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Welcome to JanuWiki!

A little text here. Principles:

  • Be Bold
  • Be respectful
  • Do your best and ask for help
  • ...


Points will be at the Guild level, to generate some excitement/competition within the Guilds.

Points for the Pantheon of Wikidness
Add an image to an article 2 points
Create a new article 4 points
Expand a stub into an article 4 points
Create/expand and adding image 6 points

Notey.png Feedback required Comments on points?

Pantheon of Wikidness (as at ~~~~~)
Guild Points Emblem
⚜️ Guild 1  100 [[File: Emblem from guild wiki page|5em|link=Guild wiki page]]
⚜️ Guild 2  80 [[File: Emblem from guild wiki page|3em|link=Guild wiki page]]
... 3em
January Content Drive (as at ~~~~~)
Type Article Created By
Monster Beerburglar {{god|extended=y|Djonni}} {{Guild link|The Forsakens Lament}}

Get Started

Pick a subject...

Notey.png Feedback required Is it worth including a full table of every page in the theme here, or is having the navbox at the top & bottom enough? Or do we put the navbox at the top, bottom, and also here?

... and write!

Per forum discussion, put some quick-starts for new contributors here. Copy-pastes for bare-bones of major categories, brief explanation of what makes good content (length, etc).

There are a lot of folks who know the textile markup formatting from the forums, encourage people to simply use that convention and editors will help.

Technical stuff

What's a technical edit, and who will do them? How do I format stuff? How do I get help?

Quick table of wiki formatting (with forums for comparison) to help both creators and editors:

Effect On the forum On the wiki Example
Italics _Italics_ ''Italics'' The monster ''really'' needed to pee.

What are Categories?

Categories are a way of tagging and organising GodWiki content, and you don't need to worry about them unless you're interested. Often, they're handled automatically, and when they're not, a technical editor will come along and add or remove categories as necessary.

Categories are added to pages automatically when you put an infobox in your article. For example, {{artifact}} will categorise your article into [[Category:Artifacts]], and {{artifact|type=bold}} will also categorise it into [[Category:Bold artifacts. If you don't use the infobox templates, or if you need to manually categorise a page for any reason, then at the very end of the article you can write [[Category:Category name]]. For example, this JanuWiki page has been added to the "Backstage" category by adding [[Category:Backstage]] at the end, since it's a page about the GodWiki itself, not about something in the Godville universe. Whenever you're curious, you can look at how this page is put together, or how any page on the wiki is put together, by clicking "Edit" (or "View source") at the top of the page.