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As gods observe their heroes day after day, they may start to get tired of the same Monsters, diary entries, or even Artifacts. So, to spice things up, Admins came up with the idea of a voting on new ideas that gods would like their heroes to find in their lives. These are the Ideas of gods and are submitted via the ideabox.

The Voting Process

Once an idea is submitted, it will be added to the voting queue, and after a period of time (usually less than 20 minutes) it will appear in the ideabox. It is not possible to vote for your own idea.

In the ideabox, you may vote for an idea in one of four ways:

  • by clicking the green yes button to vote it up;
  • by clicking the red no button to vote against it;
  • by clicking the dupe button to indicate that it's a duplicate of content that is already in the game; or
  • by clicking the square to the right of the idea to flag as inappropriate content.

(Note: the introduction of the "dupe" and "flag" options is designed to provide authors better feedback, so that they have a better idea as to why an idea was voted down.)

Voting starts with the first-tier community voting process. People may vote on a certain idea for a limited amount of time. This voting session ends once a certain ratio of yes to no votes has been reached. The number of yes and no votes for an idea then appears in the 'my ingenious pieces' category (see below). Depending on the type of idea, if an idea gets at least 50 "yes" votes, it gets moved into the Enhancement Room (ER) – a special place where designated community members are able to review it more carefully and possibly enhance it by adding some finishing touches (see below for the detailed process). After that, each idea (whether it passes through the ER or not) is added to the review queue to eventually be reviewed by an admin, regardless of its final number of yes and no votes. If it is added to the game, you will gain a contribution point in the Pantheon of gratitude. Your amount of contribution points may take a while to update though since they have to be manually added by the admin.

The Enhancement Room (ER)

The ER is a special place for proven Godville community members to tweak and enhance the most promising content submissions that have passed through the first round of voting. It is aimed at drastically shortening the time required to get good and great ideas into the game. Hopefully, further careful reviews and the ability to tweak ideas into a ready-to-add form will shorten the review queue and speed up the whole process for both players and authors![1]

ER is thus:

  • a tool for the active Godville community members to speed up the ideas review process
  • a way to pick up the best gems among Ideabox submissions
  • a way to tweak good and nearly good ideas into really great ones
  • a way to convert promising submissions into ready-for-the-game form

As of its original introduction in November 2011[2], ER is open for new Monster and Artifact submissions and available in the desktop version of the Ideabox under the section for regular voting (ER is not displayed in the “mobile” version of the Ideabox). Subsequent updates added Quests and Equipment to the list of ER-enabled idea categories.

ER process

If an idea gets at least 50 up-votes in the first-tier community voting process, it gets moved into the ER. Each ER review lasts 24 hours. During the process each player eligible for ER access can do the following:

  • Mark an idea as “ready” for the game – this should be used if the idea (or its variant) is already awesome and should be added into the game in its current form without any further changes (make sure to read the confirmation popup message with examples of how this submission will actually look in the game).
  • Submit a correction for an idea – this should be used only if the original idea is good enough, but could be made even better with a slight modification.
  • Re-cast your vote for an alternate variant – each player is allowed to cast only one vote per an idea and all its corrections, so if someone offers a better version, your vote can be moved the other variant.
  • If an idea is not interesting or not worth improving, it’s better to just ignore it. It will disappear automatically 24 hours after reaching the ER.

What happens after ER?

After 24 hours of ER review, an idea is moved to idea purgatory (also known as the review queue), where it will wait for the final decision from the Godville devs (who plan to check up on them every couple of weeks). If an idea (and all its variations) got more than several “ready” votes (exact number varies) – the admin will have a look at it, and if it instantly clicks as “awesome” to them they’ll add it to the game right away. Otherwise the idea goes to the place of no return.

A few tips for ER reviewers

  • Please offer a correction (or vote) only if you strongly like the idea and really want to see it added into the game.
  • All good ideas that you vote as “ready” should be in the form that allows for fast addition into the game without any corrections from our side (e.g. monster names should start with a capital letter and be in male gender, etc). The requirements for a given ideabox section can be found at the top of the page and in the confirmation popup message when you vote/correct the idea in the ER. Please pay attention to the confirmation message, as it greatly improves chances for a good idea to actually get into the game.
  • You don’t have to police ideabox submissions constantly. There should be enough reviewers to do it all without putting big pressure on a single person.
  • Don’t try to fix every single submission or get maximum out of it, especially if you didn’t really like the original variant in first place. Turning an idea into something completely different and unrelated is not the purpose of the ER.
  • Remember, the goal is not to increase the overall idea acceptance rate close to 100%. The goal of the ER is to find good and promising ideas among all of the submissions and quickly get them into the game (while crediting their authors).

Idea Quality Points (IQ points)

Each player has a certain number of IQ points which changes in response to their actions in the ideabox. Access to various features of the Ideabox is granted based on the number of points in the Ideas Quality (IQ) meter. This number ought to (very subjectively) represent the quality of prior submissions and other game-content related activities of a player. The current value of the IQ points is displayed at the bottom of the Ideabox page.

Ideabox access levels

Various Ideabox features are available upon reaching a certain number of IQ points:

  • >= 70 points: full access to the ER (submit new corrections and vote for existing ones)
  • >= 10 points: report offensive ideabox submissions (flag symbol at the right)
  • <= -4 points: submission limit is set to one idea per day
  • <= -10 points: normal voting rights for ideas are revoked
  • <= -15 points: ideabox is closed for new content submissions

How do IQ points change?

  • +7 points to the author if his content idea (or its variant) gets approved and included into the game
  • +3 points to a reviewer who offered a correction that got the idea approved and added to game (author still gets his +7 points)
  • +1 point when a grammar correction is approved
  • -1 point to the author if an idea gets less than 2 upvotes in the first-tier voting process and its author has <= 0 IQ points (these authors are strongly advised to spend more time on their submissions in order to prevent them from falling off even deeper)
  • -7 points to the idea’s author if the idea was reported as offensive/inappropriate and this report was approved as a valid one (on the other hand, false reports may lead to a decrease of the IQ points for the reportee)
  • -5x points (x varies depending on the extremity of a case) to the offender, if the Ideabox or ER are used for reasons not directly related to improving content submissions (e.g. chat, flood, guild wars, etc). Unlike gratitude points, IQ points can and will be subtracted without prior notice if one tries to somehow game the system (e.g. by upvoting ideas based on their authors and not their content).

Note: To establish a baseline, at the time of ER establishment, IQ points for all players were set based on their prior accomplishments (+7 points for every approved content idea, +1 point for every approved correction).

Uses of IQ points

Two things are decided by a player's IQ points:

  • Voting power

Each player's voting power (for community voting; doesn't apply for ER votes) is calculated as:


However, voting power cannot exceed 3.

  • Idea Submission Quota

This quota is the number which describes how many ideas you may submit once every 24 hours. The daily idea submission limit is calculated as:



  • P = IQ points
  • L = Level of hero

OLD submission quota

(This is legacy content for comparison/reference only; as of November 2011 it no longer applies.)

Your individual quota is decided by a formula which is disclosed in the official FAQ of the Russian Godville. This is the formula:



Categories in the Ideabox

  • Diary Phrase: These are suggestions about stuff that the Hero should write about in the diary.
  • Duel Phrase: The suggestions here are specially made for duels in the Arena or skirmshes.
  • Artifacts: Ideas for new items. Many here are oxymorons (jumbo shrimp, heavy feather, dark light, etc.) or before-and-after type items (e.g. square root of all evil).
  • Equipment: Suggestions for any weapons or armor that you think would look good on the hero...not that it matters, but for imagination. Must be funny, no "Death Skull Sword of Evil", but more like "Single Speared Pitchfork" or "Chicken's Wing" or... you know... witty. Remember, this isn't Runescape or WoW.
  • An Awesome Idea: An awesome idea of yours. Suggestion for things like a new pantheon or a new game mechanic go here.
  • Questionable Content: Something already in game which you believe should be deleted or changed. Your reason may range from it being overly-offensive to an incorrect reference.

My ingenious pieces

Here, you may view all your submitted ideas and their respective number of yes and no votes. If the voting session for an idea has not ended yet, there will be no indication of number of votes and you will only be able to view the number of votes for the idea in the appropriate category. Accepted ideas that have been added to the game are highlighted in blue and rejected ideas are highlighted in red. If the idea is not highlighted at all, it is still waiting to be reviewed by an admin. If your idea was rejected and you don't think its true value was appreciated, explain it in this forum topic.

Feel free to complain if one of your ideas isn't accepted...


If you want to include the hero's name, pet's name or other text that changes depending on circumstances, use these variables. Variables are enclosed in percent signs and the game will fill in the correct string of text when it encounters one (for example, the current monster being fought will appear in place of %monster%). This list is adapted from the ideabox page.

Details of the hero

  • %hero_name% — hero's name
  • %motto% — hero's motto
  • %hero_guild% — name of the hero's guild
  • %hero_equipment% — a random piece of the hero's equipment
  • %hero_random_item% — an item from the hero's inventory
  • %hero_random_skill% — a random skill of the hero
  • %pet_name% — the name of the hero's pet
  • %pet_class% — the species of the hero's pet
  • %random_friend% — the name of some friend-hero nearby
  • %rg% — generic name of the god, e.g. "Almighty" or "Great One"

Variations for gender

  • {his|her} - hero gender variation ("The mayor said I looked like a strapping {lad|lass}.")
  • {his|||her} - god gender variation ("I'm cold, my {Lord|||Lady}!")

Things around the hero

  • %current_quest% — the name of the current quest
  • %current_town% — the name of the town where the hero is at now
  • %nearby_town% — a name of the town near the hero
  • %monster% — the monster hero is currently interacting with
  • %gold% — gold coins spent/gained by the hero

Random variables

  • %random_guild% — name of a random guild
  • %random_skill% — some random skill
  • %random_item% — some random artifact name
  • %random_quest% — a name of some random quest
  • %random_town% — a name of some random town
  • %random_hero% — the name of some random hero nearby
  • %random_monster% - the name of some random monster
  • %some_territory% — the name of some random location
  • %artifact_base% — artifact name without an article

If you need a variable not on this list

  • %v% — a generic placeholder-variable for something that is not in this list (make sure to describe what your variable does in the comment section)

Admin Idea Review Process

Q: I sent a couple of good ideas, but none of them were put into the game! Why?

We are getting a LOT of ideas every day. Actually, it is way more than we can read. So approving and adding ideas into the game can take a while – sometimes weeks or even months. Please be patient.

Also it is worth noting that having an idea with lots of “yes” votes doesn’t guarantee that it will be added for sure. One of the main purpose of votes in the ideabox is to sort out all “bad” and “average” ideas. Remaining “good” ideas will undergo a deep “investigation”, after which “awesome” ideas that fit into our setting will find their way into the game.

Q: I found the idea I submitted some time ago in the game, but I wasn't rewarded with the gratitude points. Why not?

Ideas are submitted by many people and sometimes the same ideas are submitted more than once. We can’t always warn players that an idea is a duplicate at submission time, so if you’ve seen your item in the game but didn’t get gratitude points for it, most likely your idea was a duplicate.

Note: If you submit an exact duplicate (punctuation, capitals and spelling all count) of either your own idea which was rejected or an idea which has already been voted upon, you will receive a message and your idea will not be submitted for voting. You will not lose an idea "point" for that day either.


  1. The introduction of the Enhancement Room was announced in blog post 50, titled "Ideabox 2.0."
  2. A detailed description of the ER was provided in this forum thread