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Champion of the God: Magicians Red
Personality: Neutral
Gender: Male
Level: 33
Motto: Meow?
Temple Completion Date: 23.6%
Pet Type: Talking Donkey
Pet Name: Koda
Pet Level: 16
Pet Healing Count: 0


The hero of Magicians Red, was just an ordinary teenage male feline, as he was bored of his world, he was accidentally summoned by Magicians Red to Godville, and Insaneko decided to worship Magicians Red. He doesn't plan to go back to his boring world, and he has a side-personality that makes him insane when having too much fun.


Insaneko has a slim body, and long legs, he has silver-hair, and cat ears, has gold eyes, Insaneko's outfit when he got to the world Godville he wore a white shirt and a black blazer. As he became a hero, he wore the equipment he bought, but still treasures his original outfit.

Original Life

The original life of Insaneko, he lived plainly, and ordinary on his world, he would watch anime, and play video games, and so he got bored of his normal life and started to go to scary, historical, legend, places around his world, until he went to a nearby library and found a interesting book and he read it, and before he even notice, he got teleported to another world, and Magicians Red was sitting infront of him and drinking tea! and Magicians Red spilled out her/his tea, because Magicians Red didn't notice that he/she summoned Insaneko as his/her hero.

Hero Life

Insaneko decided to worship Magicians Red and became a hero for his boredom. Insaneko got teleported to Godville with 1000 gold, a diary, and a gold brick. Insaneko started his adventure, Insaneko wrote entries on his diary to keep track of what he did and has done. Due to an unknown reason, Insaneko

started to have a unknown symptom, that makes the person mentally dumb, every hero in Godville has one, and that's why all heroes are dumb and stupid and need the guidance of a God. Insaneko bought equipments, and items to aid in his journeys, he even entered the Arena in Godville, and found villages, killed multiple monsters, found gold bricks, did quests. On his journey, Insaneko stumbled upon a hero named KingTacocaT and championed by the god GoldenBuddha. They became friends, they sparred, chatted, drank together, and almost killed each other. KingTacocaT then seperated way because of his quest. Insaneko leveled and leveled and he found out that he can do more, like having a pet, joining a guild, having a Third Eye to keep track, and skills.When Insaneko died for the first time, he thought that it was the end of his life and started to be emotional and dramatical, then was revived by Magicians Red with tears in Magicians Red's eyes, and Insaneko was shocked and felt embarrased for what he said and wanted to die again. At Level. 12 he joined a guild called Holy Random, then at the Level. 13 he left the guild and joined another guild (which I forgot the name), At the reach of Level. 14 he actively started to fight in the Arena. At the Level. 15, Insaneko acquired the trade skills Tin throat, this skill made Insaneko's profit increase, he easily persuaded traders with this skill. Then at Level. 18 Insaneko acquired the combat skills Somersault squatting, as Insaneko's first combat skill, at the same level, Insaneko finally acquired his wish, a pet, at that time Insaneko was hungry and saw a donkey, he thought to eat it, then the donkey talked..Insaneko lost his appetite, and made this talking donkey his pet, and named it Boo, he learned that Boo can transform into human form, but still has donkey ears. Then he met the hero Risp and his god Artificer. At the Level. 19, Insaneko tried to sing and learned that he is only good at making scary sounds, sounds that others hate, do he learned the combat skills Inept singing. On Level. 21 Insaneko found a book dropped by a monster, Insaneko read it, and learned a


summoning skill combat skills Death by snu snu, which he frequently use due to a personal reason. At the Level. 23, Boo was knocked out, Insaneko didn't knew what to do for his pet to be healed, and in the end he went to the quest "Extend pet registration", he didn't cancel the quest and went on the long line (which he almost died), he didn't cancel it because Insaneko and Boo were bestfriend and Insaneko wasn't ready to let go. At the Level. 24, Insaneko decided to quit his current guild, and make a guild, because he didn't want to always join other guilds. At the Level. 25 Insaneko released Boo. Insaneko has now made a Guild called Third which currently has 3 members. He is now Level. 26, he was walking through the fields, when he met a Talking Donkey, which is Boo again, Insaneko mistakenly thought it was an other Talking Donkey and made it his pet and named Boo, Koda. For 6 months, Insaneko finally noticed that his God was AFK for the last 6 months, he wasn't bothered by it though. He is now Level. 33, he joined various of guilds, and he's getting tired of writing in the GodWiki, so he decided for this is the last edit, ~ teehee.


  • Even though he is a cat, he doesn't like fish.
  • Even though he is a cat, he likes dogs more than cats.
  • His name Insaneko, comes from the word "Neko" meaning "Cat" In japanese and "Insa" for "Insanity" due to his side-personality.
  • He watches anime and read manga, he is an Otaku on his world
  • His world is similar to Earth, but every people has Cat Ears