Kiss in the stomach

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Skills of Godville
Kiss in the stomach
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

Kiss In The Stomach is an ancient skill learned from the hero's mummy and daddy, also known as a raspberry. It consists of pinning down the enemy and making loud, unseemly thhhbbbbttttttt sounds on their stomach. When executed correctly the enemy will be completely incapacitated by the giggles, giving the hero time to launch a close proximity attack.

Levels 1-5

The hero is yet unaware that they need to actually blow the raspberry on the enemy's stomach, and instead just blows raspberries at them. They end up looking silly and lose health from embarrassment as the enemy points and laughs.

Levels 6-10

The hero realises that the word 'stomach' in the title isn't just there for fun and begins to aim for the enemy's belly. However they haven't worked out what to do once their face is in contact. It quickly gets awkward.

Levels 11-20

The hero can finally execute a pretty good raspberry. Their daddy would be proud.

Levels 21+

The hero's raspberry skill has become legendary among the children and monsters of Godville alike. Monsters have begun to wear stomach warmers as protection against the hero's terrifying lips. There are signs up at the local nursery banning the hero from the playground after they blew such a devastating raspberry that they made a little girl cry. You demon.