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*Often gets fined for littering
*Often gets fined for littering
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Monsters of Godville
Itch King
Class Undead, King, Former Hero
Habitat Anywhere forested, swampy, or with tall grass
Description Undead King of Itches and Irritations

The Itch King is an undead monster with the ability to cause non-stop itching and swelling. Even though he was formerly a hero, he has the head of a mosquito instead of your typical skull. He has a strong hatred for the Vanillain.

General Information

After being force-fed to death by his former god, the Vanillain, the hero who would soon become the Itch King did not rest peacefully. Even though the Vanillain vaporized his body (before the fallen god became obsessed with ice cream), the skeleton miraculously remained, although it was burnt to a point where the bones were gray. His guild gave him a proper burial and avenged him by having his former god banished. But, that did not satisfy the formerly alive hero. He wanted to get revenge himself. So, he took control of his skeleton, dug out of his grave, and looked for ways to regenerate his own body(So he could get his revenge as a fully restored hero). However, he knew that because he is now undead, he could never mingle with other heroes like he always had. So, he decided to eavesdrop on witches, and overhear their secrets. From which, he did learn many spells, including one to regenerate a skeleton into a human body. After receiving this new information, he stole a cauldron from a shop in a nearby town (at night, so nobody would see him), and retreated into a cave. Then, he gathered the right ingredients for his spell, a hero's dead body (him of course), several monsters parts that are usually used for labs, and a golden brick. And, his ritual seemed to go well except for one thing: As the skeleton was climbing into the now boiling cauldron, a mosquito would not stop buzzing around him. This, of course, was extremely annoying and he swatted the insect into the cauldron as fast as he could. This, of course, was a big mistake. The golden brick was reshaped into a giant backscratcher and a golden crown with a green gem. His skull morphed to look like the head of a mosquito, and a tattered cloak formed around his body. Instead of becoming a hero again, he became a lich with the skull of an insect. He saw his reflection in the cauldron's boiling water and realized his mistake. From that point on, he knew he could never be a hero again. But, he noticed that he could create packets of itching powder out of thin air, and he knew his new form was probably a lot better than being human, so crowned himself the Itch King and decided to roam the lands giving heroes and monsters the most annoying and torturous form of pain, nonstop itching. In fact, it became his new priority, and he completely forgot about the Vanillain. To this day, he roams the lands making everyone he meets scratch themselves and try to get rid of all of the itching he gave them. Sometimes, though, he can be seen drinking beer at taverns in Monstro City and Monsterdam.

A packet of Itching Powder created by the Itch King. Recognizable by the image of the Itch King on it.

The Itch King possesses several unique abilities. He can bite his enemies like how a mosquito bites someone, and cause them to itch nonstop wherever he bit them. He can also, teleport, hover, and cast magic(typically using the ones that make his targets start itching). And of course, his most deadly attack, his ability to generate packets of Itching Powder and make someone suffer for hours. Of course, he has to open the packets manually, which is quite the disadvantage, as it may take a bit. Sometimes, he may ask the hero for scissors if he has trouble doing so. He also magically revives immediately after a hero who defeated him is a full milestone away from his body, so death is not really an issue for him.

As advice, any hero who wants to befriend him has to do these three things:

  • Find other people trying to get rid of whatever endless itching the Itch King gave them funny. (This means, laugh with him when you see someone on the ground covered in itching powder)
  • Prank others with itching powder.
  • Invite him for a drink of beer.



  • Regenerates after death
  • Can bite like a mosquito
  • Creates itching powder out of thin air
  • Can cause extremely mild, but endless pain
  • Skilled at magic
  • Finds everything he does funny


  • Anything that can break bones
  • Mentioning his former guild, and members of his former guild
  • Beer
  • Often gets fined for littering

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