Incendiary Firefly

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Monsters of Godville
Incendiary Firefly
Photuris Ignis
Class Insect
Habitat Volcanoes
Description Flaming Firefly

The Incendiary Firefly(Photuris Ignis) is a common pest throughout volcanic regions. It is a firefly with flaming wings and it often leaves massive trails of fire behind it. Many live in the Great Lava Desert of Trogh and the Eastern Magmatic Plumules. They are a reason that many buildings in those regions are made of stone.

General Information

The Incendiary Firefly has always been an annoyance due to its uncanny ability to unintentionally start fires. They cause houses to burn down, forest fires, and are sometimes why San Satanos can be dangerous at times. Heroes are often hired to kill these fiery bugs to prevent their accidental trails of flaming destruction, and became why the Incendiary Fireflies have become considered monsters.

Killing an Incendiary Firefly is easy, but doing it without getting burned can be tricky. If the hero doesn't have the ability to attack from a distance, killing this monster becomes more difficult. They can be quick and will zip around the area as the hero jumps and flails around trying to catch them. As the Incendiary Firefly flies about the in battle, heroes must hope it doesn't go anywhere that is easily set on fire, because the monster's wings (which are made of fire), can easy start fires and make the battle increasingly difficult. The best advice for anyone trying to kill this monster is to use water or a fire extinguisher, because it can put out the monsters wings quite easily. This leaves the Incendiary Firefly unable to fly, making it easy to kill.



  • Hard to hit
  • Flaming wings that spread fires


  • Getting crushed
  • Water/Fire Extinguishers