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| habitat    = Among the whistling winds.
| habitat    = Among the whistling winds.
The '''Knighting Gale''' is a noble force of nature with the sweetest twittering song you have ever heard.
The '''Knighting Gale''' is a noble force of nature with the sweetest twittering song you have ever heard.- godville monsterlogist

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Monsters of Godville
Knighting Gale
Luscinia nobilis
Bird Knight new.jpeg
a rare photo of a knighting gale without a helmet
Class Meteorological Avian.
Habitat Among the whistling winds.
Description when they attack they use the wind to their advantage

The Knighting Gale is a noble force of nature with the sweetest twittering song you have ever heard.- godville monsterlogist


A very large Swift and deadly, but sweet of song, the Knighting Gale is a bird riding the storm fronts who hails from far lands and bears, variably, a sword, a lance, or a mace. Its helm comes to a sharp point in front, usually demonstrating fine openwork in iron.

No hero or heroine will ever see the face of this monster, as the noble beast takes its oath or knight errancy very seriously. Perhaps this is for the best, for the melodiousness of its song would surely only emerge from a being of equally bewitching beauty.


The Knighting Gale has two primary methods of attack. For the first it is rumored to have studies at the knee of the greatest of the Sirens, for it both warns and paralyzes its chosen enemy with a clear song floating brightly on the gust front of a storm. The prey finds itself too delighted by the freshening breeze to escape, and too mesmerized by the music to draw blade. The Knighting Gale in this way both satisfies the requirements of chivalry and finds little resistance.

For the second form of attack, the Knighting Gale swoops in with the pelting rain at its back and the growl of thunder under its wings. It gives a heavenly aria as it draws its weapon. In combination, these two sets of sounds serve to confuse evil and good champions alike, with the evil preparing to dodge divine retribution and the good bowing down to pray. Many a Knighting Gale has vanquished many an opponent in one stroke, in this way.

Recorded Encounters

!Hero's Diary
12:10 PM The Knighting Gale turned into dust. I blew its ashes away and found an armoire of invincibility.
!Hero's Diary
03:58 AM I may not have much of a head on my shoulders, but I'd like to keep it there. Goodbye, Knighting Gale!



  • Unerring knowledge of pressure systems.
  • The strength of righteousness.


  • Always suffers a wet blanket.
  • Limited peripheral vision.
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