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Forum RP Information: Hero-Class

Character Name:
Occupation: (eg. Merchant, Assassin, Rogue)

Advantages: (eg. Are they attractive, well spoken, or )
Disadvantages and Quirks: (eg. Are they ugly, mute, or deaf? What are their phobias?)
Skills: (eg. Magic, Special Training)

Hand Weapons:
Ranged Weapons:
Armor and Possessions:

Cultural Familiarity: (eg. How much do they know about Godville, and possibly outlying realms?)
Family: (eg. A short introduction to any family members, may or may not be pertinent in the RP)
Description: (eg. What do they look like?)
Background: (eg. What brings them to the ruins?)

Forum RP Information: Deity-Class

Deity Name:
Virtue: (eg. What values does your deity uphold?)
Vice: (eg. What can your deity not tolerate?)
Class: (eg. Are you a warrior deity, a deity of knowledge? What does your deity specialize in?)

Abilities: (eg. What can your deity do? Be as specific as possible.)

Followers: (eg. What are your followers like? Do you have more than one?)
Familiarity: (eg. How much does the deity know about other deities? Are they aware that other realms exist?)
Description: (eg. Does the deity have a physical form? How do they manifest themselves to the hero?)