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Builder 3rd.png Champion 3rd.png Favorite 2nd.png Invincible 3rd.png
Deities of Godville
Hero GloryKnight
Personality Devious
Gender Male
Motto ♞κηιϧнτƨ ϢнΘ Ƨλϒ ηι♘
Favourite Town Last Resort
Knights who say Ni

A Little About Me

Apprenticed to Jimbob64! I am a new player, as you can tell by my level, but I hope to become in the top 100 for gladiatorship someday. This goal seems unachievable, but hey, hasn't everyone up there been my level once? So why can't I be like them eventually?


  1. Have a 25 win streak
  2. Hit a record of 30-5 or better
  3. Temple before 5 months
  4. Beat a top 500 gladiatorship player
  5. Become a top 100 gladiatorship player
  6. More to come soon!

Good people to add

GodInspirationial  Of course me :P GodNuanen  GodJimbob64  GodMazzy  GodJarlbank  GodShannonus  GodHairplug4men  More coming soon!

Some good wiki pages I have found

  1. Jimbob64's wiki
  2. Wiki editing page
  3. Wiki creating page