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Monsters of Godville
Class Computer, Robot
Habitat Evil Lair
Description Murderous A.I.

Killerbyte is an artificial intelligence designed by the Evil Genius to kill heroes. It controls a robot with a sharp jaw and two plasma swords to get its job done. After it kills one hero, it moves on to kill another. Apparently, many of its functions consist of one kilobyte of code.

General Information

The Evil Genius grew wary of constantly having to fight heroes, so he decided to create something that would make heroes challenge him less often. He decided to create an artificial intelligence that would hunt down heroes and kill them. He built a special robotic body for it, constructed out of the strongest alloy he could find. He also gave it sharp teeth and two plasma swords attached to its arms. He named it the Killerbyte and sent it out to kill any heroes it sees.

At first, the Killerbyte was incredibly successful. It did exactly what it was designed to do and did it effectively. It was to a point that heroes began to cower in fear upon hearing the word Killerbyte. However, the Killerbyte was a rushed project and it eventually glitched out and had several bugs. Sometimes, the errors were so bad that the system would crash and reboot in the middle of combat. Heroes began to take advantage of this, and the original Killerbyte became a pile of scrap metal. But, the A.I. has a special protocol that allows it to be sent back to the Evil Genius's lair so it can be rebuilt if it's metal body gets destroyed or defeated. And so, the Evil Genius was able to recover the artificial intelligence and integrate it into a new body, as well as do some debugging. After that, he sent it out to kill heroes once more.

This creates a constant cycle of several heroes being slaughtered, then heroes discover a flaw in the robot's system, and the robot gets defeated. Then, the A.I. transfers itself back to the evil lair, where it gets debugged and sent out to kill heroes once more. When this cycle will end, is unknown.



  • Effective killer
  • Plasma Swords
  • Sharp Teeth
  • Durable alloy body
  • Transfer system in case of defeat


  • May have bugs and glitches
  • Easily defeated if exploited
  • Getting hacked