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| founded =  09.09.2017
| founded =  09.09.2017
| founder = ISFJ Sweetheart
| founder = ISFJ Sweetheart
| alignment = brightest
| alignment = bright
| gold =  
| gold = 6851
| forum = https://godvillegame.com/forums/show_topic/4208
| forum = https://godvillegame.com/forums/show_topic/4208
| stats =  
| stats = https://stats.godvillegame.com/guilds/Introvert%20Sanctuary
| pantheon = 556
| pantheon = 556
| pantheon2 = 275
| pantheon2 = 275

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Introvert Sanctuary
Motto: Introverts Unite!
Alignment: bright
Gold Fund: 6851 c.u.
Leader: GodJuliana the Divine 
Date Founded: 09.09.2017
Membership Count: 20 (counting members' alt accounts)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 556
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 275
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 195
Forum Headquarters: Introvert Sanctuary
Guild Page: Introvert Sanctuary 
Data current as of 14.11.2017

About "Introvert Sanctuary"

A few things about how to spot an introvert:

What about you? Have you always felt different? Were you the quiet one in school? Did people ask you, “Why don’t you talk more?” Do they still ask you that today? If so, you might be an introvert like me. If you are, feel free to join this guild.

  • You enjoy spending time alone.
  • Your inner monologue never stops.
  • In school, you’re not the student shooting your hand up every time the teacher asks a question.
  • You’re better at writing your thoughts than speaking them.
  • If you have to talk, you avoid small talk whenever possible.

If you feel like you relate to these things or other things that may point to introversion, then this guild is for you, a safe haven for the more quiet ones to unite. This guild may not see major role-playing (some smaller things may happen though) as the main intent is to provide a place for all the introverts to unite and major role-plays are sometimes hard to get into.

If you are an Extravert Then you are welcome here too but do realize, you may not really find much interaction here or people to really relate to.

How this guild came to be

The road to discovery

It was about a year ago, and as always, Juliana found herself in the quiet corner of a not so well known pub. With some non-alcoholic beverages she sat down thinking about her life, why she never seemed to be able to connect well to her friends and why didn't like interacting or talking much. Then she took out a book which she got from her only close friend. The book was about introvets, a topic unfamiliar to Juliana but as she began to read, she understood more and more what this "Introvert" was and that she related quite heavily to it. For long the girl didn't do much with the information she gained from the book even though within her deep mind she kept thinking about it.

The search for more like-minded people

About a year after the girl found out about Introverts, she found herself in the pub again, this time with the friend who gave her the book, when Juliana stood up and asked the friend if he would help her find more like-minded people, as she had seen more people who might be like her and she wanted to help them on the road to discovery. Agreeing to the idea the 2 started up the guild we know today as Introvert Sanctuary.

Want to know more about this Introvert thing?

Then I will post up some links here linking to articles and sites found around the web which can explain more.

(Links will be added over time as new articles of value are found, remember these are outside of the realm of godville and the web can potentially be dangerous.)

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