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| founder = Sireine
| founder = Sireine
| pantheon = 513 [<span style="color:green"> + </span>]
| pantheon = 513 [<span style="color:green"> + </span>]
| pantheon2 = 67 [<span style="color:red"> - </span>]
| pantheon2 = 45 [<span style="color:red"> - </span>]
| pantheon3 = 443 [<span style="color:green"> + </span>]
| pantheon3 = 442 [<span style="color:green"> + </span>]
| forum = https://godvillegame.com/forums/show_topic/3414
| forum = https://godvillegame.com/forums/show_topic/3414
| stats = https://godvillegame.com/stats/guild/Idle%20Omens
| stats = https://godvillegame.com/stats/guild/Idle%20Omens
| number = 11 <span style="color:green">+1</span>
| number = 10 <span style="color:green">+2</span>
| friend1 = None
| friend1 = None
| foe1 = None
| foe1 = None
| gold = 934
| gold = 913
| town = None
| town = Bumchester
| perc =  
| perc = 1
| date = 17 October, 2015
| date = 13 October, 2015

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Idle Omens
IO emblem.jpeg
Motto: Chaos dwells in everything.
Alignment: True Darkness!
Gold Fund: 913 c.u.
Date Founded: 10 September, 2015 1978 G.E.
Membership Count: 10 +2
Town with Greatest Influence: Bumchester (1%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 513 [ + ]
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 45 [ - ]
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 442 [ + ]
Forum Headquarters: Idle Omens
Guild Page: Idle Omens 
Data current as of 13 October, 2015


Welcome GodSyrnaeth  as our 11th member. We have reached a good number of viable players to finish up this current act, so for those interested in joining the RP, please contact GodSireine  for more details regarding the second act of the RP.
A very basic, very short info page can be found here. This link will remain here, as the page is updated regularly.

Old(er) News

13, 10 2015: We welcome GodHeretical God  & GodBlind Faith  to the guild as our 9th and 10th members, respectively. We have also obtained 20th in popularity! Its just a shame we're too new to have any elected leaders. Also, we give big welcome to GodSyrnaeth  to the RP and (eventually) the guild. And finally, a special thanks to GodTerallion  for entertaining us while GodSireine  was away for her sister's wedding, and to the others whom have contacted us with viable interest in our storyline.

6 October, 2015: We welcome GodGod2000 4rd alt  to the guild as our 8th member. Due to unforeseen circumstances, GodVesania  and GodLurid Sin  have retired from the guild and from Godville. We wish you all the best in life, and sorry to see you go so soon. Perhaps we'll see them again in time.
Also, if anyone has suggestions for the RP, please contact Sireine either in the forum or via PM.

2 October, 2015: Nearly a month ago, Idle Omens opened its halls to all who wished to join in a pre-apocalyptic story. We still haven't attracted as many members as we'd of liked, but all the same ... we're still here and part of the top 100 guilds in Godville.

30 September, 2015: Idle Omens makes the front page with 7th place popularity for Bumchester. Minor wikipedia updates and forum page editing. Major updates to come sometime within the next week.

10 September, 2015: GodSireine  establishes "Idle Omens" as the newest guild in Godville. The name is derived from Idle Hands (Movie) and Good Omens (Novel).


Betwixt the dawn and twilight, a prophecy was forged that speaks of the eventual end of the age of heroes. Caught up in their neverending struggles, those who served the forces of light ignored the warning signs and it was called to be false by those who bathed in their sins. That's where we, those of true chaos, come to light. We have stood by, ever idle, watching the players move their pieces and securing insignificant victories.
We are those who have stood among the shadows and bathed in the holiest lights, we just may be the last chance this world has if the prophecy comes to pass.

The Prophecy

GodIadobaoth 's earthbound angel, Anafi-el carries the only copy of a tome that contains an ever-changing script. No matter the page or paragraph read, only a few passages can ever be read before the text scrambles into an unreadable weave of shimmering ink and reforms into another line. It has been examined and studied by the sorceress, Sireine and those who worship her as a Goddess. The following are the passages that have been discovered within the tome.

  • It shall be not as it was. He shall not be as She tells, but for asThey see Him.
    • ( This was the first passage read when the Book was first given to us. Sadly, we do not understand its meaning. )
  • And when the Hunger comes, and the Twins of iron, They shall watch in vain by Its side, for It goes where Its Sovereign walks, Where One is not, neither He who It fears. And as true to Its nature, and Heaven shall flee from It.
    • ( This hunger seems to be of a living entity. We believe that these twins of irons may mean some buildings in Godville Town or Herolympus. If the passage is taken literally, this hunger is a vile thing that was abandoned by the Heavens. )
  • Some will say it comes to Godville Town, yet others shall say Los Demonos, yet they both be wrong for it shall be Vector Field and when it comes They will come upon the day like a Shadow and will divide the world unto four(4) parts giving to Him their allegiance.
    • ( The possible location of the great war, we assume it will be not far from our Lady's former house. As for the division of the world and owing of allegiance to one, we believe this will be an event easily spotted.)
  • For when a Pheonix's nest is fallen by a great Moon, the Night shall reach out to the Day and the final Hours speak, let Man know that the End has come.
    • ( Several of Godville's guilds could fit this description, such as the alliance between Blue Feather and Harvest Moon. We believe, however, that the passage describes a war between all guilds in Godville. )
  • And Four(4) shall ride, bringing the Truth, and they of Hell and Heaven ride with them. And four(4) shall be with and 4 (Four) together be one(1), and the Abyss opens as Man shall know his Own.
    • ( The repetition of numbers seem to be important. One(1), four(4) and Four(4). Of heaven and hell? Will the riders bring with them angels and demons? We regret to admit that we know not what it counts. )
  • Three(3) shall also ride between, and One(1) shall ride among ashes and rust, there be none to witness, for surely the End awakens.
    • ( Three(3) appears to join the four(4) and Four(4), and one(1) may be brought back from death? )
  • Let the wheel of Fate turn, let hearts enjoin, there be other fires than Their's and His; when the wind catches the barley fire, reach out to another for calm comes when Red and White and Black and Pale approach to deliver words written.
    • ( It appears that two faction will fight, His and Their's. Barley fields aflame? This may have something to do with Beersburg's fields. The colors may refer to the stereotype of the four(4) horsemen, but as carriers of letters? Perhaps they will deliver the remaining words of this prophecy. )
  • When Desert's dying rose inverts fate, and Madness falls from sky, let a man with bruises be upon the Hunter's bed, who comes of blood and dances with Fate yet His heart be ruin, She takes the means of life from him for to make right certain the Others they shall be, until the End that wakes has devoured.
    • ( Rose can be a woman, perhaps deathly ill? A hunter shall care for a man in turmoil? Reference to She may be the same. Another reference to Others -- who are they? )
  • When men of stupor come from the Spoon and a green man, imprisoned loyalty yet with which sparkled death together, they form from the Sky, and strikes of lightning quits the sky cast bare of gardens and rainbow, and the sunken lands rise, and the Madness runs free, when Tradeburg remembers is sin, then Three(3) cometh together and Four(4) arise, upon iron cast ride and be it that Heaven shall cry.
    • ( Drunken men and aliens? Vampires and such? Lightning quits the sky is perhaps a metaphor for the lack of divine powers? What land has sunken? What is Tradeburg's sin, and how is it connected to the Three(3) and Four(4)? )

The Guild

What is Idle Omens?

Excerpt from the Guild Handbook

Idle Omens is Godville's version of Good Omens, a novel by Neil Gaiman and Sir Terry Pratchett about the end of days. Prior knowledge of it, or having read the novel is not really a requirement, as nearly all aspects of it have been altered to fit into Godville's world. Our world is bound by the knowledge of the geography of Godville and its many NPC denizens, such as the priests, shopkeepers, and torch-carrying villagers. In fact, its those very NPCs that this guild was established to protect, from an impending doomsday that will happen. Eventually.
Until that day, we're content being considered just another guild that has been caught up in the great Rank Wars of Godville. Our members can be found engaging in duels with other Gods and Goddess of both alignments when it benefits us directly. Usually in the Arena, though few rivalries have ascended beyond the coliseum.

Joining Idle Omens is easy, but belonging requires some degree of interaction with other guild members.

  • We assume you are an alt, and if not, should know how to join guilds. For those who don't, a simple voice command of join "Idle Omens" after reaching level 12 will do the trick.
    • Issue the voice command when your hero is between fights, not in town or healing. Do not cancel your current quest, as that changes the hero(ine)'s state to returning to town, in which most, if not all, voice commands are ignored.
    • We do ask that all members add this symbol: to their mottos. References to idleness are optional, though it does make us seem more cohesive. Feel free to look at other members' mottos if you need help deciding.

Guild Hall

Io guildhall1.png
Once a splendid temple that was built by a forgotten cult to idolize the great Sorceress Sireine, this ruin is but a remnant of those days gone by. The many years of neglect have lead to the growth of gigantic trees that blanket the temple grounds in shadows, even on the brightest of days.

In its prime, the temple was a two-story complex with several basement levels developed by beings who trespassed through time. Now, it remains as a curious ruin that can be found after a short walk through some forestation just before the River Kraktor runs into Vector Field. Many of its upper levels are inaccessible due to broken ramps or damaged stairs, and only a few actual rooms seem to have remained fully intact.
Pillars and statues adorn the mossy paths, giving it an almost garden-esque look to the ruin. In the center lies a chamber that appears to have been used for ceremonies, and can be used by guild members to offer prayers to their guardian spirits.

A lower floor can be accessed from just beyond a raised, stone platform near the riverbank. At first, it appears to be no more than a dug out hallway, it connects to another stairway that is constructed from brick and mortar, though it soon turns into steel and marble. What lies beneath the ruin is a strange place that seems to have been removed from any and all eras. Several chambers resemble bedrooms from ancient times though the kitchens seem remotely modern -- designs seems to flow from every time imagined in the space beneath the temple floor, effectively creating an extensive, abandoned, living space. Illuminated by electrical lamps and fiery torches, a few rooms even resemble neo-modern - albeit bare - bathrooms. Despite the marvel of their existence, this sublevel is in a state of sad disrepair, many rooms completely bare and others are actually filled with crumbling stones and broken furniture, if not outright inaccessible due to flooding.
Another staircase can be found, designed from steel and glass, by the side of a wall near the first recreation hall, leading even deeper to an immediate door of stone and steel. It is locked and reinforced by foreign enchantments, though Sireine can be seen entering the chamber every now and again.
Io guildhall2.png

During the hours of twilight, a strange, otherworldly mist rolls in from the banks of the river and covers the entire temple. Apparitions and other spiritual beings may be seen as they wander the thin veil between death and acceptance, though they care little for the world of the living. They are actually drawn to the sound of a haunting melody that echoes from somewhere within the ruins.
At the farthest edge of the ruin, a natural pool adorned by crystalline formations in its center can be found. The immediate area surrounding the pool has been designated for in-house sparring sessions and, for now, most social gatherings.

We hope that, as our membership count grows, we may be able to restore the grounds to their former splendor ... even retaining some of the natural beauty it now possesses. As the construction begins and evolves, so too will the description of this hall.


We are one of the newer guilds in Godville and have already achieved a pretty solid rank in the Pantheon of Popularity. If you notice your hero(ine) is healing in town and you have a few influences to spare -- never use a charge -- send it their way. Every influence adds points to our overall score. See our guide on Temple Building & General Tips for more information on how to make your trip to town beneficial to you and our guild.

In keeping in spirit with the nature of those who would fight the apocalypse, we're a dark-aligned guild. Why is this? We're tempered in the absolute bedlam of Godville. After all, we're supposed to be the ones to thwart it, possibly at the last moment possible. In order to ensure that our members can over come absolute evil and good, we must become the embodiment of what they both fear: true darkness.
There's an old saying regarding the nature of the conflict that we believe in:

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

  • So what does this mean? To put it simply, we've stared into the abyss for too long and have found that it is not us who is looking into it, but are those who stare back. A soul who hungers for battle may find that they're not immune to their divine's wrath -- and they revel in it. A holy man may find that they've achieved serenity only through horrific ends.
    • Although we accept all members, we greatly encourage that ... upon joining ... you bring your hero(ine) somewhere along the path of darkness.
    • A ratio of one(1) encouragement for every three(3) punishments is encouraged, but not strictly enforced.
    • Neutral hero(ines) are welcome, but please make yourself active in the forums at least once a week. Members that are inactive for periods longer than 10 (10) days will be considered abandoned and removed from the storyline, unless arrangements have been made prior to absence.
      • If the inactive member returns, they may be placed back in the storyline at GodSireine 's discretion.

The Arena.
Members are encouraged to take part in dueling at least once per day if they are able to. For members ranked Chief Master and higher, their records directly influence our ranking in the Pantheon of Duelery. From the many battles witnessed by GodIadobaoth 's Anafi-el, here are some guidelines and tips:

  • On regular days, wait until you have 100% god power and 3 or more charges. This ensures that, no matter what special rules come into play, you'll be ready.
    • This can not be stressed enough: never enter the Arena with less than 3 charges and, after sending the hero(ine), 50% GP.
  • Let us know if you're going to the Arena! Friendly duels can take place by 'challenging' a friend, and will have no outcome on your dueling rank.
    • If you do not have a Temple, let us know in the Guild Council with the message "arena_nt" before sending your hero(ine) to the arena.
    • If you do have a finished Temple, let us know by typing in "arena_t".
    • In the event that two of our members meet in the Arena, it is up to the individuals on how they wish to proceed. It is recommended to just have a non-influence/command battle to save GP charges, but it is up to the pair dueling.
  • Pay attention to the special rules:
    • Both lose HP during round.
      • About 5-10 health is taken from both contestants per round, in addition to offensive damage. The "heal" voice command comes in handy here.
    • Influence are twice as likely to backfire.
      • Roughly 2 in 6 or so influences will effect you(your opponent if encouraging), none, or both.
    • Loser gets 3 gold bricks as a consolation prize.
      • It is tempting, especially for those who don't have a temple to try to lose these matches. While it is up to the individual, keep in mind that your opponent may be thinking the same thing.
    • Only (2) actions are allowed instead of (4).
      • If you and your opponent both are using influences, its not too bad. Otherwise, it becomes up to the Random Number God and your play style.
        • Tip: Use voice commands rather than direct influences. "Strike"/"Attack" during your turn, "Heal" or "Defend" on the opposing turn.
        • Tip: Send (1) Punish influence at the start of the battle. Use voice commands throughout until your opponent reaches ~30 health, then send a second Punish with either a "Heal" or a final "Attack" command.
    • Only (3) charges are allowed.
      This shouldn't be an issue. If it becomes an issue, use the voice command: "Pray" to recover precious GP.
    • The Judges will pray between rounds.
      • This can have its advantages and disadvantages; every round, 5-10 GP is restored. To take advantage of it, use voice commands every turn until your either about to be locked or on your last 25%.
        • GodSireine : This comes down to the type of opponent your facing. A "Light" hero(ine) may use their extra GP to heal, counter this with offensive commands. A "Dark" hero(ine) will use offensive commands, use the voice command "Heal" to counter this.
    • This fight will be twice as fast.
      • You and your opponent will attack at the same time, so defending becomes obsolete, otherwise this is a standard match.
  • Make sure you check your opponents stats. If they have won more arena matches than two (2) times their levels mean that they a. have purchased extra charges, b. only has enough to last this match, or c. possess a personal connection to the RNG. At least that's the crazy math we do around here. It may or may not be 50% accurate.
  • Sometime during the first two steps (3 entries), unless its a Prayer match, or an agreed non-influence match, restore your GP by using 1 charge.
  • Strike at them. Use your influences wisely - keep in mind that only about 1 in 6 voice commands will be heard.
    • GodSireine  and GodIadobaoth  have agreed that 'Attack like a crazy wombat' is our semi-official Arena call.
      • Strike, Smite, Kick, and Punch all work as well. But like a crazy wombat.
        • Why the wombat? Quite simply, because wombat's are one of the laziest animals known to man. No one expects a visceral strike from such a critter.
    • Remember to alternate between offensive voice commands and defensive. A well-timed heal can mean the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Never end a turn with less than 30% of your Godpower if you can avoid it.
    • The sole exception to this is if you are absolutely sure the next attack is yours and will finish off the opponent, even if they heal. Keep in mind that even if they heal on your turn, it is your strike that counts first, so if it brings them to 1 hp, you win.
      • Because of that rule, never let your health drop lower than 60 on their turn.
  • Try to be a good sport, even if you lose and now have 0 charges. Remember, the Arena is mostly luck and a basic understanding of when influences will backfire ... which can seem at random.
    • We all lose sometimes, these tips are a guide and meant to give a basic example of how to be a ruthless arena fighter. It is possible to win in the Arena using only voice commands, so finding a style that suits your tastes is, as it should be, up to you.
    • If it seems that the Random Number God is out for your soul, take a break from the Arena. There are other ways you can help our guild besides shedding the blood of others.

Now, of course, if you win ... use that 100% GP to accumulate another charge and poof: If you used all three charges, you're back to having 2 plus a free prayer in town.

Temple Building & General Tips

Other than the Arena, there are a number of ways to speed up the construction of one's personal Temple.

  • Using a divine influence when your hero(ine) possesses more than 3,000 coins can result in the melting of a brick.
    • Using this influence during the selling stage of a town visit greatly increases your chance of receiving additional gold, or another artifact if the influence fails.
    • Every town visit includes the following stages of progress (in no particular order): healing, selling, buying potions/equipment, wasting money, prayer.
      • If you return to town via a completed quest with a healing item, you may skip the healing process.
      • If you return to town with fewer that half your total maximum item capacity (how many items you can carry in your inventory), there is a high chance that your hero(ine) will skip all steps after healing.
  • Gold bricks can sometimes be found using the voice command dig.
    • It can also result in unearthing an underground boss, so be cautious. Victory ensures a large profit, but defeat means the loss of a good portion of your gold fund.
    • When you are waiting to be matched, see if any of your guild mates have enough health to join you.
    • It is advisable to only use the dig command if you have 80% of your maximum health or more.
  • Remember to vote in the Ideabox! Providing your input on content can and will make your prayers more effective, but don't just spam votes. Some of the content is actually worth upvoting, and while others are just ... well. Its a matter of taste. Don't forget to vote!


Some things shouldn't need to be said, but if we leave them unattended, there will be some one to abuse our leniency and use that exact excuse: "Well, you're rules didn't mention ..." And that's going to ruin the fun for everyone. Well, let's go over some basics:

  • Please be courteous when speaking to each other in the Guild Council or in the Forum.
    • Out right use of profanity will not be tolerated in the forum and is advised against in the Guild Council as well.
    • No derogatory terms, racial slurs, or anything that may offend some one else.
    • Courteous does not mean nice, it means respectful.
    • Non-Guild Members: Do not post at random, without regard to the current plot or location -- we respect your forums, please respect ours. If arrangements have been made with GodSireine , please disregard. However, do not lie. A simple (Hey, Sireine: QUESTION HERE) in the forums works if you have no GV invites. Some oversights will be forgiven, other's ... well. Some of our members are very peculiar about how we handle outside interference.
  • Role-playing should be done in storybook format and any out of character chat should really be delegated to PMs or to the Guild Council.
    • We use what is called the 'fade to black' for intimate scenarios, should they arise. Please keep in mind that in Godville, ages vary wildly and consent may mean that some one taking the chance of believing the other. There are other forums on the internet if you really need that kind of role-playing.
    • Please keep posting to a minimum, and be respectful that not everyone lives in the same timezone. If out of character chat becomes too frequent, offenders may be asked to leave the forum.
    • General questions should be directed at GodSireine , who asks that you be patient. If the same question is asked both in forum and as a PM, the offender will be asked to stop, calm down, and wait. Repeat offenses will be removed from the RP and possibly ignored all together.
    • For non-Guild players only: YOU DO NOT OWN THE RP. YOU DO NOT CONTROL THE RP. THERE IS NO ALL POWERFUL I DO WHATEVER I WANT RP ALLOWED. You've come across our RP and are a guest. Do not make us regret our open-door policy.

If, for any reason, you can not abide by these rules, then we're not for you. We realize that, with every internet game, there is going to be some one that ruins it. Until then, let us try to have fun. And one final, absolutely should not have to be said note: You, the human playing, have read this wiki. Not your character. If you don't know what that means, ask. If you still don't know what that means, play Godville for what it was meant to be.

The Founding

This details the coming of the first six members of Idle Omens.

The Beginning

Written by GodSireine 
I have watched the cosmos evolve, from the first star to the rise of man and other beings. In their mundane lives, there is reverie and malcontent .. but they love each other still. Long have I wondered how beings so beautifully chaotic could even possess the capacity for such empathy toward one another. Then, I saw the body of a man who was a victim of this world's hypocrisy. Perhaps I am merely the black veil of insanity. . . but I saw something absolutely perfect within the man's broken form.

This man would become the entity known as Lyonhardt - the silent knight of his dark mistress. What ever he had been was simply no more: the lady Sireine seemed to be all that he would know, and her word was law. When he woke in her derelict temple, the dark Lady wove a deceptive tale of woe and turned his trust into a creature of bloodlust. Under her guidance, the White Lion would discover pages of an ill written prophecy that would be viewed as proof that the End of Godville would be upon them. To have her champion recover from his recent loss in the Arena, Sireine directed Lyonhardt to create a Guild with the aide of another -- an earthbound Angel who seemed more desperate than the drunkards at closing time.

The Coming of the Angel

As recorded by GodIadobaoth 
Her Lord long cast from the glory of his fellowship, Anafi-el was disgraced from the choir of Onaphim and banished from the heavens to the world below. It didn't take her long to discover their first sense of companionship, but something rang false about it. Sometime after setting off on another quest, her God came to her in the form of a serpent-headed lion. This immediately struck her as hilarious, as His true form was of a lion-headed snake. He looked absolutely ridiculous and she soon found herself laughing aloud, risking her very existence. The serpent's eyes narrowed and its mouth opened to speak. Or, hiss was more accurate. Anafi-el continued to laugh as the Demiurge adjusted His form into the proper state.
The Angel looked to her Lord and stopped laughing. This meant that He actually had a friend? Couldn't be -- whoever this other Divine was, they probably felt sorry for him. Well, no use in arguing with the being that created you.
And so, it came to pass that Anafi-el became the 2nd member of Idle Omens.

Beauty Disdained

The Story of GodLurid Sin : Retired
Fed up with the abandonment of her God, the daughter of the Desert left her tribe of dark-skinned elf-kin and began to wander the land on her own. Often mistaken for a feral heroine, she found herself on the verge of death several times, though only twice more than how many heroes she struck down. For nearly four years, the elf-kin honed her skills on heroes and beasts alike, until she happened upon a young human girl engaged in conversation with the air.
Finding a strange sense of kinship with this young human, they traveled together under the watch of the Goddess, Vesania until the fateful day her own God returned. Bound in bandages and her wings ripped from her body, her Goddess was ruined by another and cast into shackles for the time she was absent from the elf-kin's life. Having already made up her mind to live on her own, the elf-kin simply passed by her former deity and continued on her way to Godville to become the 3rd member of Idle Omens, her sister following her all the while.
Kae'in may be the only member of Idle Omens who doesn't have their own divine entity, rather relies on her own lurid sins to survive.

Delirium's Sweet Child

As told by GodVesania : Retired
Where to begin with this child? She had been committed to the asylum before she was a teen, had killed her mother by the time she was released, and well on her way to a short life of crime and abandon. She dyed her hair at random, wearing mismatched eyeliner and garish outfits that were often nothing more than scraps she found in forsaken houses, or that she stole from the merchants. By the time she was an adult, Lucidea had already mastered the art of seduction ... although her victims always wound up on the wrong side of her intentions. One of these attempts at blackmail ended when she met Vesania, a being of jovial chaos. The two felt a strange kinship with each other - well, Lucidea had a voice to listen to again, and the Goddess had an amusing servant now.
It wasn't long after that she would meet with her best friend and elf sister, Kae'in on the road to Godville. Since meeting the elf, Lucidea's demeanor has become more mild, enjoying her moments of clarity and bringing a little less death when her mind abandoned her. Now, as a member of Idle Omens, Lucidea tries her very best to keep the overall mayhem and body count down.

The Relic Hunter

The Writ of GodSil3nce 
Garwyn's story is simple: he visited the Godville taverns at closing time and saw the most intriguing of artifacts left behind. Unknowing that this was actually a ploy by the Owl that kept watch over him to become part of a guild, he quickly procured the item and left the building even quicker. His life before that fateful acquisition was filled with passion and adventures, that were mostly lies and tall tales. He hadn't come across any great treasure like his forebears before him, no romantic conquests like the story of his ma and pap. His life was turning around ever since he came across an Owl that didn't make a sound. Not when flying, not when giving him almost human glares. Little did the young treasure hunter know that this Owl was a being of some mediocre power that had ulterior motives for the former background character.

The Sweetest Misery

The Dreams of GodMy Own Nightmare 
After realizing that she had given form to the shadow wight that plagued her dreams, Twila would go on to join a rather secretive organization. Due to their nature, details of her adolescence are scarce. What is known about this dark-skinned woman is that she was often seen in the company of another who seemed to be her polar opposite in both skin-tone, clothe, and demeanor. Little did she know that both the organization and her shadowy friend were remnants of a much older establishment, one from the time when magic was revered and rightly feared, not as common as man's idiocy. Receiving instruction from her order to carry out a certain mission, Twila finds herself among the ruins of one of the very same ancient cults that worshiped her wight's creator.

Members Ranks

Chief Master(s): GodSireine 
Master(s): GodIadobaoth , GodLurid Sin , GodVesania , GodSil3nce , GodMy Own Nightmare , GodShadows of Light 
Follower(s): GodGod20004rd Alt GodBlind Faith , GodHeretical God 
Fan(s): GodSyrnaeth 

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