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''I erased some of them so oops''
''I erased some of them so oops''
'' I am an idiot''
'' I am an idiot''
== Backstory ==
Don't bother friending me I'm not in a mood.
Don't bother friending me I'm not in a mood.

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Deities of Godville
Kasumi The Mist 
Heroine Kellen of Galaxia
Personality Am I even pure good?
Gender Female
Motto Arce quaerente te
Favourite Town Godville
Guild position Founder

I erased some of them so oops

I am an idiot


Don't bother friending me I'm not in a mood. . . . . . . . . . Do you wish to know who I am?


Sure. Whatever.

I was born from the mist (obviously) millions of years ago when the universe was still a mess... Every god was making a bunch sphere-shape things from a bunch of gas (or mist because that's what we called it at that time) and sometimes they make their offspring from it.

I wasn't alone, I had parents (yes the ones that made the mist)and they made me a twin; Meiryo, my sister. she's not in Godville as she has no hero of her own but I do have siblings that are currently here. First came Aidan The Flame who came from my mom's surface (yes you heard me) and Beltran The Light who came from her corona.

Million years later the earth was created and another million years humanity was created as well and a bunch of gods are born from their minds even replacing the other gods that worked so hard to create the universe. the old gods did not bother to fight the new gods. It wasn't worth fighting after wasting all your energy making all of THIS. As for I and my family, We merely escaped by staying away from Earth as much as We can until We met him...

He was a friend of my parents and it was about time that he was introduced to me. Because I was supposed to be the Goddess of Goodwill, Wisdom, Peace and Unconditional Love I had I to have a role model. And darn he was a good role model!

He was the most powerful yet loving god I ever met. He was the most compassionate god. He was the most merciful one out of all the gods, young and old. And better yet he was the kindest to humanity.

He was everything that the other gods envied and everything that I want to be!


His true colors began to shine...

He kept asking for more sacrifices He kept "testing" for humanity's faith in him He would send the souls of dead humans into a "special place"

At that time... I didn't know what to do with that information I couldn't believe that my role model was someone cynical...

So I did what I thought was best.

To disobey him.

My parents were outraged by my actions and kicked me into a void. Yeah...as if that would help me obey my role model. I tried to make the best of it and created my own heaven and hell and my own servants and divided them by their roles; Angels in heaven, Demons in hell. I made sure they treated each other equally and not villainize each other and they seem to do well.

When I found a way out of a void I dressed myself as a man and went down to earth to fight in wars. It didn't matter what side I took. A war is just another way for everyone to lose.

I made followers along those wars and they made a religion my followers called Forti Animo where we fight when the defenseless can't and question the world around us. At least, that's what it was supposed to be.

"What do you mean?" you might ask, when we began to trust each other I thought it would be good to revealed my true identity.

It was not.

Most were shocked that they have been listening , following and obeying the orders of a woman and left but still kept my ideologies in war (which I will admit is morally questionable, gosh what was I thinking). They called themselves Milites Rubrum. Those who stayed feared me and thought that I would punish them for thinking of leaving. I assured them that I would do no such thing and so renamed themselves 強大な心 (Kyodaina Kokoro).

The two religions did not get along well. Whenever they tried to debate their beliefs it will end quarrels, but there are times when the debate ended with injuries ranging from minor to severe. Know matter how many times I told them to stop debating with the Milites Rubrum they told me that they will not stop until they would come back to me.

But there was one debate that caused a lot of casualties in both religions.