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The Knights of Light is a holy guild meant only for the most virtuous and saintly of heroes. The knights are highly spiritual and august warriors in the name of peace. None know the true origins of their order, but they are here to stay. Highly skilled in swordsmanship and light magic, these knights make powerful allies and fearsome adversaries to those of dark descent. They are not only the respective divine warriors of their deities, but represent the lingering desire in all mortals for lasting peace.

Compassionate and peaceful to their fellow sisters-and-brothers-in-arms, as well as the denizens of this realm, Godville. Their sole existence and purpose is to create an everlasting peace amongst all of the heroes in Godville and, most importantly, to smite the shadows of darkness from the lives of the innocent! For this common goal, we band together and hunt down monsters everywhere! There is no place safe for those with dishonest intentions! The Knights of Light are valiant individuals with a no sense of immoral turpitude; No naysayer or evildoer stands in the way of their quest for world peace, by golly! We will teach the jerks of the world manners; manners or death imbeciles, manners or death.

About joining the Guild

Newcomers welcome! If you're a fellow deity who wants your poor stupid son or daughter to become part of a mutual make-believe cause with other deities' poor stupid son or daughter, please send your poor stupid son or daughter, also known as your poor stupid hero, your godly voice (Join the "Knights of Light" Guild.) while the poor stupid mortal is idle. Thank you for deciding to sign up your poor stupid hero into our ranks!

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