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Jack Frosticon
Champion of the God: Falsakhar
Personality: Melanholy, Insane, Valiant
Gender: Male
Level: 40
Motto: I'm just a weapon in human shape
Guild: Ober Tour And Travel
Guild Rank: grand master - Guild Oracle
Pet Type: Heffalump
Pet Name: Oy
Pet Level: 12
Most Hated Monster: Epic Flailer
Jack Frosticon, the Champion of the God Falsakhar


My name is Jack Frosticon. I've been summoned by the God Falsakhar to be his Champion. Before that I was just a hermit living in a little dark forest. Through my God, I learn a lot of things such as cruelty.

The Past

Now before I came into Godville and lived as a hermit, I was godless. For some years I've been living as an Assassin (or some people would call it Bounty Hunter). I've killed a lot of people: corrupted politicians, criminals and this type of guys. For a quite long time I've been enjoying this life. Then I had no idea what I was supposed to do with all this money I had. So I burnt it away, and start my life as a traveler. I met a lot of people with some interesting lifestyles. One day, I saved a Jedi Knight from some hired killers. He offered me to join them in fight against the Siths. But I didn't pass the test to become a jedi. I was mad and I turned to the dark side of the Force. Then I belonged to the Siths, and became a much powerful fighter than ever. I served the Emperor for some years, until I realized that being a Sith means to be a manipulative slave of the Emperor. So I secretly escaped from the Death Star. Then I was caught by Troopers of Jedi and prisoned for a really long time.

Jack Frosticon as a Sith, caught by Troopers of the old Republic

After I showed them that I was able to reintegrate myself into the society, I was set free to live a totally new life. I had been flying through the Galaxy to find a melancholy place to live in. But then an Asteroid crashed with my spaceshuttle and I landed on this planet. My spaceshuttle was completely broken and I realised that it was only a piece of crap now. So I searched a place in the planet far away from the society to live a new life without being disturbed. I lived for some years as a hermit in a dark forest. Then my God Falsakhar came up to my life and summoned me to be his champion.

Jack Frosticon wandering through the Galaxy in order to find a new home.



Falsakhar's temple. Every golds worth and now the temple is done! (10 May 2016).

When Jack Frosticon has a bad day, he lets all of his emotions out and drinks beer at the tavern, normally. He's not the one who easily goes on rampage. He just needs to shut down his brain and follow his instincts and everything is totally ice chill! Damn how easy the life is, drink some alcohol and just get comfortably numb. HEHE.

Living in Godville has never been easy but better than my old life. I learn a lot about unusual species of creatures in Godville. Also there a lot of nice people in here, well, most of them are being nice. I've met a lot of heroes and I even befriended some of them. Everyday I hear signs from other Gods warning their champions or give them some tips. It is great to live here, as long as our Gods are on the watch, and I'm happy that my God Falsakhar checks on me sometimes and even helps in battling those monsters or helping me gain a victory in the Arena.

Jack Frosticon fighting in the Arena

Since, the temple of Falsakhar has been completely built, Jack Frosticon is busy gathering Gopher Woods for the Ark. Also he's saving a lot of golds in the temple to plan something big. The hero is also able to go on dungeons to have some treasure hunt and monster fights. Together with some other heroes and heroines, Jack Frosticon deals with a lot of monsters to get the treasure.

Jack Frosticon Construction of his Ark.

Curent Skills

These are Jack Frosticon's current skills (note that there are events that sometimes chance hero's skills):

- Oak cloaking

- Mosquito roar

- Palm of the panda

- Golden vein

- Sober view

- Quantum leap

- Pathological honesty

- Epitaph writing

- Mating contact

Training the skill "Oak Cloaking"

God Falsakhar sometimes helps Jack in some fight with monsters or in the Arena. Falsakhar gives a bless to him, that Jack can free the wildness in him on purpose and turn that down again whenever Jack Frosticon needs the power. He calls this wildness "The Apocalyptic Rage".

"The Apocalyptic Rage"


Jack Frosticon is a proud member of the guild "Ober Tour And Travel". This once little and lost guild has now been reanimated by three members who have been active improving the community. They founded the Guild Oracles who serve the Guild Council. The Guild Oracles are:

  • GodFalsakhar  - The first Guild Oracle with the Hero Jack Frosticon
  • GodGrandpaDragon  - The second Guild Oracle with the Hero Dire-Wolf
  • GodAustie-poo  - The third Guild Oracle with the Heroine Britt-Bratt
The Guild Oracles: Left, Britt-Bratt; Champion of the God Austin-poo. Center: Jack Frosticon; Champion of the God Falsakhar; Right: Dire-Wolf; Champion of the God GrandpaDragon


Scratchy The Firefox

I once owned pet Firefox and decided to name it Scratchy, Scratchy the Firefox. Sounds good, huh? Together we try to build my God's temple and execute those who disturb us doing our plan.


Scratchy is dead. We both had a good time together. He was a good companion. But these times are over. Rest In Peace, Old Friend. May Falsakhar turn your soul into a strong Arsylock minion.

Fang The Bipolar Bear

While I was adventuring and questing in order to find golden bricks for Falsakhar's Temple, I encountered a strong, huge Bipolar Bear hunting for meal on a river near Trollbridge. I drew his attention to me by making animal noises and holding a slice of meat of a black sheep I've hunted earlier that day. He seemed to be interested and came closer until I was close enough to interact with him. I put the meat on the ground and he started to eat. Then I slowly start to pet his head and neck. He didn't feel bothered and he followed me a few milestones long and I decided to keep him as a Pet.

Jack Frosticon Pet.jpg


Now, living in Godville on one's own could be really hard sometimes. That's why you need friends who care. Sometimes, heroes are uncontrollable when they consume alcohol in taverns (for example). So they need someone who pretects them and even those friends who can teach each others some good lessons.


BlueStapler is one of the famous legend in Godville and has powerful force in the realm. This famous legend has done a lot of good things for Godville. As a Godwiki keeper, he has to take a huge responsibility. He agreed to help Jack Frosticon, when he asked him to be his mentor. Now Jack is a proud scholar of BlueStapler, even if they have different sides of reputation. BlueStapler is a meaningful ally and has huge sway in the realm.