Interrupting Cow

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Monsters of Godville
Interrupting Cow
Interrupting cow.jpg
Class Mammal
Habitat Grassy plains
Description A cow, but funnier

The Interrupting Cow is a monster. Not much is known about the creature, however, as its annoying habit of asking knock-knock jokes at inopportune times drives everyone insane.


Below is a voice log from a certain researcher who was attempting to study the creature.

Research Log 134
Transcript from recording of examination
Researcher: The Interrupting C—
Cow: Knock knock.
Researcher: ... Who's there?
Cow: Interrupting Cow.
Researcher: *sigh* Interrupting Cow wh—
Cow: MOO!
Researcher: *ahem* The Interrupting Cow appears to be a monster whose sole purpose in life is to—
Cow: Knock knock.
Researcher: ...Whose sole purpose in life is to interrup—
Cow: Knock knock.
Cow: Knock knock.
Researcher: ... LIFE IS TO INTERR—
Cow: Knock knock.
Cow: Knock knock.
Rearcher: ... ENCOUNTER IT.
Cow: Knock knock.
Cow: Knock knock.
Cow: Knock knock.

As you can see, the researcher gave up after getting through just one sentence.



  • Nobody is immune to the annoyance of being interrupted every other word.
  • Due to the incessant interruptions, heroines typically will not be able to formulate a battle strategy.
  • Since nobody wants to fight it, it usually wins by default.


  • Very lonely.
  • Heroines, as it is actually pretty rare for some heroines to actually think during a battle.
  • Itself. It's so annoying that it even annoys itself in the process.