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== Attributes ==
== Attributes ==
=== Strenghts ===
=== Strengths ===
* Able to land many hits in their excited state
* Able to land many hits in their excited state

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Monsters of Godville
Indespectus Gothicus
"I can't be seen even though I'm wearing black..."
Class Humanoid
Habitat Usually 'seen' in gothic rock concerts
Description The minority of the goths population due to being invisible.

The Invisigoth (Indespectus Gothicus) are humanoid monsters that were accidentally casted out from their goth community due to their natural-born ability to be unnoticed. Deprived of social communication, casted out by their community and peers and ignored by their loved ones, the Invisigoths started their own community but alas, they went unnoticed.

By being alone for so long, the Invisigoths ability got upgraded and thus, they can't even see themselves in the mirror! Broken-hearted, the Invisigoths shred what was left of their humanity and turned into a monster! Being blinded by anger, the Invisigoth destroyed a caravan that was 'guarded' by heroes who were hitching a ride on it. Oddly enough, only heroes blessed by their Gods can see the Invisigoth.

News of this was spread to the Invisigoth community and heroes became the talk of the Invisigoths. They were very happy that someone was finally able to see them, with all that excitement going on, they can't help but attack the hero in their moment of joy.



  • Able to land many hits in their excited state
  • Heroes may be mobbed by tons of happy Invisigoths
  • Are very good-looking people (Not like anyone but the heroes can see them)


  • Becomes very sad if they can't find a hero
  • Can't seem themselves in the mirror and fellow Invisigoths
  • Plays rock music so loud that heroes may be partially deaf after the fight

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