Ideabox Rejector

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Monsters of Godville
Ideabox Rejector
Class Humanoid
Habitat Public Forums, Ideabox
Description Rejects all New Ideas

Ideabox Rejector is a monster that often visits the Ideabox, and, as its name suggests, downvotes every submission that is up for voting.

General Information

The Ideabox Rejector is often seen in public forums with a tablet-like device constantly tapping the screen, huddled up as if it doesn't want anyone to see what it is doing. Heroes often are quick to identify the Ideabox Rejector, which makes the monster turn of its device and recklessly attack the hero. This monster is also known to attack other monsters on sight because many of them, at one point, were Ideabox submissions that managed to get into the game. If an Ideaboxer is present, the Ideabox Rejector will immediately attack it first, since it hates new ideas. This made the Ideaboxer become critically endangered at one point many years ago, but now it has adapted and often fights between them and the Ideabox Rejector result in the Ideaboxer knocking its opponent out cold.

Ideabox Rejectors during combat often fight recklessly, but sometimes they fight dirty and even will act like cowards. Since they have a hatred for new ideas, they are not creative and can be quite predictable. And since they mostly spend their days rejecting new ideas more often than even eating, they tend to be quite skinny and very weak. Even so, they do have one power that is quite formidable: the word "No." In combat, if the hero does something the Ideabox Rejector doesn't like, which is very often the case, it will shout the word, "No," and completely undo the last action done by the hero. It may even be able to destroy equipment and weapons depending on the Ideabox Rejector's mood. But, this costs energy, and Ideabox Rejectors can only do it a few times each battle. But it isn't very creative and smart, so it uses this ability quite recklessly instead of using it strategically - for the Ideabox Rejector is too uncreative to develop strategies.



  • The word No
  • Not afraid to hurt feelings


  • Very weak
  • Not creative and cannot strategize
  • New ideas
  • Easily offended