Khaki-Coloured Dragon

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Dragon pub.jpg

The "Khaki-coloured Dragon" is a large pub located just outside Godville’s arena. An average weekend for the regulars of this pub is a day spent watching the fighting at the arena, followed by a night of boozing in this fine establishment.

The roof of the pub is made to look like dragon scales, and this theme continues on the inside. The interior walls are painted green and several fires burn inside the pub. The small bar dragon named ‘Barney’ is incredibly popular with locals and his antics never fail to entertain.

The "Khaki-coloured Dragon" used to be a perfectly ordinary pub with an unusual name. However the pub owner experimented by painting the roof and found that business improved immensely. Soon he had to make other, more eccentric changes to keep customers interested.

The food served in this pub is of good quality however most people go there to drink. The pub is famous for a beer named Dragonfire; a fiery red liquid which a troll critic once said after one sip ‘Thish drink tastshes better than a pangalactic gargle blashter’ before keeling over. Dragonfires are kept compressed in red cans. They are so fizzy that the cans explode if the contents are not drunk the day they are made. Dragon fire cans can be used as weapons in pub fights.

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