Identified Flying Object

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Monsters of Godville
Identified Flying Object
identified volantes object
Plane Flying Past Mount Kinabalu.jpg
the identified flying object taking off
Class Graduated
Habitat Flying Object Port
Description Sometimes seen as saucers but can be differently shaped depending on the species manning it

The Identified Flying Object is known to fly above the skies of Godville and abduct animals, monsters, and sometimes even unfortunate heroes and heroines that enjoy napping by the roadside without any companions. Abducted heroes and heroines never remember the abduction because they are immediately returned due to them being unqualified for experimentation because of their low IQ.

Identified Flying Objects tend to show up when the hero or heroine displays higher-than-normal IQ for a hero or heroine. The cause of such phenomena is usually due to the influences of gods when they Encourage, Punish, use Miracle, or send a god voice to their respective champions, hence, they are mistaken for having an above average IQ when they were simply doing such acts because of their interfering deity.