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The Instant beer tablet is an innovative artifact that allows travelers to carry a vastly increased beer supply at a fraction of the weight. As long as a suitable supply of fresh water is available, beer is too.

Artifacts of Godville
Instant beer tablet
Instant Beer.png
Type 🧷Normal
Value unknown
Description Pressed tablet too large to swallow.


Following continued demands by travelling merchants, fishing inspectors, and other itinerants for a solution to the problem of carrying sufficient beer without the hindrance of the extra weight, the Brewers Association of Beerburgh conducted intensive research into the matter. Several false starts into ultra-concentrated liquid beer[1] preceded a breakthrough made in a lab accident. When an experimental malt caught fire, the panicked researcher used the only available liquid-- his lunchtime beer-- to douse the flames. Rinsing out the combustion chamber produced a fizzing golden ale instead of the expected ashes, to his pleased surprise.

Further experimentation showed that heating malt and beer together at extremely high temperatures drove off the water and allowed the starch in the malt to encapsulate the alcohol, in effect allowing the creation of powdered beer. Once pressed into tablet form, this became an instant hit with travellers, who now had more room for trade goods and other items instead of cumbersome amounts of beer. Strangely, heroines turned their noses up at instant beer, preferring to seek out the commensality of a tavern for the opportunity to splash around their hard-earned coinage.


  • Fill container with fresh water
  • Add instant beer tablet
  • Shake to dissolve and add fizz
  • Enjoy and repeat as needed

References and Footnotes

  1. "...traders were found to be neglecting to dilute the concentrated beer and never reaching their destinations...", Brewing Studies Journal vol. 6 issue III
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