Infinity Waffles

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Infinity Waffles
Motto: Forget serious. Remember Awesome.
Alignment: Good is the normality, although because we are good, evil is welcomed with open arms, as everyone is good at heart! ;)
Gold Fund: 156 Bricks c.u.
Date Founded: 2013
Membership Count: 2
Forum Headquarters: Infinity Waffles
Guild Page: Infinity Waffles 
Data current as of 26/4/2013

A summary of the Infinity Waffles!

Okay guys.. This is the guild, which, put simply, is awesome. The Infinity Waffles. Join us. We have infinite skills and love waffles, although even if you hate waffles, we may forgive you and allow you to join. Such nice people aren't we? This guild was established by Ezio Pesto, his God called stickyorder, in the year 2013. The Infinity Waffles aim to do well in godville and aim to be a good and gracious guild, and to smite those who are evil and disrupt the peace and tranquility of the land! The fun and games continue however, because we are not alone! We are officially allied with the Order of the Pizza guild, meaning we help and support each other! Thank you for reading this and don't forget: Infinity Waffles! (Visit the Infinity Waffles forum page, if you have any questions!)


All ranks are from the time of the last editing date.