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Deities of Godville
Kaslann   Goddess of Kuuderes and Kamideres
Her Greatness in All Her Glory
Hero Laqtris
Personality Apathetic, Arrogant, Cynical
Gender Female
Motto Weaklings die. Big deal.
Favourite Town Egopolis

Her Greatness Kaslann

The Definition of a God with a God-Complex

Her Greatness' reign spans several dimensions, including that of Godville and Earth, working to protect all Kuuderes, Kamideres, and Himederes, as well as expand their role in media and real life.

She has a special place in her heart for Homura Akemi (kuudere), Satsuki Kiryuin (kuudere/kamidere), Lelouch Lamperouge (kamidere), Akame (kuudere), and her heroine, Laqtris (kuudere).

Kaslann despises Derederes and Bakaderes - who she considers weak and unauthentic - and actively pits her disciples against them, as well as personally inflicting misfortune upon them. As such, Kaslann is always encouraging Laqtris to kill Derederes and Bakaderes.