Jar of leeches

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Artifacts of Godville
Jar of leeches
Type 🧷Normal
Description bloody wonderful!

This is the pinnacle of medicine.

A classic remedy

Doctors all across the land have at least three things in their bags: a mask, a stick and a jar of these. This creatures are capable of healing any and all ailments that run in the blood, the leeches feed off the ill influences and cleanse the affected body.


Some recent inquiries suggest that leeches are not as effective as doctors believe. Even worse, that exsanguination may weaken the patient, severely reducing their odds of survival. This news have shook some of the concepts that healers took as given.

Although the medical community is doubting the medicinal use of leeches, the common folk is certainly not. Since plague has attacked many places in Godville, the demand of this small bugs has kept steady in spite of the doctors' disbelief.