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| petpersonality = Unique
| petpersonality = Unique
| town = Bumchester
| town = Bumchester
| most hated monster = Hangoverlord
| monster = Hangoverlord
| rival = Mister Sunshine

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Kellen of Galaxia
Champion of the God: Kasumi The Mist
Personality: A wise and angsty idiot
Gender: Female
Motto: ⛊ Existence Stinks ⛊
Guild: Upgamers
Guild Position: Founder
Temple Completion Date: 03/24/2020
Ark Completion Date: under construction
Pairs Gathered Date: wat.
Retirement Date: NEVER.
Current Savings: 214 thousand
Pet Type: rocky raccoon
Pet Name: Nessie
Pet Personality: Unique
Favorite Town: Bumchester
Most Hated Monster: Hangoverlord
Personal Rival: Mister Sunshine

Kellen of Galaxia is the only heroine of Kasumi The Mist that managed to enter Godville alive. She is the 3rd member of the guild Upgamers. She is also the supposed "girlfriend" Mister Sunshine; another Godville hero mentions in his wiki.


The night was cold and the stars aren't present. A scream was heard in the castle walls. The Empress of a great and powerful empire is about to give birth to Kasumi's only surviving champion

'Koketsuna Diafonia'

Kellen was actually born Koketsuna, the heiress of Empress Mother Ochita The Liberal of Galaxia but instead of spending her life in the castle walls of Numen, Kellen's fate as future Empress was taken by A prophet named Alora Gladio due to religious reasons and raised her as her own.

Alora had given her the name 'Kellen'(Which is odd since that name came from the empire's enemies) and was raised the same way any Galaxian child was raised; through harsh training, but any Galaxian would call Kellen "lucky" because she did not train that much due to being raised by a religious figure. Instead she had to study the many scrolls of religious text and constant fasting and praying at a desperate time when I, Kasumi The Mist had disappeared (I'll explain on my wiki if I have time). When Kellen did not do all these things Alora would "discipline" her by locking her in a room, If Kellen tries to escape she would be chained. If Kellen doubts her faith and question the religion, Alora would shame her tell her that I will punish her for thinking that way. If Kellen questions all these methods of "discipline" Alora would tell her that it was "tough love"

Although there are times when Alora actually did care for Kellen but I'm not sure if it was genuine or not. There are times when her punishments were less harsher when Kellen was down. She seemed to be genuinely protective of Kellen at a time when corruption in Galaxia was a huge problem.

Alora was much more patient than any other Galaxian parent at that time, not a lot of infants or toddlers came out of their house without severe injures despite the efforts of Empress Ochita to try and stop this abuse that has been going on for centuries.

But Alora had done something so despicable that I do not have the heart to tell Kellen...

One time Kellen asked Alora who her father was, which was a question that Alora heard from Kellen many times before. Instead of the usual "Kellen you know I don't want to talk about your father" she responded with a fabricated story that her father taken away by the Empress and was imprisoned at the castle of Numen.

At first Kellen didn't think about it that much, but as her relationship with Alora turned sour she began to plot the escape of her father who was supposedly