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#REDIRECT [[Knightmare]]
Possibly, what makes this opponent so formidable is that it is two creatures at once!
A long, long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, a knight turned evil. Selling himself for the powers of the dark side, he fused himself with his horse, thereby combining their strengths. His horse could run and carry him, and he would still be able to use his arms in a fight. In addition, they could now know exactly what each other was thinking, allowing for perfect battle cooperation.
As time went on, he traversed the world, gathering followers for his dark art. It was thought that none could stop them until they stumbled into Godville. Now, they spend their time terrorizing new lands while the heroes and heroines of Godville have taken on the courageous task of trying to eliminate their mutant kind. The monsters pack has broken up and spread all over tge land, though, so in order to eliminate them one would have to go on a great journey, traveling far and wide. One would not be able to rest until the job was completed , either. These monsters are still constantly breeding and aquiring new members into their ranks, so their numbers grow even as heros and heroine hunt them down and try to reduce the numbers.
When handling these monsters, be extemely cautious. One would have to watch out for both kicking hoofs and swinging swords. Also, do not call them Centaurs, as they are entirely different things and will consequently become infuriated if you do call them such a title. It would also be unwise to use the term "pony" when in the vacinity of these entwined entities.
*Two brains
*Dark powers
*Opposable thumbs
*Needs both hay and cooked meals

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