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Idle Omens
IO emblem.png
Motto: Chaos dwells in everything.
Alignment: True Darkness!
Gold Fund: 9997 c.u.
Date Founded: 10 September, 2015 1978 G.E.
Membership Count: 21
Town with Greatest Influence: Herowin (0%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 504
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 120
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 14
Forum Headquarters: Idle Omens
Guild Page: Idle Omens 
Data current as of 24 January, 2016

Current News

Well, other than open enrollment in our non-Godville roleplaying scenario, we're still two months away from having much of any news. That's when our first member will reach Hierarch. Yay.
So, being the youngest guild in the top 20 in duelery is nice, but unfortunately we're now losing our popularity - if we want to remain True Darkness! we have to make sure we do not attract many more neutral heroes. So, let's keep our duelery and popularity up! Also, should any happen upon this wiki wondering where our guild's RP went to? Go ahead and ask - one of our members may direct you.


Our current leader, by popular vote - since we're too young to have actual elections, is of course the founder of Idle Omens, GodSireine . Please be aware that she is quite busy with both activities on and off Godville and appreciates a bit of patience to all inquiries.

The Guild

What is Idle Omens?

We're a True Darkness! Guild, with no other song than the Wretched and Divine (performed by Black Veiled Brides) to fit us.
We're broken, we're the innocent, we're the devil's smile. We're the army strong as all. We're not evil, but we're far from being the dumbfound idiots that believe this world is worth saving. It's worth dominating, to come from the endless winters and to reach the ones who want to resist the mold of conformity. We are the wretched, the unspoken, and above all - we are the divine.

Keep in mind that our members banter about music and life topics. We have an external (non-Godville), post-to-play RP on that is sometimes discussed in the GC, but no one that joins our guild is required to play in it. New members are welcome to apply for a character (or create their own), but not everyone will be allowed to join in this RP - apologies in advance for assumed hurt feelings.

Joining Idle Omens is easy, but belonging requires an alignment of cruel or darker.

  • To join, a simple voice command of join "Idle Omens" after reaching level 12 will suffice.
    • Issue the voice command when your hero is between fights, not in town or healing.
    • Do not cancel your current quest, as that changes the hero(ine)'s state to returning to town, in which most, if not all, voice commands are ignored.
      • This can take several times, so be warned. It is most effective to wait between 20 and 30 seconds between VCs before issuing another.
  • Please add this symbol: ♝ to your mottoes.
    • Those members who do not have ♝ within their mottoes can be considered inactive members.

Pantheons & Other


Please help us maintain our place as one of the top 100 or so guilds in popularity.

  • If you notice your hero(ine) is healing in town and you have a some God Power to spare -- never use a charge -- send an influence their way.
  • Every divine punishment (or encouragement, if you must) adds points to our overall score, although once we obtain a templed hero ... it is rumored that Miracles give the most influence.

See our guide on Temple Building & General Tips for more information on how to make your trip to town beneficial to you and our guild.


There is a quote that this guild stands by, taken from the dimension known as Earth:

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

  • So what does this mean? A soul who hungers for battle may find that they're not immune to their divine's wrath -- and they revel in it. A holy man may find that they've achieved serenity only through horrific ends.
    • To this end, and this end alone - we strive to maintain our popularity so that neutral heroes (those of abandoned accounts) do not stray into our guild. It takes some mild effort to maintain our alignment, so we expect all members to contribute something ... no matter how small.


The Arena.
Members are encouraged to take part in dueling at least once per day if they are able to to help us maintain our current top 20 rank in duelery.

Members ranked Chief Master and higher, should know that their records directly influence our ranking in the Pantheon of Duelery.
Here are some guidelines and tips:

  • On regular days, wait until you have 100% god power and 3 or more charges.
    • This should ensure that, no matter what special rules come into play, you'll be prepared.
      • This can not be stressed enough: never enter the Arena with less than 3 charges and, after sending the hero(ine), 50% GP. There are those who do not send any influences at all, but as you climb the ranks ... get ready to match with more and more active duelers.
  • Try to let us know prior to sending your hero to the Arena in the GC - this will prevent duels between guild members.
    • In the event that two of our members meet in the Arena, it is up to the individuals on how they wish to proceed. It is recommended to just have a non-influence/command battle to save GP charges, but it is up to the pair dueling.
  • Pay attention to the additional rules that judges will implement:
    • Both competitors will lose HP each round.
      • About 5-10 health is taken from both contestants per round, in addition to any offensive damage. Using the heal voice command, (e.g.: Drink, Heal, and Rest) rather than offensive commands every round is recommended.
    • Divine influence will be twice as likely to backfire.
      • The backfires in Godville are ... random. Some may say they are not, but we believe they are. With this rule, 2 in 7 or so influences will effect you(your opponent if encouraging), none, or both. If you send out 3 influences and you haven't experienced backlash yet, send a healing voice command if you're going to punish next round - just in case your stray lightning bolt doesn't zap a wondering monster.
    • Loser gets 3 gold bricks as a consolation prize.
      • It is tempting, especially for those who don't have a temple to try to lose these matches. We recommend trying to win, but only using one charge during the battle. Sure, it might knock our ranking down a bit ... but 3 golden bricks is decent compensation.
    • Only two(2) actions are allowed instead of four(4).
      • If you and your opponent both are using influences, its not too bad. Otherwise, it becomes up to the Random Number God and your play style.
        • Tip: Use voice commands rather than direct influences. "Strike"/"Attack" during your turn, "Heal" or "Defend" on the opposing turn.
        • Tip: Send (1) Punish influence at the start of the battle. Use voice commands throughout until your opponent reaches ~30 health, then send a second Punish with either a "Heal" or a final "Attack" command.
        • Tip: Locking your opponent's actions is another way to bring this special rule to your advantage. Simply use voice commands rather than any influence.
    • Only (3) charges are allowed.
      This shouldn't be an issue for most, it will become an issue for paid duelers/those with more than 3 charges, use the voice command: "Pray" to recover precious GP.
      • Now, if you have more than 3 charges to begin with - be sure to restore your GP up to 100% and there will be no problem.
    • The Judges will pray between rounds.
      • This can have its advantages and disadvantages; every round, 5-10 (or more) GP is restored. To take advantage of it, use voice commands every turn until your either about to be locked or on your last 25%.
      • Very likely, you can win these fights without using more than one or two charges.
    • This fight will be twice as fast.
      • You and your opponent will attack at the same time, so only the fighter who's name is on top can block, otherwise this is a standard match.
  • Make sure you check your opponents stats. If they have won more arena matches than two (2) times their levels mean that they a. have purchased extra charges, b. only has enough to last this match, or c. possess a personal connection to the RNG. At least that's the crazy math we do around here. It may or may not be 50% accurate.
  • Sometime during the first two steps (3 entries), unless its a Prayer match, or an agreed non-influence match, restore your GP by using 1 charge.
    • It is also advisable (if you have more than 3 charges) to go ahead and refill your GP while waiting to be matched. This prevents you from being stuck with 2.5 charges instead of 3 should that match rule come up.
  • Strike at them. Use your influences wisely - keep in mind that only about 1 in 4 voice commands will be heard, sometimes the ratio is higher, sometimes it is lower.
    • GodSireine  encourages that all attack commands are ...with righteous fury and indignant wrath. And that we heal by drinking from life's bitter poisons. Or come up with your own variations.
    • Remember to alternate between offensive voice commands and defensive. A well-timed heal can mean the difference between victory and defeat.
    • Please keep in mind that some offensive commands will cause your opponent to restore some of their GP. Always expect some kind of influence, be it a voice command or actual influence, on the following turn.
  • Never end a turn with less than 30% of your Godpower if you can avoid it.
  • Try to be a good sport, even if you lose and now have 0 charges. Remember, the Arena is mostly luck and a basic understanding of when influences will backfire ... which can seem at random most times.
    • We all lose sometimes, these tips are a guide and meant to give a basic example of how to be a ruthless arena fighter. It is possible to win in the Arena using only voice commands, so finding a style that suits your tastes is, as it should be, up to you.
    • If it seems that the Random Number God is out for your soul, take a break from the Arena. There are other ways you can help our guild besides shedding the blood of others.

Now, of course, if you win ... use that 100% GP to accumulate another charge and poof: If you used all three charges, you're back to having 2 plus a free prayer in town.

Temple Building & General Tips

Other than the Arena (which can provide up to 4 bricks at a time), there are a number of ways to speed up the construction of one's personal Temple.

  • Using a divine influence when your hero(ine) possesses more than 3,000 coins can result in the melting of a brick.
    • Using this influence during the selling stage of a town visit greatly increases your chance of receiving additional gold, or another artifact if the influence fails.
    • Every town visit includes the following stages of progress (in no particular order): healing, selling, buying potions/equipment, wasting money, prayer.
      • If you return to town via a completed quest with a healing item, you may skip the healing process.
      • If you return to town with fewer that half your total maximum item capacity (how many items you can carry in your inventory), there is a high chance that your hero(ine) will skip all steps after healing.
  • Gold bricks can sometimes be found using the voice command dig.
    • It can also result in unearthing an underground boss, so be cautious. Victory ensures a large profit, but defeat means the loss of a good portion of your gold fund.
    • When you are waiting to be matched, see if any of your guild mates have enough health to join you.
    • It is advisable to only use the dig command if you have 80% of your maximum health or more.
  • Remember to vote in the Ideabox! Providing your input on content can and will make your prayers more effective, but don't just spam votes. Some of the content is actually worth upvoting, and while others are just ... well. Its a matter of taste. Don't forget to vote at least every 8 hours to maximize this bonus.


We have one, very simple rule. Well, two.

  • Please be courteous when speaking to each other.
    • Out right use of profanity will not be tolerated in the forum and is advised against in the Guild Council as well.
    • No derogatory terms, racial slurs, or anything that may offend some one else.
    • Courteous does not mean nice, it means respectful.
  • Please uphold any promises you make to members of this guild, or any other member of Godville's community.
    • This includes both agreements and deals, witnessed or between two individuals.
    • We take our honor very seriously, so do not break it.

If, for any reason, you can not abide by these rules, then we're not for you. We realize that, with every internet game, there is going to be some one that ruins it. Until then, let us try to have fun.


God/dess Hero/ine Rank Personality Status
GodSireine  Lyonhardt Grand Master Pure Evil Active
GodIadobaoth  Anafi-el Grand Master Cruel Actively Lurking
GodLurid Sin  Kaein Grand Master Cruel Unknown
GodVesania  Lucidea Grand Master Wicked Unknown
GodSil3nce  Garwyn Grand Master Cruel Actively Lurking
GodMy Own Nightmare  Twila Nyx Grand Master Cruel Active
GodShadows of Light  Nathaniel Edwards Grand Master Wicked Active
GodBlind Faith  Billie Stone Advisor Cruel Active
GodHeretical God  Blade of Heresy Advisor Wicked Inactive
GodSyrnaeth  Torheit Advisor Wicked Active
GodZelgany  Zeezoo Advisor Neutral Unknown
GodMatusmanis alt1  Monster From Byond Advisor Cruel Active
GodDeiroz  Corrain Advisor Pure Evil Active
GodLilith Crowley  Ashni Crowley Chief Master Vicious Nonactive
GodAlmighty lord savior  All powerful hero Chief Master Vicious Inactive
GodLight Drinker  Sir Raziel Chief Master Neutral Semi-Active
GodIjana  Ijana Chief Master Cruel Active
GodFluxKnight  Zachary quintavious Master Neutral Unknown
GodBroken Lament  Hel-el Master Vicious Active
GodDakkila  Maganda Master Viscous Unknown
GodRatyy  Arny Leyta Master Pure Evil Unknown
GodGamzee  Kerasine Intern Cruel Unknown RP Information

The Realm is our current storyline, though I must warn everyone now that it is not for minors or those without an open mind. Do not proceed further than the front page if the disclaimer makes you laugh, uneasy, or snap into an uncontrollable barbarian rage. And please, do not whine or report to the administrators of Godville -- there is ample warning. We put this here because we're looking to give everyone a chance.
Character sheets are found here. Copy and paste the needed sections and do not save that page. On this page, use the "Discussion" tab to paste your sheet underneath any that may already be there. When you contact GodSireine , she will add you as soon as she can. Your patience is appreciated.

  • All players involved in the Idle Omens RP will be expected, at some point, to fill out this information.
    • Please provide as much information as you can. This is not for us to metagame, but so that your character has established limits.
    • Characters listed here have no been added to the proper page for any number of reasons. Please contact GodSireine  for details.

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