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As Gods observe the hero day after day, he/she may start to get tired of the same Monsters, diary entries, or even Artifacts. So, to spice things up, Admins came up with the idea of a voting on new ideas that the hero can find in his life.

  • Hero must be level 3 for god to submit ideas
  • Hero must be level 15 for god to vote in the ideabox

Once an idea is submitted, it will be added to the voting queue and after a certain amount of time will appear in the ideabox. It is possible to vote for your own idea. In the ideabox, you may vote for an idea by clicking the green button yes and you may vote against it by clicking the red button no. People may vote on a certain idea for a limited amount of time. This voting session ends once a certain ratio of yes to no votes has been reached. The number of yes and no votes for an idea then appears in the 'my ingenious pieces' category (see below) and it is added to the review queue to eventually be reviewed by an admin, regardless of it's final number of yes and no votes. However, it is important to note that whether or not your idea was added to the game, if it ended it's voting session with more yes than no votes, you will gain a contribution point in the pantheon of gratitude. Your amount of contribution points may take a while to update though.

Categories in the Ideabox

  • Diary Phrase- These are suggestions about stuff that the Hero should write about in the diary. References to popular shows or books are seen here.
  • Duel Phrase- The suggestions here are specially made for duels in the Arena or skirmshes.
  • Artifacts- Ideas for new items. Many here are oxymorons (jumbo shrimp, heavy feather, dark light, etc.).
  • Equipment- Suggestions for any weapons or armor that you think would look good on the hero, not that it matters, but for imagination. Must be funny, no "Death Skull Sword of Evil", but more like "Single Speared Pitchfork" or "Chicken's Wing" or... you know... witty. Remember, this isn't Runescape or WoW.
  • An Awesome Idea- An awesome idea of yours. Suggestion for things like a new pantheon or a new game mechanic go here.
  • Questionable Content - Something already in game which you believe should be deleted or changed. Your reason may range from it being overly-offensive to incorrect reference.

My ingenious pieces

Here, you may view all your submitted ideas and their respective number of yes and no votes. If the voting session for an idea has not ended yet, there will be no indication of number of votes and you will only be able to view the number of votes for the idea in the appropriate category. Accepted ideas that have been added to the game are highlighted in blue and rejected ideas are highlighted in red. If the idea is not highlighted at all, it is still waiting to be reviewed by an admin. If your idea was rejected and you don't think it's true value was appreciated, explain it in this forum topic.

Idea Review Process

Q: I sent a couple of good ideas, but none of them were put into the game! Why?

We are getting a LOT of ideas every day. Actually, it is way more than we can read. So approving and adding ideas into the game can take a while – sometimes weeks or even months. Please be patient.

Also it worth noting that having an idea with lots of “yes” votes doesn’t guarantee that it will be added for sure. One of the main purpose of votes in the ideabox is to sort out all “bad” and “average” ideas. Remaining “good” ideas will undergo a deep “investigation”, after which “awesome” ideas that fit into our setting will find their way into the game.

Q: I found the idea I submitted some time ago in the game, but I wasn't rewarded with the gratitude points?

Ideas are submitted by many people and sometimes the same ideas are submitted more than once. We can’t warn players that an idea is a duplicate at submission time, so if you’ve seen your item in the game, but you didn’t get gratitude points for it, most likely your idea was a duplicate.

PLEASE NOTE If you submit an EXACT duplicate (punctuation, capitals and spellings count) of either your own idea which was rejected or an idea which has already been voted on, you will receive a message and your idea will NOT be submitted for voting. You will not lose an idea "point" for that day either.