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| hero = Nathalia the Eternal
| hero = Nathalia the Eternal
| motto = This is Divine judgment!
| motto = This is Divine judgment!
| personality = Pure Good!
| personality = Righteous!
| guild = Wild Seven
| guild = Wild Seven
| position = Follower
| position = Advisor

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Deities of Godville
Juliana the Divine 
Hero Nathalia the Eternal
Personality Righteous!
Motto This is Divine judgment!
Wild Seven
Guild position Advisor

Julia the Divine's Story

Not very long ago on the divergent zone of Godville, a new goddess was born. But this was no ordinary goddes you might see everywhere! Julia lived in a time of poverty and was raised as any other goddess, but at the age of 3 days, something wonderful happened! Something to never forget.

It was G.E. 1642 and a dark time was about to fall upon Godville when Julia spreaded the light of happiness and joy to a lot of people who were fighting a war about who would reign over the world. As this light spreaded soldiers laid down their weapons and thought: "why are we fighting. what's the meaning of this fighting for 3 other people who call themselves king?". Eventually another hero rose from the ashes: Nathalia. She was assigned the task by the divine goddess to make sure such a war never occurs again.

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