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The Knight's Move skill is a wonder to behold. When a hero is using this skill to travel between towns, his (or her) movement undergoes a side-ways shift. First the hero takes a step forward. Then as they take a second step forward, they also take a sudden step shifted to the right or left. This shifting sideways makes it easier to avoid the hazards of travel which leads to the increased travel speed of those trained in this skill. Note that the hero who travels to the right tends to be those of good alignment, those that side-step to the left are often punished by their god.

Level differences

Level 1-5 The hero starts off only taking one step forward for every two to the side, this is not very efficient but does keep the hero out of harm's way.

Level 6-10 The hero starts to learn how to travel a little faster by going two steps forward and only one to the side. Gaining a bit more speed. Unfortunately this only works during "knight" time

Level 11-15 The hero is no longer limited to "knight" travel and is able to use the skill to go around walls and other small barriers to travel.

Level 16-20 The hero has mastered the Knight's Move skill to such a high degree of proficiency that they will occasionally travel right pass a town without realizing it.