Knights of the Raven's Cross

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Knights of the Raven's Cross
Motto: Miles militis of Raven's Crux crucis.
Let's visio obscurum una.
Alignment: humane
Gold Fund: ~30000 c.u.
Leader: GodMingo888 
Date Founded: May 2012 ≡ 752 g.e.
Membership Count: ~40
Pantheon of unity Rank: 32 :: 12.02.2020
3565 g.e.
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 52 :: 29.12.2019
3520 g.e.
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 126 :: 16.12.2016
2412 g.e.
Pantheon of adventure Rank: 202 :: 19.03.2020
3601 g.e.
Forum Headquarters: Knights of the Raven's Cross
Guild Page: Knights of the Raven's Cross 
Data current as of 08 February 2020


The guild is directly connected with Raven's Dawn guild, having one of it's apprentices here.

After a one fateful night at the bar, The Raven Zatheres had finally lost his mind, having becoming senile at level 30. He was so young.
Ravenvalykre, his apprentice, who had drank with him for the night, took his last wish in forming a new guild, Knights of the Raven's Cross, to obliterate shadows.


The Knights are an organization devoted to fight evil. They have valiant teams of warriors, who are truly the best at what they do.

Our motto is, "Miles militis of Raven's Crux crucis. Let's visio obscurum una". It carries the meaning Knights of the Raven's Cross. Let's face the darkness together.

Although it is relatively long for the hero(ine) to shout, it does bolster his/her morale, to the point the monster covers their ears and scramble away, swiftly.

Routine Patrol Work

The primary duties for members of the Knight consist of

  • slaying monsters,
  • gathering gold bricks to strengthen our guild, and
  • maintaining good relationship with other Knights in the guild, such as contribute yourself at the guild thread and the guild council.

But if you don’t feel inspired, there’s no need to contribute… you can help the guild in other ways: Use your godpower in town.

Towns are a great place to try to melt 3000 gold coins into bricks for your temple.
Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t improve the odds to have over 3000 coins.
As soon as you have 3000 and your hero enters town you may use encourage or punish to try to get a brick.

The reason to do it in town is that your hero may increase our guild’s influence there (increasing the chance for all of us to get free loot and bragging rights).
Simultaneously, you increase the chance of getting loot for your “active promotion of the guild” when you visit the town again.

Note that Godville is the least useful town in which to try to build influence, truly the least useful as the influence there is fleeting (every hero goes there every day, and they all work to negate your influence).

Moral Code and Regulations

The Knights try their best to maintain righteous personalities. Encourage your hero often for the best results.
This ensures that the Knights do not succumb to the shadows themselves.

As far as regulations, anything goes as long as it is not offensive to or at the expense of any fellow Knight, or any other hero.
The Knights are a distinguished and respectful guild, and we do not tolerate any who might tarnish our name. Other than that, work to build our fame even greater.

Formal Hierarchy

It is in many ways similar to the normal Godville rank system, but has its adjustments for the Knights of the Raven's Cross guild.

High Valkyrian Conical

Low Conical of Knights

Inner Ring of Justice

Outer Ring of Fate

In between each of the 4 areas there are the Knight Forces Elite Fighters who take care of the 'dark' things.
The only one not to have a Knight Force is The High Council.

High Council

The High Council are the top tier Knights.
They each take a Valkyrian name and swear upon the sword.
Some on the High Council must not be named for they are in the depths of enemy lines.

How to Join

Willing to take up the fight and join Knights of the Raven's Cross?
Just say 'Sayonara' to your old guild and exercise your hands by constantly tap Voice of God line for messages like:

Join "Knights of the Raven's Cross" guild!


Enroll "Knights of the Raven's Cross" guild!

Our recruiting agents, are on full alert 24/7, not to mention in the bars too.
After receiving requests, the Voice of God direct heroes to the nearest enrollment office and provide them with everything needed for a swift career start as a Knight.

Maximizing the chance your heroes to listen to you:

  • Your hero must be level 12 or higher.
  • Your hero should be on the road (passing a milestone), not in town.
  • Your hero should be idle, not fighting a monster.
  • Do not cancel your current quest before sending the command.

Cancel quests to leave

The cancel your quest command is only used if your hero is already in the watch but foolishly accepts a quest to join another guild!
We have successfully cancelled quests in or out of town and while fighting or idle.

It usually takes at least 5 tries (sometimes you get it in one, sometimes it takes 20+). That's why, persistence is the key!
If your hero doesn’t listen after you send the command (say 5-10 times), wait a bit and try again. The quest to leave takes a couple days, so don’t panic.

Benefits Package

  • The guild maintains a generous widows and orphans fund, and provides per gold expenses in towns.
  • Special artifacts may be left on your pillow in town. Alternatively, they may be awarded for active promotion of the guild (using godpower in towns to enhance guild influence).
  • Traders may give you new equipment, in appreciation for the “protection” we provided from the shadows (as in “The trader was impressed by my “Knights of the Raven's Cross” guild membership card. Received sapient pearwood club as a free gift”).
  • We also have a healer who provides a spare hand where needed, healing wounded guild members free of charge (as in “I waved my “Knights of the Raven's Cross” badge in the surgeon's face, showing off my guild status, and got patched up for free”).