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#{{God |Motowncountry}} - [https://godvillegame.com/forums/redirect_to_post/2321?post=1355981 Music Box Waffle]
#{{God |Motowncountry}} - [https://godvillegame.com/forums/redirect_to_post/2321?post=1355981 Music Box Waffle]
#{{God |Thorbjoern}} - [https://godvillegame.com/forums/redirect_to_post/2321?post=1359203 Waffle from another Time]
#{{God |Thorbjoern}} - [https://godvillegame.com/forums/redirect_to_post/2321?post=1359203 Waffle from another Time]
#{{God |Jimbob64}} - [https://godvillegame.com/forums/redirect_to_post/2321?post=1363434 Plutonium Waffle]
==The TRIBBLE Cup!==
==The TRIBBLE Cup!==

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Infinity Waffles
Motto: Forget serious. Remember Awesome!
Alignment: Neverending Waffles
Gold Fund: 22478 Bricks c.u.
Date Founded: 2013
Forum Headquarters: Infinity Waffles
Guild Page: Infinity Waffles 
Data current as of 404: Stickyorder Syrup Error

A summary of the Infinity Waffles!

Welcome! This is the guild, which, put simply, is awesome. The Infinity Waffles. Join us!

We have infinite fun and we love waffles! Although even if you hate waffles, we may forgive you and allow you to join. Such nice people aren't we? This guild was established by GodStickyorder , in the year 2013.

The Infinity Waffles guild aims to share waffles with all (despite any unintended magical side-effects)! The fun and games happen on the forum page and the guild council, both of which are full of friendly gods and goddesses. Our forum page tends to be for light-hearted and mostly spontaneous, roleplaying fun. Anyone, from any guild, is welcome! The guild council is for guild topics and general chatter.

We are also proud to be allied with Hug Central! (Also, historically: The Inquisition, and Flight of the Dragon) Thank you for reading this; we hope that you choose to join us at the Infinity Waffles guild!

VIP Guild Members

Infinity Waffles guild members need to reach the rank of cardinal (or a higher rank) in order to be listed in this section:

  • GodStickyorder  - Guild Founder, Chief Waffle Inspector, & Honorary Lifetime Member
  • GodArcano  - Prophet
  • GodRoshindow  - Prophet
  • GodWaffletude  - Prophet & leader (Thanks to Waffletude for ensuring the continued activity of the Infinity Waffles in Stickyorder's regular absences. Thank you!)
  • GodZenpai  - Prophet

A special thank you to all of you for being a part of the Infinity Waffles guild!

Godville Times Newspaper Features

  • 22nd November 2013 - Rumor has it that The Black Shpoon lives in a box. The Ideabox.o
  • 21st July 2015 - Lord Wafflington - 73rd-level adventurer, member of the “Infinity Waffles” guild, with the motto “ᾧaffles for the ᾧorld!”, stands at the 98th position in the pantheon of taming under the vigilant supervision of the god Stickyorder. He is known for his disarming smile and ability to wake even the most exhausted comrades with his laughter.
  • 24th April 2016 - Lord Wafflington - 81st-level adventurer, member of the “Infinity Waffles” guild, with the motto “ᾧaffles for the ᾧorld!”, stands at the 58th position in the pantheon of taming under the vigilant supervision of the god Stickyorder. He's asking someone to take a dip in the data stream and report the results via carrier pigeon.
  • 3rd April 2021 - It's reported that Stickyorder can improve ideas even with his eyes closed.
  • 14th April 2021 - Apparently, every entry that Stickyorder simply looks at in the ER becomes three times better.
  • 20th April 2021 - Stickyorder has been working so hard enhancing ideas that he deserves an entry to be dedicated to him.
  • 6th June 2021 - Stickyorder says he loves the ER too much to go a single day without visiting. Sometimes he even visits twice a day.
  • 7th June 2021 - There is an opinion that Stickyorder should get some credit for his content enhancements yesterday.
  • 9th June 2021 - Stickyorder says that he and his friends enjoy sitting in the air conditioned Enhancement Room. Oh yes, and improving ideas. That too.
  • 14th June 2021 - Stickyorder has been working so hard enhancing ideas that he deserves an entry to be dedicated to him.
  • 22nd June 2021 - No, they didn't forget to turn the lights off in ER. It was Stickyorder working there all night.

Waffle Wednesdays

Infinity Waffles guild was founded on the very idea of neverending waffles. We want to have a wide variety of waffles for guild members and visitors to choose from, and thus “Waffle Wednesdays” was created.

Waffle Wednesdays are an event held on the Infinity Waffles guild forum page, usually on Wednesdays (as well as some holidays). Waffle Wednesdays are where anyone is welcome to post their one idea for the newest waffle on the Infinity Waffles forum page. You are NOT required to be a member of Infinity Waffles guild to participate in the event.

The idea you suggest for Waffle Wednesday should be a waffle, any type of waffle, or at the very least the idea should include a waffle of some kind and/or involve a waffle in some way. (Edit: Original pancake ideas MAY be occasionally accepted).

You can describe the contents of the waffle by telling us what the waffle is made of, such as a chocolate chip waffle. You can also describe the toppings or sides that come with the waffle; such as a warm, freshly cooked waffle served with ice cream.

The waffle idea can be repeated from a previous week, as long as it was not listed as a winning waffle. The same waffle idea cannot win twice.

At the end of every Waffle Wednesday, the Godville community will post their votes for a winner on the Infinity Waffles guild forum thread. The winner will then be announced on the forum as well as posted here on the wiki.

Visit the Infinity Waffles forum thread page, if you have any questions!

Official Rules

  • Contest runs every Wednesday from midnight to midnight U.K. time (the home of the founder of Infinity Waffles guild) or whenever a call for votes is posted, whichever gives everyone more time to participate.
  • One Waffle Wednesday submission per person, per week.
  • You may submit the same idea each week, but an idea can only win once.
  • Players are also encouraged to “challenge” at least one friend to also submit a waffle idea, but this is not required. It’s just an idea to get more banter going on the thread.
  • Once all submissions are in, votes are posted by any players willing to participate on the Infinity Waffle Guild Forum thread for what each person thinks is the best waffle idea.
  • Players should only use their “main” character to vote for their favorite waffle idea, and should not use alts to post multiple votes for their favorite waffle idea. _Stickyorder_ has said voting using alts went against the “spirit” of the competition. This was clarified by _Stickyorder_ via personal message, who said this event was meant to be fun and not necessarily a competiton.

Hall of Fame Menu (The Winners)

  1. GodNever More  - Blueberry Belgian Buccaneer Blaze Waffle
  2. GodKnewred  - Laffles of Lol
  3. GodFriendly Fred  - Baffled Waffle
  4. GodKnewred  - ROFL WOFL
  5. GodFriendly Fred  - Eiffel Waffle + GodAuburnt  - Sundae Waffle
  6. GodAuburnt  - Dr Seuss Waffle
  7. GodAzzageddi  - Waffle of Heroes
  8. GodDea Ex  - Nutty Decadence Waffle
  9. GodAuburnt  - New York Cheesecake Waffle
  10. GodFriendly Fred  - Truffle Waffle
  11. GodJimbob64  - Godawful Waffle
  12. GodNekomancer  - Moofle
  13. GodBrinjal  - Neko-Waffle-Sammich
  14. GodNekomancer  - Insani-tea Waffle
  15. GodSomnias Vagus  - Unoriginal Waffle
  16. GodBrinjal  - Waffle-Waffle-Waffle Waffle
  17. GodPeters1  - Triple Cheese Bacon Waffle
  18. GodKnewred  - Wafflepedia
  19. GodThe Black Shpoon  - Whopping Waffle of Wisdom
  20. GodTheAlmightyGarret  - 50 Shades of Waffle
  21. GodStickyorder  - Reindeer Waffle
  22. GodThe Almighty GLaDOS  - Jack Frost Waffle
  23. GodAuburnt  - The Waffle of the Past
  24. The Christmas Special: GodFriendly Fred  - Wishy Waffle
  25. GodCristo1  - Waffle of Past Years
  26. Godjoceej13  - Random Mystery Surprise Waffle
  27. GodThe Evil Queen  - True Love's Waffle
  28. GodBrinjal  - Woflcopter
  29. GodNekomancer  - Radiowaffle
  30. GodDomerthos  - Omnipresent Waffle
  31. GodNever More  - Mail Waffle
  32. GodThe Black Shpoon  - Waffle flavoured syrup on a Waffle with a side order of Waffles
  33. GodAj the Bacony  - Waffle-Winged Pig
  34. GodJimbob64  - Pizza Waffle in a Cup on a String
  35. GodSasha And Pasha  - Passion Waffle
  36. GodGoddess of Harmony  - Harmonic Waffle
  37. GodDomerthos  - Thunder Waffle
  38. The Birthday Special: GodBrinjal  - Anniversary Waffle
  39. GodDomerthos  - Arrowhead Waffle
  40. GodBrinjal  - Caramel, Chocolate and Marshmallow Waffle
  41. GodWilsonace  - Strawberry and White Chocolate Waffle
  42. GodLord Waffles  - Melt-in-your-Mouth Waffle
  43. GodInfinitecircle  - Nights Templar Waffle
  44. GodBrinjal  - Cookie Waffle
  45. GodLord Waffles  - One Waffle
  46. GodBrinjal  - Bunny Waffle
  47. GodCarolime  - Old Fashioned Waffle
  48. GodRaedan  - Waffle Pie
  49. GodNekomancer  - Bubble Waffle
  50. GodNever More  - Golden Anniversary Waffle
  51. GodBellaouthena  - Rocky Road Waffle
  52. GodStealtheh  - Fortune Waffle
  53. GodStealtheh  - Usual Suspects Waffles
  54. GodFriendly Fred  - Wonderful Waffle Wafer
  55. GodWilsonace  - Waffleo de Waffleo
  56. GodBrinjal  - Chocolate Core Waffle
  57. GodDwarven Runes  - Belgian Waffle Cream Puff
  58. GodBrinjal  - Triple Chocolate Waffle
  59. GodBellaouthena  - Birthday Cake Waffle
  60. GodLuke the Almighty  - S'mores Waffle
  61. GodNekomancer  - Spirit Waffle
  62. GodBrinjal  - Frozen Waffle
  63. GodKrill the Caliginus  - Original Waffle
  64. Ironically named waffle because it was not added to wiki by Stickyorder: GodThorbjoern  - Ye Olde Forgotten Waffle
  65. The Halloween Special: GodYing Hua  - Bloody Mary's Waffle
  66. GodBellaouthena  - Snowflake Waffle
  67. GodMotowncountry  - Lego Waffle
  68. GodThorbjoern  - Wiener Waffle
  69. GodDragon of Darkness  - Knowledge Waffle
  70. GodBellaouthena  - Candy Cane Waffle
  71. The Christmas Special: GodEpona Dernhelm  - Frosty Rudolph Waffle
  72. New Year's Special: GodInfiniteCircle  - Happiness Waffle
  73. GodBellatrixie the Strange  - Wiffle Waffle
  74. GodMommitude  - Waffle-y Waffle
  75. GodBellatrixie the Strange  - Wyle E. Waffle
  76. GodAj the Bacony  - Möbius Waffle
  77. GodSilver Nightingale  - Fluffy Sheep Waffle
  78. GodAlmighty Daemon  - Shadow Waffle
  79. GodSilver Nightingale  - Waffle Tacos
  80. GodIdleha  - Waffle Pi
  81. GodCharli Bambaki  - Embracing Waffle
  82. GodDragon of Darkness  - LGBT Waffle
  83. GodSasha and Pasha  - [CENSORED] Waffle
  84. GodGrandour  - Feelings Waffle
  85. GodPutInNameHere  - A Game of Waffles
  86. GodFrapparition  - Dwarf Bread Waffle
  87. GodFrapparition  - #Waffle
  88. GodFluxKnight  - Doctor's Waffle
  89. GodFrapparition  - Soulless Waffle
  90. GodGrandour  - "It's a Trap!" Waffle
  91. GodFrapparition  - Attempting Awkward Alliteration 'Affle
  92. GodBloom Rose  - Elffaw Wow Waffle
  93. GodCrazyabeldog The 2nd  - Princess Waffle
  94. GodPutInNameHere  - Inspirationless Waffle
  95. GodMommitude  - "I Need a Hug" Waffle
  96. GodMommitude  - Happy Birthday Hugs Waffle
  97. GodFrapparition  - Repetition Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle
  98. GodDragon of Darkness  - Thug Life Waffle
  99. GodCristo1  - Pocket Waffle
  100. GodStickyorder  - Scoop and Crumbs Waffle
  101. 100th Waffle Wednesday Special: GodGrandour  - Grandour Waffle
  102. GodTerallion  - Reminiscence Waffle
  103. GodWyrmdad X2  - Stickyorder Waffle
  104. GodTerallion  - Waffle Overload
  105. GodWyrmdad X2  - Southern Sunshine Waffle
  106. GodDragon of Darkness  - Copyright Waffle
  107. GodDragon of Darkness  - Wednesday=Saturday Waffle
  108. GodBrinjal  - Pizza Waffle
  109. GodMotowncountry  - 3D Waffle
  110. GodNekomancer  - Spoopy Waffle
  111. GodHoly Spirit of Hell  - Frankenwaffle
  112. GodMichio  - Freedom Waffle
  113. GodMommitude  - The “Slick” Waffle
  114. GodGigatrix  - Kracken Waffle
  115. GodRoahon6  - Frozen King's Waffle
  116. GodThorbjoern  - ONE THOUSAND WAFFLES
  117. GodMotowncountry  - Force Waffle
  118. GodThorbjoern  - Lump of Coal
  119. GodThorbjoern  - Nostalgic Waffle
  120. GodRosalie BlackWing  - Old Timer’s Waffle
  121. GodHe who watches they  - Regent Waffle
  122. GodRosalie BlackWing2  - the floor waffle
  123. GodFriendly Fred  - Waffle Truffle Ruffle Shuffle
  124. GodMommitude  - Save The Waffles Waffle
  125. GodMommitude  - Random Acts Of Kindness Waffle
  126. GodMommitude  - Cheer Up! Waffle
  127. GodMommitude  - Better late than never Waffle
  128. GodBloom Rose  - The Sticky Waffle
  129. GodMommitude  - Water, Water Everywhere Waffle
  130. GodThorbjoern  - The gentleman’s waffle
  131. GodDivine Porcupine  - Waffle with the Most Unreasonably Long Name Ever Out Of All Other Waffles Ever Named!
  132. GodMommitude  - “What happened to Wednesday?” Waffle
  133. GodVactz  - Happy 6th Birthday/Anniversary to Godville! \(^ω^)/ Hugs for everyone! Waffle
  134. GodTom312  - Tribbles, Tribbles everywhere waffle
  135. GodAzzageddi  - Infinite Puppies waffle
  136. GodKhyrena The Caliginus  - Strawberry Shortcake Waffle
  137. GodMommitude  - Stickyorder! You’re back, we missed you!! waffle
  138. GodMommitude  - Waffle Wednesday Waffle
  139. GodTom312  - It’s way too hot waffle
  140. GodMommitude  - The Huggernaut
  141. GodArcano  - Mac and Cheese Waffles + Gluten-Free Waffles
  142. GodAalivine  - Relaxing Waffle + GodJimbob64 Dragon Waffle
  143. GodArcano  -Cheeseburger Waffles + GodSasha And Pasha  -Weapon: Wunderwaffle
  144. GodMommitude  - Suicide Prevention & Awareness Waffle + GodArcano  - Cookie Waffle
  145. GodArcano  - Candy Corn Waffles
  146. GodJimbob64  - über-deluxe pumpkin waffle
  147. GodArcano  - Cheesecake Waffles
  148. GodIampie  - Ordinary Waffles
  149. GodArcano  - Ark Party Waffle
  150. GodStickyorder  - Four Years of Waffles!
  151. Only for Mafia members: GodBrinjal  - Poisoned Waffle
  152. GodTom312  - the “Great Chinese Firewall waffle”
  153. GodNekomancer  - The Heartmender
  154. GodThorbjoern  - Shameless Rip-Off-Waffle!
  155. GodTha Saxon  - Savoury Penguin Waffle
  156. GodDivine Porcupine  - The Atmospheric Waffle!
  157. First Discovered Waffle: GodSasha and Pasha  - Aretha Frankenstein's Waffles of Insane Greatness
  158. GodNyx of Darkness  - Chocoffee Waffles + GodWaffletude  - Stephen Hawking Memorial Waffle
  159. GodSasha And Pasha  - *The Spring Surprise Waffle*
  160. First waffle nomination that was so good, no one else had any competing waffle suggestions: GodNekomancer  - Strawberry Burst Waffle!
  161. The April Fool’s Day Special: GodNekomancer  - Neko’s Waffle Sammich
  162. GodCassia Rainsonne  - Deep Breaths Waffle + GodNekomancer  - The Apology Waffle
  163. GodNekomancer  - The Odyssey + GodThorbjoern  - Not-A-Waffle!
  164. GodNekomancer  - Carnation
  165. GodDivine Porcupine  - Thursday Waffle
  166. GodNekomancer  - Motiwaffle
  167. GodCorvus Silver  - Luft Waffle
  168. The First Three-Waffle Tie: GodPippypie  - The Wonut + GodCassia Rainsonne  - Frazzled Five Minute Waffle + GodMykus Aditus  - Dreamy Flan-Fiesta Waffle of Sleepy Goodness
  169. Spontaneous Waffle: GodTwifight Sparkill  - The Monday Morning Manifesto Waffle
  170. Eight Years of Godville: GodWaffletude  - Godville Anniversary Waffle
  171. GodThorbjoern  - Full Moon Waffle
  172. GodElaphrus  - Tiramisu Waffle
  173. GodArcano  - Extreme Breakfast Waffles
  174. GodSasha And Pasha  - The AMCW 7th GUILDIVERSARY PARTY WAFFLE!!!
  175. GodCorvus Silver  - Rainy Day Waffle
  176. GodArcano  - Battle waffles
  177. GodScorpio  - Gimme waffles Σ(’◉⌓◉’)
  178. GodDivine Porcupine  - Hallowaffle
  179. GodThorbjoern  - Hot Air Balloon Waffle + GodVetinariii  - Möbius Waffle (reinvented)
  180. GodPeanut Butter Cup  - Wafflrritos
  181. GodMotowncountry  - Music Box Waffle
  182. GodThorbjoern  - Waffle from another Time
  183. GodJimbob64  - Plutonium Waffle


You are invited to post on the Infinity Waffles guild thread at any time with the highest number of tribbles you have in your inventory. The Tribble Cup is based on the honor system, so please help us keep it fun by being honest.

God Tribbles Collected
GodUrsina  44
GodStickyorder  35
GodArcano  34
GodThorbjoern  34
GodStickychaos  33
GodSasha And Pasha  32
GodJimbob64  30
GodElvithriel  29
GodAzzageddi  26
GodBrinjal  26
GodDomerthos  25
GodWilsonace  24
GodArtsonian  23
GodMommitude  23
GodBellaouthena  22
GodLightning323  20
GodAnubhavagrawal  19
GodPutInNameHere  16
GodNekomancer  16
GodFriendly Fred  16
GodThe Mystic Advisor  16
GodPeters1  15
GodNesyamun  15
GodSheyr  14

Field notes about Tribbles:

  • There is currently no confirmed way to get a Tribble because like any other artifacts and items in your inventory, getting one is random.
  • There are currently two types of tribbles you might see in your inventory: tribbles (regular, normal, everyday Tribbles) which are labeled in the inventory as *tribbles* as well as *hungry tribbles*.
  • It is currently unverified by other heroes, but *Mommitude* reports never having seen both in her inventory at the same time in the ten years she’s been playing the game.
  • Tribbles will slowly begin to multiply while in your inventory as your hero adventures around.
  • Tribbles and Hungry Tribbles will _occasionally_ eat artifacts your hero has in their inventory. This removes the artifact from your inventory.
  • After eating an artifact, tribbles will multiply faster for awhile.
  • Tribbles and Hungry Tribbles could theoretically eat a bold artifact, which one would assume would cause their rate of multiplication to be faster and to be longer duration than a regular artifact, but this is unconfirmed.
  • It seems like Hungry tribbles are much more likely to eat artifacts than (regular) tribbles.
  • The item the tribbles choose to eat is random.
  • Voices sent to the hero do not seem to affect either type of tribbles as far as asking them to eat or not eat a particular item.
  • Alignment type (good versus evil) does not seem to impact the speed at which tribbles multiply. However; it does seem like the closer your hero is to higher ends of each spectrum affects impact the speed of multiplication _slightly_.
  • Unlike any other artifacts or items your hero carries around in his/her inventory, tribbles will stack! In other words, no matter how many tribbles you have, they will all only take up one inventory slot.
  • Only exception to this is hungry tribbles versus (regular) tribbles would be in two separate inventory stacks but again, seeing both is extremely rare (if it happens at all).
  • The more tribbles you already have in your inventory, the faster they seem to multiply.
  • Hungry tribbles seem to multiply faster than (regular) tribbles.
  • Your hero will try to sell tribbles anytime they sell other items from their inventory.
  • Merchants will not always buy tribbles for whatever reason, so your hero will NOT always successfully sell them.
  • Eventually your hero will find a merchant to buy willing to buy their tribbles, but successfully selling them is random.
  • You cannot make your hero sell or keep tribbles.
  • Your hero will sell the entire stack of tribbles in his/her inventory, freeing up that one inventory slot for other loot.
  • It seems like the more tribbles you have in your inventory, the more likely it is your hero is to have success with selling them.
  • Do not feed them bold artifacts especially after midnight, or they will not be as cute anymore.
  • Do not get tribbles wet as it will cause them to become angry and not multiply at all for awhile.
  • Tribbles do not like bright lights and will try to hide by burrowing deep into your inventory or cry out when taken out into the sun. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and hot environments may harm them and stop any multiplication for extended periods.

Waffle Warrior Tournament


These are the rules for the Waffle Warrior Tournament:

  • One entry per person! This is not per account, per person! Use any account you like, but only one of them! Please post on our forum saying you would like to be entered and providing there are spaces you shall be entered.

  • Duels should be completed via sparring, as we believe that it is the most fair way to battle. (This means level difference is not a particular advantage or disadvantage.)

  • This is a Voice Command only tournament! If there is a theme, feel free to use it, but it only a suggested theme and there will be no penalties for not sticking to it.

  • Should you win, you shall be named Waffle Warrior and added to the Infinity Waffles Wiki Page. This is a truly great honour, a display of courage, power, wits and awesomeness! Something to add to your God CV!

  • Each round shall last a maximum of one week.

  • Enjoy!

Past Tournaments

  1. First Won, First Served (1st Feb, 2014)
  2. Warrior's Special (22nd April, 2014)
  3. Second Helpings (Second Anniversary Special) (9th April 2015)

Waffle Warrior Hall of Fame

  1. The first ever esteemed Waffle Warrior, the brilliant GodBrinjal ! - (First Won, First Served)
  2. The second fantastic Waffle Warrior, the omnipotent GodJimbob64 ! - (Warrior's Special)
  3. The third powerfull Waffle Warrior, the fantastic GodFluxKnight  - (Second Helpings)

The Waffle House Murder Mystery

Infinity Waffles Guild Members Game

This is a guessing game, a kind of virtual style of wink murderer, which some people may have played in their younger days. There is one person who is the mastermind and one person who is the killer. Anyone who is a member of the Infinity Waffles and so can therefore play this game in the guild council. There will be no set day or week when this game is played, as it will take different amounts of time depending on the amount of participants. Stickyorder and the guild council will decide when the game is played and announce it on the Infinity Waffles forum. Everybody who wishes to play will be given at least one day notice to sign up. You need to arrange to be able to private chat everyone on the sign up list, so have your invites ready!

The idea of the game is to stop the Murderer. You stop him by doing a little bit of detective work to figure out who he/she is. The Murderer is allowed to murder *one* person per day. The Murderer sends the victim (the victim has to be one of the people who have signed up for the game) a message telling that they have been killed. ONE DEATH PER DAY! NO MORE, NO LESS! When a person is killed, they can no longer ask questions on the Infinity Waffles Guild Council. However, they must post onto the Infinity Waffles Guild Council that they have been killed and how they died. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANYBODY POST THE NAME OF THE KILLER IT RUINS THE GAME FOR EVERYBODY! The Mastermind is the person who cannot be killed. They are the person who picks the killer, and then answers all questions on the Guild Council. Anyone who is playing the game (unless they get murdered) can asked questions. Questions can be anything that will help you figure out who the Murderer is, but they have to be questions which are answered with either yes or no. If it is not a suitable question, the Mastermind will not answer it. Each player has one opportunity each to guess who the Murderer is; use it wisely! If a player uses their guess incorrectly, then they are welcome to still ask questions, however they cannot guess, and therefore cannot win. The winner becomes the Mastermind for the next game. Players win by guessing the Murderer. If the Murderer kills everybody, they win, and become the next Mastermind.

Anyone breaking any of the rules stated in the above paragraph will be banned from further games.

Mafia (Forum Game)

If you are reading this, chances are you are looking for some information on our latest forum game. The first course of action to play this game is signing up;


You can sign-up either on the Infinity Waffles forum or guild council (you DO NOT have to be a member of the Infinity Waffles to play) or by messaging GodStickyorder .

What's the idea of the game?

You are a given a role to play, which is kept hidden from every other player, who all have their own hidden rules. If your role is being part of the mafia, then the objective is to take over WaffleVille (the imaginary town where all mafia games take place) by killing all other players, so only the mafia remain. If you have a role which is unrelated to the mafia, unless otherwise specified, you win by keeping control of your town but killing all of the mafia.



While they may seem to be ordinary citizens, they are far from it, after all, what kind of ordinary citizen would stick around in a village where there are mafia bumping off people left right and centre? Make no mistake, these are the toughest and meanest villagers in the village, brave enough to stick by their home until the very end, and fond of a good old riot. The villager cannot do anything special, but like everyone else, gets to vote on who should be attacked by an angry mob on suspicion of being a member of the mafia.


They have no free time by day, after all, with the mafia out to get the villagers they have to keep a vigilant eye out for suspicious behaviour, and end up spending all of their daylight hours on patrol. By night, however, they sneak out and look up the records of the members of the village in the police station to try and find out what secrets they have. The police officer gets to choose a single member of the village each night and will be told what role they have.


They have the heads of hundreds of animals on their walls, and probably live entirely off fresh game and use wild animal skins as their carpets. It’s just a pity they had to buy all these trophies instead of earning them. Their aim was never that good. But while their failure as a marksman might be embarrassing, at least they have a gun to defend themself from people trying to kill them. Upon being killed, the hunter may pick another player and kill them as well.


They might have lost their medical license for their, let’s just say questionable methods, but that hasn’t stopped this ex-doctor from chasing their goal of saving lives. And maybe, just maybe, this is their time to shine and prove that they can be more reliable than the guy from “surgeon simulator”. Every night the medic can choose another player. That player will then be unable to die until the next night.


Disguised as ordinary villagers, they study the lives of the people who live here, bumping them off one by one, especially those they believe to be a threat to them. And when they’re not making people “disappear” by night, they’re trying to steer angry mobs towards more innocent citizens by day. Be wary, and look out, because they want to kill you all. At night, the mafia get to vote for who they should kill. If every non-mafia member dies they claim victory and win the game, but if all members of the mafia are killed, they lose.

More roles are sometimes added for one round only if the round has a special theme. These are not included here, but are explained on the forum, where you can feel free to ask should you have any questions.

The Infinity Generals

Even the greatest guilds of all time won’t keep going without help, and Infinity Waffles wouldn't the guild it is today without our Infinity Generals! This is the section for Godville players who consistently contribute usefully to the Infinity Waffles guild forum page thread!

Honorary Infinity Generals

These members have since moved onto real world pursuits, and are thus named honorary Infinity Generals. Each and every one played a vital role in making Infinity Waffles guild what it is today!

  • Attention Stickyorder - if you ever return to see this message and take the time to read it, please know you will always obviously be welcomed back warmly with loads of fresh waffles and lots of open, though definitely sticky arms.

The History of Stickyorder and the Infinity Waffles

Before Stickyorder had picked a hero and founded the Infinity Waffles, the young God had very little to do with his time. This was noticed by some of the other Gods; however none of them became concerned until he disappeared. Where had he gone, they asked? Stickyorder had become frustrated with the boredom of everyday life as a God, and humanity didn’t interest him as it interested any of the other Gods. When the others told him about their Heroes and Heroines he told them that he didn’t want the responsibility of looking after a pet. So, he disappeared.

When they found Stickyorder, after many years of searching, he was hidden in a temple, deep in an unexplored jungle. He had converted the temple into a lab, filled it with books and apparatus. Slightly insane from the loneliness and the gaseous residue of the dark and powerful magic that he had been experimenting with, the other Gods convinced him to return to their social circles. However, they soon became concerned once again; He was extraordinarily powerful with magic that nobody understood, and while that was exceedingly helpful, because Stickyorder was by no means evil, his inner being was slowly dissolving from the extent of the power. However he refused to give up his immense powers, or the secrets to them. His argument was that he was doing nothing wrong; the opposite in fact! He was using them to assist anybody who needed it! Why should they take his powers? And he didn’t want to go back to his boring old life.

This left the other Gods with a dilemma. What right did they have to strip the powers of a God who was virtuous and kind? Yet, they all regarded him as a friend and did not want any harm to befall him, and he refused to accept that his new-found power was melting his soul. So they decided to do what was best for him. They combined all of their separate powers to make an elaborate trap, which caught him in a force field and stripped him of his powers.

Even Stickyorder, with his ancient magical abilities, could not break free of the combined might of all the Gods. He didn’t become angry or upset. He accepted that he had little choice in the matter and peacefully let them strip his powers. They stored his powers in a small vial of syrup, and hid it where he would find it very difficult to find. Stickyorder asked them what they planned to do with him, as he couldn’t still be a God if he didn’t have any powers. They explained that powers such as his had been heard of before, by the oldest of the assembled Gods, and that he had told them that it was possible for Stickyorder to have his incredible magic and not dissolve into the great unknown. He had to do what the rest of them had done when they had become Gods; devote his magic to something. He may have had older powers, but that simply meant that it was a different style and substance of magic, not necessarily a completely new thing. Stickyorder had to devote this power to a few things, rather than wielding the raw power of the ancients.

Stickyorder saw only one problem with this; he had nothing that interested him! But then he realised that all of the Gods around him had devoted their powers to things or ideas from the human world, and humanity was something that he had always ignored. And besides, while he was powerless, he was no different from the humans anyway! Well, except for that small immortality thing. But, nevertheless, he requested to be released into the world of the humans, saying that he would get to know these strange creatures and become one of them, to find the thing which he really loved.

So, after spending a few months wandering the human world, Stickyorder began to understand the curiosity that the other Gods had about these beings. They were all unique, and all had their own sets of beliefs. One day, he came across a small, but beautiful bakery, which sold exquisite cakes, pastries and other deserts. Stickyorder loved these, and although he didn’t need to eat or drink, he found that he very much enjoyed doing it, especially at this picturesque shop! He fell in love with these delicacies, and wanted more and more! Different flavours, different shapes, different looks! He couldn’t get enough. The shop also happened to be owned by a beautiful young lady, who Stickyorder soon worked his charm upon. They became partners, in romantic and business ways, as Stickyorder moved in and began working in the store, using his new-found love of baking to help her create new and exciting foods. Every Wednesday they would take a customer request for a desert and make it to the best of their ability, no matter how weird and wonderful the request. Life was fantastic. Stickyorder lived in the human word for a decade and although they never had any children, him being a God and all, Stickyorder was happy with his partner and his baking.

Then, one Wednesday, he closed the store and told his partner that it was her turn. She described to him her dream delicacy; it was something that had never been seen by the world, God or Human. She told him what she wanted to call it, should it be possible to make; A Waffle. However much he tried Stickyorder couldn’t manage it; he couldn’t make the perfect golden-brown, crispy waffle, which is how they pictured them to look.

Then he remembered! His powers! But they were hidden and would only become known to him when he found something to devote his powers to. Stickyorder closed his eyes and pictured his love of the idea of Waffles, his love of research and technology and his love of his partner, and there was a small puff of black smoke. When he opened his eyes he saw a small vial of black bubbling syrup in front of him. He drank it and felt the power throb through his veins. He turned to the work bench, and summoned the perfect waffle. Him and his partner changed the shop to a Waffle Store and became exceedingly rich indeed.

However, nothing lasts forever, and Stickyorder had chosen to become a God once more, and therefore was needed to take his place as one. He had become the God of Waffles (And the God of the Unknown). He couldn’t live in the human world any longer. Also, his partner had become old while he was still young, and she knew that he was different. Stickyorder left her a long letter, explaining everything, blessed her shop with the powers of the Waffle God, and left.

He missed her dearly, so he carved the most beautiful Golden Waffle in her honour, laced with veins of diamond, ruby and emerald, with drips of frozen ambrosia. Stickyorder wished to share his passion for Waffles with the world and decided to create the guild; The Infinity Waffles. He opened it to all, embraced those who joined and still holds the Waffle Wednesdays, to remind him of his past and to spark the same wonderful creativity, which he once witnessed in a human, in all of the gods. And to this day, the Golden Waffle of Love and Joy, still stands in the Infinity Waffles guild hall, to remind all exactly what the Infinity Waffles stand for.

Stickyorder and Stickychaos

Stickyorder was once like all people: Sometime good, sometimes bad. However after creating the Infinity Waffles, he realised that the leader of the Infinity Waffles had to be a good role model, displaying all of the key attributes of kindness and creativity that he would expect from any of his members. But, he had a problem, a deep and twisted secret. All of his research, which had made him into a wonderful god, had created a little problem, which took up a small space on the edge of his conscious. Evil. He had accidentally gained a slight evil twist in his good nature while he was doing his research, something which had kept itself hidden until the opportune moment.

His evil side chose to reveal itself at the worse moment. Stickyorder was presented one of his latest silly ideas to the Infinity Waffles members, when he suddenly twitched and froze. A murmuring spread like a wave through the crowd, until, suddenly, he looked up. Swirling deep underneath his normally kindly sparkling blue eyes was a roaring black fire. He clicked his fingers, and the wall paintings burst into flames, and he froze everyone in his sight. Luckily, further chaos was averted, as Fred stepped out from behind him and hit with a waffle iron.

When Stickyorder awoke, he found himself in his study, Fred watching over him. He explained to Fred about this evil and together they constructed a plan. They would extract the evil essence from Stickyorder's conscious, and seal it within an obsidian canister and lock it away in the most secrets of the Infinity Waffles underground vaults.

The extraction was successful. The sealing was not. The evil escaped into to the atmosphere and disappeared for a while. However, Stickyorder knew what had happened when he felt a twinge in his mind. And it was confirmed shortly after, when Stickychaos, a evil essence with its own consciousness appeared on the forum. Stickyorder's evil had left him, but become his enemy.

(Note: This does not mean that Stickyorder does not feel anger or frustration, it just means that he is not evil or malicious.)

Stickyorder selected for AGFs

Camera turns on, showing Fred wearing a tuxedo and fixing some papers. “Are we on? Oh… Ummm. fixes tie Good day, ladies and gentlegods, This is Friendly Fred with the Awesome God Friday news. Today’s headline is about an awesome god sighted who has recently arrived on Godville. He has been known to be spreading happiness and waffles throughout the land. He has created and help grow one of the guilds with the coolest guild names ever, the Infinity Waffles! He goes by many names; Waffle king, The God of Waffles, Sticky and many more. Now drum roll please!”

  • Drum rolls in the distance.”

“ Let’s give it up for STICKYORDER! Our Awesome God! Let’s go to Derf, my alter ego reporter, for some insight of some key witnesses.” Camera switches to Derf, who is eating.

“Umm… Derf?”

Derf jumps, surprised, and quickly fix himself

“Yes Fred! We have here some pretty awestruck bystanders who have just recently seen the said awesome god. Let’s hear some of their statements!”

Iduna/Epona Iduna: Sticky is awesome for many reasons. Mostly because when I entered the Epona waffle I heard he actually tasted it. That is what I call discipline. Epona: Well I heard he didn’t which shows he has brains… Wait how did that make me look bad? Iduna: Well you talked but more importantly Sticky has done everything he can to get involved in Godville. Here at sowing Sun we call that awesome with a capital A! Congrats Sticky you earned this with your tremendous sense of fun. Epona: And because you are leader of one of the most creative and fun guilds in Godville. (And you didn’t pick the Epona Waffle as a winner)

Brinjal: Where do I start when it comes to describing the awesomeness of Stickyorder? Well he founded Infinity Waffles and wrote their awesome wiki page, as well as organising his fun “Waffle Wednesdays” event! He goes by the motto “Great British Top Hats!” which is also pretty nice, so he’s already endorsed delicious food and fabulous headgear, as well as being a great writer. That makes him ridiculously awesome, but let’s not forget how helpful and friendly and funny and lively he is… yep, no doubt about it, Stickyorder is an awesome god, I could list even more ways in which he is awesome, but I don’t want to drag on for too long, so I’ll just say this: Congratulations Stickyorder you are a very awesome god and you definitely deserve this!

Azzageddi: You know, we’ve seen a lot of guilds appear in the forums in recent months, and we’ve seen many of them disappear shortly after. But there is one new guild that has grown with shocking speed, and that is the wonderfully named Infinity Waffles. I mean, seriously—how genius is that name? You just see that guild name flashing in neon over their door, and you want to go in. The very utopian implication of that name—an infinity of waffles—is strongly appealing. And then when you get in there, you find that everyone is having fun, and they’re coming up with inventive waffles every week. OK, some of them are not waffles anyone would really want to eat (like my own prize-winning waffle that had stones and bees in it…I’m still not sure how that won, but let’s face it, sanity is not a terribly important trait to the Infinity Waffles crew). But fun is more important than practicality here in Godville.

And who is the mad genius behind this guild? Well it is of course Stickyorder. It’s not common for a god who has been around for less than a year to have such a positive impact, but it’s clear to me that he is no common god. I applaud him, and I declare him truly Awesome!

“And now some statements from his guild mates!”

Peters1: I would say…because he brought us wafflers together and tries his hardest for this guild. Stickyorder really cares for this guild. He put a lot of effort into making it better every day, even after a year. Not all guild leaders do that.

Auburnt: I think it’s good that he is so open to new members.. Likes to help when it is something you need help with… And it’s good that he is so active in the forum and the guild page… And of course that he made this awesome guild name! ;)

Friendly Fred: Sticky! Congratulations! This is your time to shine and you deserve it. You’ve been one of the most hardworking and creative deities I have come to know here in GV. Your enthusiasm is viral, spreading to everyone around you. Your sense of creativity brings a whole new sense of fun here at Godville. Not to be biased but he created one of the most awesome guilds here at GV, the Infinity Waffles. His dedication to the guild is inspiring, checking on us and giving us some tips and tricks if we need it. Lastly, I consider him as one of the friendliest people around! (And I know friendly, it’s in my name after all). So cheers to you, Sticky! LONG LIVE THE AWESOME GOD STICKYORDER!

“Thank you everyone for your kind words. Back to you, Fred!”

“Thank you, Derf. Now everyone join me in congratulating this awesome God! Hail Stickyorder! Hail Stickyorder! Hail Stickyorder!”

Thank You’s

  • GodStickyorder  - Infinity Waffles guild founder and all around great (although sticky) guy. Our guild founder is always a level-headed, friendly, thoughtful, and firm but fair guild leader. He had temporarily joined Friendly Fred in the pursuit of serving waffles to other people living in less fortunate worlds. We are excited to announce he has decided to return to GV, so we welcome him with open (now sticky) arms and of course loads warm, fresh waffles.
  • GodAuburnt  - For assisting in the original idea of Waffle Wednesdays (along with Friendly Fred & Godofwine).
  • GodBrinjal  - For helping Stickyorder along the way and assisting in Infinity Waffles guild adventures as well as mafia games on our thread forum page.
  • GodFriendly Fred  - He assisted in the original idea for Waffle Wednesdays. He frequently encouraged the Infinity Waffles guild founder and all of its members. Without him, the Infinity Waffles guild would not be what it is today. He has since left GV to serve waffles in other less fortunate worlds who do not have such amazing waffles, and the Infinity Waffles will always be grateful to him for the support he gave and the fun he brought.
  • GodGodofwine  - For previously funding grand prizes for guild competitions, for all of his work producing the original idea (along with Auburnt and Friendly Fred), for Waffle Wednesdays, his assistance with drawing up the official rules and helping with the small details too!
  • GodJimbob64  - Without his guidance the guild wiki page and thread forum page would not exist, and Infinity Waffles guild as a whole would not be nearly as fun and/or interesting.