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From nowhere and everywhere at once he came. Spinning round and round. Jimbob64 Favorite honored.png Hunter honored.png Saint honored.png Animalist 1st.png Builder 1st.png Champion 1st.png Coach 1st.png Fiend 1st.png Invincible 1st.png Shipwright 1st.png Raider 1st.png Careerist 2nd.png Jimbob64 JBdAav.jpeg Championed by the Hero: Gary-sue Personality: Sarcastic Gender: Male Motto: "Cogito, ergo dum!" Guild: E.I.S. Eternal


NOTE FROM JB: This page has been neglected for the better part of a year at least, and I'm about to be AFK until August 2015. Hope someone finds something here useful. All projects here are to be considered suspended for now, except the playwriting, which is complete, and the ideaboxing, which is... when I wrote I was waking lessons, I had 92 Gratitude points to my name. After said lessons, I have 1051 and enough IQ saved up to trade in for roughly 500 more. The lessons worked, clearly. Game research may resume when I'm back, or maybe it won't- we'll see. If it does, I'll try putting up a Cliff's Notes dungeon type guide and some tips, something about charge farming, etc.

-- It's been fun, GV. See you all in 10 months. Contents

   1 Character Bio: Chronicles (Underway, as is the hero's)
   2 Gameplay Notes (INTERMITTENT)
       2.1 Housebreaking Your Hero (UNDER REVIEW)
       2.2 Overworld Voice Commands (UNDERWAY -SHORTEN EACH VC)
       2.3 On Gold Brick Acquisition (UNDERWAY- NEEDS SHORTENING)
       2.4 Using Godpower Efficiently (WRITE THIS NEXT)
           2.4.1 Charge-Hoarding Techniques (RESUMED WRITING)
       2.5 In the Arena (RESTRUCTURING)
           2.5.1 Duel Term Glossary
   3 Game Geek Gallery
       3.1 Wiki Articles (BEGUN)
       3.2 Ideaboxing
   4 My Current Projects

Character Bio: Chronicles (Underway, as is the hero's)

Nothing here yet... Jimbob64 in his hero's Chronicles IS based off the actual player, so he's a bit of a- refusing to type that about himself, has others who'd say it for free possibly.