Knights of The Forgotten Tale

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This guild was created by an adventurer who felt the need to get the word out about the many great deeds he had done and share them with the world. After a fire that wiped out all written works in the guild's library, the hero mysteriously disappeared, and the legends that had encircled him vanished from memory, leaving the guild forgotten.

Once more, a hero, tired of his trials and disheartened by the lack of recognition his legends deserved, he restored the ancient guild only to quickly fall into a quest involving the mystery of the past hero... Soon after discovering all that remained of the previous guilds history, the young hero promised to never let pride and fame ruin the good deeds he had done for the people.

The guild would no longer be a source of selfish desires for the legends of those wishing to be always remembered, this guild would now only be a source for the selfless acts, the heroes and heroines of the world who banded together to fight the threats of the universe. There are no dusty books with legends of heroic warriors in this guild, only the knights of the forgotten tale, who fight daily to keep your world safe, never heard about the guild or what they do? Good, that means they're doing their job.