Knights who say Ni

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Welcome to guild of The Knights who say ni! and a warm welcome from our more advanced members who prefer to be referred to as The Knights Who 'Til Recently Said Ni!

"Ni!" is the most notable of our sacred words which is used to protect; the others being "Peng" and "Neee-wom", although we may also say "Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing Zow Zing!" because of the challenging pronunciation. All of these words cause horror, fear and pain when delivered by our knights and those who hear them seldom live to tell the tale!

If you wish to join us the we demand that you bring us a shrubbery, if the shrubbery is not big enough then ye must return with two even greater shrubberies arranged in a two tier effect with a little path running down the middle. It must also be one that looks nice and is not too expensive. After this is done ye shall cut down the mightiest tree in the Godville forest with... a herring!

Type the following to join us Join "knights who say ni!"' guild

Allies/Rivals: We are currently rivals/allies/haven't quite worked this one out yet with the knights of the square table. We believe that though their table is indeed sturdy and firm our shrubberies have far practical and sentimental value than a table and our sacred words make us more powerful (as well as giving us an excuse, though not a very good one, to invade and intrude upon other guild's forum pages) We are also currently also involved in conversations with the breadsticks guild. Despite having a banana obsession they seem a pleasant bunch, and very respectful, although they seem to have developed the strange idea that we must use the word ni in every post, and are even awarding themselves cookies when we fail to do so.

We have a forum thread here; for all members to get in touch and talk to each other.

Fare ye well...