Ku Klux Clown

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Monsters of Godville
Ku Klux Clown
Class Performance racist
Habitat Nest singly in burning clown cars and congregate in Big Tops
Description Menacing, white-faced, berobed clown

The Ku Klux Clown is a boss monster that may be encountered on epic quests and also appears in the mini-quest to "Fear nothing but fear itself, and clowns".


Humanoid figure in a white sheet with conical hood and a prominent red nose. Generally seen foaming at the mouth and expectorating obscene, yet terrible, rap lyrics.


  • Able to exploit the Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) flaw commonly taken by heroes during character creation
  • Persistent disconnection from reality allows it to fight on for three rounds after its health bar reachers zero
  • White robe offers excellent UV protection


  • Constantly makes tactical errors because it insists on evaluating creatures by their fur, scale or skin colour, when everyone knows the little number next to their health and encumbrance bars that says "Level" is what counts
  • Really, really cannot rap, but keeps trying
  • No peripheral vision thanks to the crudely cut eyeholes in its hood