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A sample inventory

The Inventory is the list of artifacts currently in a heroine's possession. The number of artifacts a heroine can carry increases as they grow mightier, but the maximum number of artifacts any heroine can carry is fifty. Many heroines could not keep an accurate count of items beyond this number and were hurting their backs attempting to carry too much all at once. Every heroine starts with seven inventory slots and gains an extra slot every two levels, up to the maximum of fifty at level 86.

Your heroine will return to town to sell what they are carrying for coins once their bag is considered "full". If your heroine returns to town for another reason — to heal, upon the completion of a quest, for a duel in the arena or for a sail — they may also sell their loot after completing their main reason to be there.

Heroines may occasionally use their pets to help carry items to town, but for some reason they still can only carry the same total no matter who (or what) is carrying them.

The items in the inventory are listed in the order they were obtained, except when multiple artifacts of the same type are in the inventory, in which case they are listed as (2pcs), or (3pcs), etc., next to the first artifact of that name that was obtained.

Healing artifacts are in italic font.

Bold artifacts are in bold font.

Activatable artifacts have (@) after the name. If there is enough god power to activate the activatable artifact, the @ will be blue. For example: Friendship bracelet (@). One the artifact is activated, it is considered used up and will be removed from the inventory.

Heroines sell artifacts in the order they were obtained. This means that, upon returning from a sail with activatable booty, unless fully healed & only carrying sail booty, there will be time to use the accumulator or other ways of restoring GP if needed for activation on return to Godville.

Heroines will automatically equip any weapons, armor, or talismans they find or buy that are better than what they are using. Old equipment, or equipment picked up or caught while fishing that the heroine doesn't want, appear in the inventory as an old piece of equipment.

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