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| image      = Karatekatze.gif
| image      = Karatekatze.gif
| caption    =  
| caption    =  
| latin      =  
| latin      = Kar comedit Cream
| description = Very cute and dangerous Karate fighters!
| description = Very cute and dangerous Karate fighters!
| class      = Mammal
| class      = Mammal

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Monsters of Godville
Karate Kitten
Kar comedit Cream
Class Mammal
Habitat Roads, abandoned Asian houses
Description Very cute and dangerous Karate fighters!

The Karate Kitten is a Monster. These creatures are dangerous martial arts fighters! Taught by famous Karate Grand masters, these Kittens have mastered feared Karate moves and techniques which have been forbidden to use in Godville. Heroes who pass by abandoned Dojos, beware!



  • Master of Karate fighting-style
  • Forbidden techniques
  • Too adorable to be harmed


  • Addicted to milk
  • Hates cold water
  • Forbidden techniques sometimes backfire
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