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This is to separate the amount of information that would be on one page for clarity and ease of access. So, without wasting anymore of your time, welcome to the official page of the Idle Omens RP. I am your host, GodSireine  and have made this page as quickly as possible so forgive the lack of formatting.
Style and Structure
We use what I will call storybook formatting for our in-character posts. Simply put, its the same overall format used in many works of fiction. I am sorry, but we will not be using any other.

  • Variations will be accepted, but we want all players to be cohesive in their posts.
  • Out of character posts will be done at the bottom of any in-character post or separately but in "(" ")" parenthesis.
    • An example: "This is our homepage," she says as she walks out with a smile. (This is Out of Character).

I hope this eliminates any and all confusion about that.

  • Bolding and italics can be used, but please use bold effects for names and important facts only. Italics are a common way of showing actual thoughts: 'I need to finish this soon' as well as emphasizing certain words, adding flavor to the text.

So far, no real rules have been implemented that can not be found on the Guild's wiki. That said, if the need comes, I will add some.

The Story So Far

Long ago, a prophecy was made by a being from another realm about the state of a world known as Earth. When certain events came to play, the being known as the Demiurge was exiled from his own creation and rendered the dreaded prophecy nothing more than fiction. Fast forward to when Godville's first heroes were born. A strange realm and stranger policy of divine powers, a sorceress named Sireine would be born and come into power. She ruled upon her ivory throne in her black marble temple, worshiped and feared like a proper Goddess. At the height of her power, she was accompanied by strange figures in white armor that covered their bodies from head to toe and had several hundred followers. Her priests called her the Mistress of Oblivion because of her control over the fabrics of life and death. For a woman born mortal, she was given a gift that surpassed even the Gods.

As time passed, however, Sireine felt her power wane as more and more Gods populated the land. Her followers left her to worship other beings, leaving her barren and alone with only a fanatical cult left in her name.

Sometime after the world had forgotten about the once mighty sorceress, she happened upon a strange book that she believed would help restore her former glory. Upon opening the tome, she was engulfed in unholy light that filled her with its essence. Gasping for breath, she dropped the book and saw that its words were forming into letters she was able to read: "By the shore of ruin shall a White Lion rise from death." The passage flared in her mind before scrambling into moving ink and undecipherable gibberish.

Joined now by the Demiurge and his last Angel, the Sorceress and her White Lion have formed an alliance in hope to gather other souls to prevent the passages of the book from coming to pass. It foresaw the coming of the End, where both Heaven and Hell desired to rid themselves of this realm completely. What happens now? As others gather to join them, they must forge their new allies in the baptisms of chaos and ready them for the eventual war that may ... or may not come.


Sireine: A powerful sorceress that achieved powers beyond that of Gods. Although her powers have weakened, she still maintains the ability to manipulate the fabrics of life and death, and the very foundations of reality.
Lyonhardt: A mysterious man clad in white armor and black leather and silk. He wields a massive spear and an imposing presence, if only for the fact that he either does not speak or can not speak.
Iadobaoth: The Demiurge. A true immortal but chooses never to show his raw power or the fact that he is, in fact, who he says he is. He allows Sireine to control the direction of the guild while he sits back and enjoys moving her pawns in his favor. Whether he is on her side or not remains to be seen.
Anafi-el: A tragic angel, cast from Heaven with Lucifer but trapped on the Earth. Stripped of her wings, she was eventually found by the Demiurge and made into his source of living power. Wherever the angel is, the Demiurge is never far behind.
The Owl: An owl. It possesses some sentience though its allegiance is unclear. Whether or not this being has a name or another form is unknown at this time.
Garwyn: A treasure hunter and renowned thief. Most of his tales are lies, but he had decided to come into his own to make his forebears proud.
Nightmare: A shadow wight that lives in a mirror shard possessed by Twila Nyx. It is a creature that was created and remains loyal to the cult that worships Sireine. It has been known to manifest itself in the physical realm from time to time.
Twila: A young black woman that has adapted to Godville's weird technological mishap by always having two earbuds in her ear and listening to whatever it was the the kids listened to these days. She's a minor spell caster that specializes in illusions and fear.

More to come.