Inevitable Hulk

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Only known encounter with this monster *12:03: Under continuous assault and unable to think straight, I applied the bottle labeled “Drink me” to the monster instead of myself. Judging by its high-pitched shriek, the Inevitable Hulk usually heals in some other way. 12:03: The Inevitable Hulk turned to dust. I blew away its ashes and found a red herring.* All other heros failed to report back after meeting this monster, so be sure to carry 'Drink Me'

A chance encounter with this enemy lead to the death of my pet, who sacrificed himself for my life.

5:39" The Inevitable Hulk raised its hand for a deadly final strike against me, when Bess suddenly threw himself under its feet. The monster stumbled and fell dead on the ground, its neck broken. Bess quietly heaved his last breath under the weight of the monster's carcass. Oh, my Lord, why? He was so young..."

It seems that I acquired nothing from it's death, other than the body of my beloved pet.