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A Knight-Mare is a formidable opponent. He was originally a knight, but through time, corruption tainted his soul, forming his reckless lust for blood. However, there is a residue of his former self, and if you were able to tap into it, it may prove a useful advantage. A Knight-Mare is so dedicated and focused on his bizarre bloodlust that he slays all whom his eyes meet; even his family. As a well-known hero once said, "I ain't never goin' near them Night-Mares again. They can beat you up and spit you out faster than you can say Blibberblubber! They have them scary eyes. Just one look and you'll be screamin' an writhin' on the ground, afrraid to get up. Then they attack. Just don't never go near them." Beware his lightning quick reflexes, razor sharp sword, and heavily armored horse, for he will use all three to pummel you into the ground. Another weakness of the Knight-Mare is bribery. As they are so corrupted, a coin donation could extend your life.