Introduce a hermit crab to a social butterfly

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Quests of Godville


Introduce a hermit crab to a social butterfly
this quest might be the beggining of a beautiful friendship
a private meeting

This quest shall put your social skills to a paramount trial.

The soirée

You must arrange an evening for your dearest friends, but then add a hermit crab and a social butterfly. Pour the glasses of rosé, serve the entrants, just as you always would. But be ready to perform your secret duty. When all is set and the guests seated, adress the unlikely couple.

The binding rite

In order to make the first impressions one worth remembering, several steps must be closely followed.

First, the whole table must be filled with food and drink, for they are the oil that greases the machine.

Then conversation shall flow, be sure to guide its currents so to create a safe harbor for your shy crab.

Finally, you should alight a beacon where both ships may find themselves. If your job is well done, they will become perfectly acquainted, maybe the butterfly will be the crab's patron.

But Alas

You will be working for a heroine in this task, they will be more of a bane than a boon, thus it is in your best interest to get them as far away as possible. Just tell your fellow paladin to go and fetch something absurd like a blue leaf, a nugget of unobtainium or a pail of invisible water. This should keep them busy while you get them to work.

Tips for completion

  • Do not hold back on the absurdity of your request, better to be safe than sorry.
  • Run a background check on your guests, see if you can use them to improve the experience. A clueless monsterologist can be good game for a hermit crab who knows their creatures well.
  • Enjoy yourself while at it, if it was well elaborated, your scheme shall unfurl itself without any effort


You shall receive plenty of gifts from your two specific guests. Much to our displeasement, your heroic companion will claim their share. Give them the lesser ones and keep the finest for yourself. They won't be able to tell.