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===Junior Members Committee===
===Junior Members Committee===

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  • Congratulations to our new Guild Leader, GodUniqua  !!!
  • Most importantly, join us in the guild council and forums

Motto: "I am... Where's my beer?"
Alignment: Bright
Totem Monster: Atomic Kitten
High-level Rank: ancient
Gold Fund: 26--- c.u.
Leader: GodUniqua 
Date Founded: Autumn of 2011
Membership Count: 40
Forum Headquarters: I AM
Guild Page: I AM 
Data current as of Yesterday

Once upon a beer there was a hero propping up a barstool in Los Demonos. He had downed his fiftieth pint at which point the bartender sought payment. "Put it on my tab" the hero replied and staggered towards the exit.

A depiction of our esteemed founder saying 'I am...'

"Hey, who are you and what's your guild?" the barman asked. The hero turned in more than one unfluid motion and managed to slur "I am... " before his answer was cut off by a nearby table that broke his fall, what was left of his pride and his ability to remain conscious. The barman registered the name and thereupon the I Am guild was born.

A few fellow intoxicants at the bar witnessed the display and were rather taken with the hero's performance. When the hero awoke he discovered he had a following and a more sustainable bar tab. Before long, news emerged from Los Demonos of an arcane, existential cult the foundation of which was the examination of the very essence of being. Many joined the guild seeking answers to what was not even a question: the answer to "I am".

A Short Inventive, Abstract and Misleading History

Pre-Leader Era

As the guild grew in numbers, so did the bar tab. While some members were able to contribute a substantial amount of money, most of the new recruits were destitute. They joined under the impression that they will always get free beer at the bars without any nominal provision on their part. Due to this crisis, the older and richer members of the informal guild decided it was time to pick a leader, who will also suffer the balance of the bill. Through much debate and pointing fingers, I am gamer was chosen as the new leader.

I Am Gamer Era

The newly elected and esteemed founder of ‘I Am’ started his term by doing something no other elected official has done before, by keeping his promise. Granted he didn’t do it willingly (the elders had to subdue him while they took his gold to the bartender and pocketed some in the process), but he did it nonetheless.

The Guild HQ after the fire

With disaster averted, the guild continued on partying heavily. Until one fateful day when the bartender said, “Who’s gonna pay for the tab?”. Everyone looked at I am gamer, and all he could do was show them his empty gold pouch. After an awfully long and awkward silence, sheer fear and panic took over. Everyone scrambled to get out of there with their pouches clutched tightly in hand. The barman took I am gamer hostage until the elders pitched in and paid for the bill.

Because of this an emergency meeting with all the members was held at the then guild headquarters, the back alley of (censored) bar. While all records of the meeting was destroyed by a fire from a rogue firefox, everyone who was present there agreed that the bulk of the meeting was dedicated to creating the first “I am” codex. Which, unfortunately, was also destroyed by the fire. The only other purpose of the meeting was to ask everyone for an undisclosed amount of gold to start the official guild fund of I am that also served as a membership fee. Everyone who refused to give gold was removed from the unofficial membership list of ‘I am’, also known as the ‘bartab’.

JKing1247 Era

The second unfortunate soul to ever lead this guild was JKing1247 simply because he drew the shortest straw. The only notable thing he ever did was make sure we never run out of gold for our beer fund. And also, under his leadership, all rumors running around regarding the constant inebriation of our guild members (which is actually mostly true) were stopped, the current guild headquarters was established, discounts from favorite local pubs were negotiated and the guild qualified for our very own high-level rank by coordinating the very first Beerfest celebrated throughout Godville yet was actually held at Los Demonos at the very pub from which our beloved guild was born!

ThatGuyCalledDJ Era

The third leader of our beloved guild had a lot tricks under his sleeve. Elected through popular demand, his first act as leader was, setting the new high-level rank to ‘ancient’. A lot of people thought they were beng insulted as ‘too old’, hence the title ‘ancient’, which caused extreme violent reactions resulting into endless bar fights, high monsters killed rate and high aggression rate in the arena. However, after being bribed with free beer paid for by the guild fund, members grew to accept the title. It is not known who originally proposed this moniker, yet is is widely believed that the person was actually calling ThatGuyCalledDJ ancient and not giving suggestions for the high-rank title.

Other notable deeds by this leader include qualifying the guild for setting a guild totem, creating the 2.0 version of the “I am” codex, Finishing construction of the guild headquarters, hiring better doctors at a fraction of the price for the guild, bulk buying 'I am' t-shirts, tagging them as 'limited edition' and selling them at double the amount and posting our very own bulletin board in the Hall of Guilds, though it was taken down by security a few hours later and the guild received a written warning.

Uniqua Era

Out of all the leaders of 'I Am', Uniqua was the only one elected through an effective and efficient voting system. A new election method was put in place thanks to his, Gubnait, Iron Dog and Lohikaarme's efforts among others. The short of it was they replaced the old council (winning by most beer consumed) and decided on a more democratic approach to the guild election process. A qualifying procedure along with several measures were also put in place to ensure that whoever was elected won't just waste the guild fund and go AWOL but will do the job. Obviously those measures were successful since we had the wealthiest member as the leader.

Anyway, Uniqua started his term like all the other leaders before him (Except I am gamer), by treating the whole guild to a party!! The only difference is that when the morning after came, a document was found, signed xxx and sealed with a kiss, decreeing that the monster ‘Atomic Kitten’ will be the official guild totem of 'I am'. Nobody ever found out how this came to be since everyone at that party was hammered out of their minds, yet the new council has verified the document's validity by examining the lipstick used to kiss the document. For safety reasons, the identity of the kisser remains undisclosed. Even now the tavern owner is still looking for his daughter's lover that night.

The Inconsequential, Arbitrary and Mythical Guild Artifacts

The Original 'I AM' Bar Tab

The Original "I Am" Bar Tab

The original 'I Am' bar tab is, arguably, the thing that put everything in motion. It is, therefore, only natural for it's members to consider this bar tab as the guilds' holy scripture. Some members go so far as to worship this text, always looking to it for guidance when ordering drinks at taverns or using it as basis as to figure out how much gold they will need before going to a tavern. Many people believe this to be simply because of all heroes inability to decide for themselves. Some believe members are using it as an excuse to be drunk all the time. In rare cases, some members were heard saying that drinking everything listed in the original tab will enable them to go beyond hero capability and find the answer to the mysterious "I am...", although this is yet to be proven and should not be tried at home.

However, this bar tab is technically not the complete original bar tab. Because of the insatiable appetite of our esteemed founder, the original bar tab actually consisted of somewhere between 5 to 8 pages, yet only the first page was ever recovered. It is not known if it was stolen, used as a shopping list or inventory list, or was thought as garbage and disposed of accordingly. Some believe that restoring all pages of the Original Bar Tab will reveal the answer to "I am...".

Since the original bar tab has been donated to the guild council for safekeeping, the stinky cave keeps a separate book that serves as the "I Am" bar tab. It can be found encased in metal and on display at the current "I Am" Guild Headquarters, somewhere in the wilderness of Godville, where the rogue firefox can't find it.

'I AM' Codex

A drunk sketch of the 'I am' Codex

The 'I AM' Codex contains all rules, decrees, rituals, traditions and member complaints of the guild "I AM". It was first created during the very first meeting between all members, including our esteemed founder and the old council. It is said that there were over 500 pages in the codex, almost half of which were written by over 20 scribes while the other half were all member complaints. Now, nobody knows what exactly was written in the codex, yet one of the scribes said that it was a really compressed and rich text, in that for every page, they had to write everything they hear from all members speaking at the same time. It is also why the writing technique they used incorporated a lot of overwriting previous texts over and over again. Hence making decoding it by people not present at the meeting close to impossible, which is irrelevant now as the original codex was consumed in the fire.

The second version was created during the reign of guild leader ThatGuyCalledDJ. This version excluded all guild member complaints, and contains only 220 pages. This version is what is widely used today as the guide and rulebook of the guild. Everything that was ever important to the guild is written here, except the actual history of the guild. Examples of texts written here are the 11 commandments of "I AM...", the guild oath, the membership process and the 'How to be a Guild Leader' guide.

The Shortest Straw

The Shortest Straw beside other straws

Guild Leader JKing1247 was elected because of the shortest straw. It was considered unlucky at the time, since the Guild Leader still carries the burden of the excess bill. That same day, a few members had unfortunate accidents of slipping and hurting themselves upon stepping on the said straw. Drunkenness aside, people thought the shortest straw must be cursed. Since then, it was considered unlucky to look at, let alone touch, the shortest straw. As time passed, the curse got stronger and the stories got wilder. It stayed on the tavern floor until the tavern owner has had enough and gave JKing1247 the quest of breaking the curse of the shortest straw since he threw it there in the first place.

JKing1247 valiantly accepted the quest. After losing his way a couple of times, he took the straw to his temple and there it was exorcised. Afterwards, each of the old council took it to their temples to have it blessed, then it went on tour to all temples of guild members and the cursed shortest straw was thereafter baptized as The Shortest Straw of 'I Am'.

Today, it is considered the luckiest charm of the guild 'I Am'. Guild members often touch it with their fingers or smell it for good luck along with the blessings of all guild gods combined. Some even go so far as to kiss it, even though it's never been washed. Some even claimed feeling a burst of good luck upon touching the straw which made them invincible, similar to the aura of bliss.

New guild recruits can apply to have it blessed when their gods temples are completed. No non-guild member has ever been recorded to have felt the blessings of this artifact, yet one can see it at the current "I Am" Guild Headquarters.

Lipstick Decree

The Lipstick Decree

The celebration party for Guild leader Uniquas' election yielded one historical document that will go down in history as the most controversial document in the guild, 'I Am'. Due to the intoxication of all members and the crazy party that followed, no one knows exactly how this decree came to be. According to some attendees, they don't even remember voting for a new guild leader in the first place.

It stirred a lot of violent reactions, uncontrollable puking and unbearable headache when the morning after came. Some say no such thing happened, even though the tavern owner said he saw it happen. Some even stated they don't even know what an atomic kitten is or who Uniqua was. Yet the most bizzare thing about this document was the way it was sealed, with a kiss, using lipstick. Most take it as confirmation that the whole thing was fake. According to them no one in their right mind, no matter how drunk or stupid, would kiss a piece of paper. At least not while the tavern owners daughter was there.

Because of the audacity of Uniqua and the council, they were able to determine that the lipstick used was from the tavern owners daughter. Further investigation resulted in finding a match for the lips that did the kissing. The kisser, whose identity has been concealed for his or her safety, have no remembrance whatsoever of the kissing that happened, either of the document or of the tavern owners' daughter. Even in light of this information, the council decided to execute the decree and soberly appointed Atomic Kitten as the Guild Totem.

The document can be found on display, between the pages of the 'I Am' codex, at the guild headquarters.

The Irregular, Amusing and Minor Rituals and Traditions of I AM

How to Join I AM

According to tradition, to be accepted in the guild, one must go to the birthplace of "I Am", the Stinky Cave in Los Demonos. Once there, the hopeful must order and drink beer until drunk enough to do the drunken style technique, but not too drunk that he's slurring his speech. If he slur his speech, he will be considered not strong enough to learn the secrets of "I am...".

The hopeful must tell the bar man, "I am..." (which is where the not slurring of speech becomes important). The bar man will then ask for the hopefuls' name and drunk signature on their books under the "I AM" bar tab along with the membership fee of undisclosed amount. The name must be legible enough that the guild leader can read it, which is not often the case. For this reason, a lot of hopefuls end up rewriting their name in the bar tab once they are sober enough.

Due to the idleness of the guild council, the bar tab also serves as the official guild membership list of "I Am". Since the original bar tab has been donated to the guild council for safekeeping, the stinky cave keeps a separate book that serves as the "I Am" bar tab.

The Non-existent Initiation Ritual

All hopefuls who were able to write legibly in the I AM bar tab is automatically accepted in the guild. I AM believes in the acceptance of all who are strong enough to learn it's secrets. It is the very value on which our beloved guild was founded on. As to it's secrets, no one knows anyone who knows what they are. They're secret.

The "I AM" Guild Oath

Once a hopeful successfully writes his name in the I AM bar tab, he must wait for the guild leader or any of the council members to arrive for the oath taking. All hopefuls are called at once and are asked, "Are you sure this is really what you want?", if the hopefuls say yes, they are given a mugful of beer and are asked to recite these words while drinking the beer.

“I, (name), hereby pledge my allegiance and fidelity to I AM. I will uphold, respect, and adhere to all the guilds’ values and traditions, as set forth by its’ creator and his god who was so brave that even their names rang out that they were unafraid to be themselves. I will be brave of heart and true of mind. I will believe in myself and my abilities. I am… I AM”

Please note that the hopeful must say their name in place of (name) and not say the word "name". For example, if their name is EJ Rose, they must say "I, EJ Rose," and not "I, name". This blunder is more common than many care to admit.

The 11 Commandments of I AM

The 11 Commandments of I AM are the original laws given by the first elders of I AM, before the time of guild leaders and councils. These commandments are what they give to new recruits who keep asking to join the then informal guild. Each of the first 11 members, including I am gamer, contributed one commandment each. It is said that I am gamer scribed it himself. The identity of the other 10 elders were lost in the fire with the destruction of the original document in the I am Codex.

  1. I AM... Where's my beer?
  2. I AM not your mother!
  3. I AM going to treat my elders to a round of beer! on me!
  4. I AM gonna write this in my diary!!
  5. huh? What d'ya say?
  7. I AM drunk out of my mind!
  8. I AM not gonna let you die, Boo!
  9. I AM not sure what to say...
  10. I AM going to do my quest after I finish this beer
  11. I AM not ugly

The first commandment is considered to be the most important, not only because it implies the need for more beer, but because it is said that it holds the secret of "I am...". Which beer the founder was asking for no one knows. A lot of people have long thought that this phrase is actually the key to the cipher which is the original bar tab, yet experts have concluded that it shows nothing more than I am gamer's insatiable appetite for alcohol. Today, it is considered by guild members as the official motto of I AM.

As for the eight commandment, Nobody knows who Boo is. Many thought that it must be the elder's wife or lover, yet after investigating the matter, Boo is actually the pet of the elder. The investigation also showed that Boo is the rogue firefox that burned down the first guild headquarters. Because of this, Boo became a famous name for heroes to name their pets while guild members tend to distrust heroes with pets named Boo. The name Boo is also the only name in the 'banned from admittance list' in the guild headquarters.

The Incompetent, Apathetic and Misguided Guild Members

First Elders

The First Elders are the very people who started the movement which later became the I AM guild. These heroes are those that witnessed first-hand the birth of I am and have decided to follow what I am gamer inadvertently started. These heroes, including I am gamer, comprise the very first elders of I AM. They were the source of all rumors and theories about the then cult movement that spread like wildfire and spurred the growth of I AM. They are also the source of the 11 Commandments of I AM, considered to be the golden rule by all members of the guild. Their identities and contributions were written in detail in the first I AM Codex. After the fire, all these information were lost to history.

Old Council

The old council was the very first council created during the reign of I am gamer. By default, the council included all the first elders and other notable heroes who contributed to the continuous growth and promotion of I AM. Unfortunately this council was overthrown towards the end of the reign of ThatGuyCalledDJ and before Uniqua was elected. Because of the shame and dishonor of losing by quantity of beer consumed, the new council saw it fit to not rub it in their faces by keeping their name out of all official documents and hiding their identity from prying eyes and nosy chroniclers.

New Council

The New Council by default is comprised of all those that won the beer contest against the old council. In addition to those winners, they have decreed that all active members of the guild council are qualified to join the council. All they need to do is write their name, the council position they want and the responsibilities that the position entails. This way, everyone can do what they want and avoid tasks that they don't want. Currently, the new council is comprised of the following members:

GodGubnait   - Magical Beasts Steward - The Magical Beasts Steward is responsible for the care of the Guild’s stable of magical monsters including training,feeding and the regulation of alcoholic intake.

GodLohikaarme   - Bier Steward - The guild’s Bier Steward is charged with several jobs, the most important of which is to make sure there is enough alcohol to go ‘round. Only slightly less important than that is ensuring that the guild leader does not get bored with any of the alcohols or beers at hand. They are also charged with hunting down new brews and recipes and with keeping the guild’s mugs in good working condition.

GodEJ Rose   - Archives Preserver and Records Chronicler – The archives preserver and records chronicler is tasked with taking care of all the surviving official documents of I AM and the creation of subsequent documents. Any loss of important document of I AM is punishable by death or banishment from the guild. If the Chronicler is also the guild leader then this punishment does not apply. The most important task of the Chronicler is to make sure no rogue firefox gets inside the guild headquarters, lest another fire consumes it. The Chronicler must be able to write legibly even in their most drunken state.

GodUniqua   - Maester of the Bar Wench Compendium - The Maester of the Bar Wench Compendium's job is to maintain good relations with all the help staff at our most trusted establishments. Part of the Maester's job is to check the quality of service that guild members receive in these establishments. Those that are subpar, risk the full force of an I Am guild party. the threat of this is enough to deter most establishments, for an I Am party involves every debauchery and asinine idea being fully encouraged and carried out. No one wants another unfortunate incident that befell that one reputable establishment in San Satanos. I AM categorically denies any such event took place.

GodThe mighty Guide  - Internal Vocal Advisor Newcomer - The Internal Vocal Advisor can give some useful advice depending on the situation, whether it's this world or another (Sanity not included). Verbal stream and language varies from person to person. Your mind is your phone. To contact, dial 1-800-INNER-VOICE-HELP in your mind phone.

Please note that not all active members are listed or included in the council. Only those who accept the responsibilities that come with the positions are accepted in the council. Why some active members elected to stay out of the council, nobody knows. Some speculate they can't handle the pressure of having such an elevated position in the guild. Others say that they prefer the anonymity and mystery of just being an active member. Whatever the reason, the new council has decided to keep those members' name out of the front page, and take all the fame and glory for themselves.

The Ancients

These are the oldest and most respected members of the guild I Am. They have been with the guild for so long that nobody remembers a time when they weren't there. They are the ones that members look to for old-age wisdom and "In the olden days" anecdotes. They are often found in the guild lounge and library reminiscing the ancient days.

Junior Members Committee

The Junior Members Committee is a subdivision of the New Council comprised of newly initiated members of I AM. The New Council is training these active newbies in different council positions until such time that they master the skills and requirements needed. Specifically until they achieve the rank of Cardinal in the guild, on which day they will be moved from the Committee into the New Council. Many believe this to be a great initiative in order to recognize the young members of the guild. Others say that the only reason the New Council started this Committee is because they are afraid of being challenged and losing in a Beer Drinking Contest.

Any guild members who has not achieved the rank of Cardinal is eligible. The only requirement is to be active in the Guild Council. If one is interested, they must send their name, position they want and the corresponding job description to the proper authorities, i.e. the New Council. If a member is interested yet have no idea of the position they could take, they must contact the current Records Chronicler to find position openings. These are the current members of the Junior Members Committee:

GodAleksis69  - Protege Connoisseur of Prolix Blather - The Connoisseur of Prolix Blather is the leading expert when it comes to news about nothing and everything. Their tasks includes informing all guild members of important announcements from it’s leaders, particularly of parties and celebrations, spreading good rumors about the guild’s benefits and leaders and spying on other guilds to acquire new gossips information about anything. Both stealth and talkativeness is required for this job. They must be able to gain great influence for the guild wherever town they’re in. The protege connoisseur must master all these things before she can be called a true Connoisseur of Prolix Blather.

GodXtraktor  - Prospect of Obvious – The Master of Obvious is the best source and authority when it comes to making obvious observations. Some of his job includes pointing out the obvious to oblivious heroes and teaching them how to spot the obvious. The Master of Obvious must have full knowledge and command of truism, cliche and axiom statements. He must also be able to observe, without fail, all the obvious implications of any given situation, no matter the pressure and awkwardness involved.

Please note that as with the New Council, not all new active members are included in the committee. Only those that accept the responsibility and the job it entails are accepted in the Committee. Some active members actively refuse to join and no one knows why. Not even themselves.

Questions and Answers

Important.pngBeware! Entering a Serious Section! For Gods only!
This section is the FAQ regarding the game for new gods in the guild I AM. Please do not edit anything without express permission from the Council Members of I AM. Unless you are a council member in which case edit to your heart's content

How can I make my hero join and stay in the guild?

How to join the guild

To join the guild, simply send this voice command to your hero - Join "I am" guild. Your hero will receive a quest to join I AM and he/she will go to the Stinky Cave Tavern in Los Demonos to start the membership process. The duration may vary from a few hours to a few days, depending on your current level.

How to stay in the guild

Once in a while, your hero will receive a quest to join another guild. You may stop them by sending an abandon/cancel/stop quest voice command. e.g. "ABANDON YOUR QUEST, you stupid human! You're USELESS!!" or "My Champion, you must stop that quest. I love you but I do not approve...".

Notey.png NOTES:

  • Only send the voice command if your hero is idle. They will not listen to any command if they are fighting, trading, healing or in town.
  • Do not cancel your current quest first. The hero will automatically abandon it once they listen to the voice command.
  • Make sure that the guild name is in quotations. This removes any confusion as to which guild they are told to join.
  • When cancelling a quest, make sure the word quest is included. Simply saying stop/cancel/abandon is not enough.
  • Achieving the rank of Cardinal in the guild will stop your hero from receiving quests to join another guild.
  • Make sure to check out the Guilds page and the Voice of God page for other information.

What is the use of joining the I AM guild?

Hero Benefits

There are several benefits that a hero can get if they decide to join a guild. Some of those benefits are a longer beer credit, sometimes paid for by the guild, free shelter for homeless heroes and additional blessings from the shortest straw. But a god doesn't care about any of these. Here are the most practical ones (the ones that gods do care about):
  1. Access and discounts from Guild doctors
  2. Free items or gold from partner establishments
  3. Discounts when buying items from partner traders

God Benefits

It's not just heroes that get benefits from joining a guild. Gods get benefits too. There are two main benefits a god may receive upon joining a guild.
  1. Socialize with other gods
    This one may seem simple or even useless, but is actually really important for gods. Gods are social creatures. They need to socialize with others in order not to feel lonely and decide to leave the world of Godville for good. Since heroes are not really fit to be companions to the gods, gods must socialize with those that understand them, other gods. Still not convinced? Imagine you are having problems with your hero because he's not healing his pet even though he already has more than enough money. You will have no one to cry to or complain to when you lose you do lose your pet. Other gods can give you solace, encouragement and reassurance that things will be better for you and your hero. And that there are a lot of pets out there even though you will need to start at the beginning again and you won't be getting that animalist medal any time soon.
  2. Assistance from older gods
    Aside from reassurances and encouragements, it is wise to have contact with older gods who have experienced those things before you. They will be able to give you useful tips and suggestions on how to make your stupid hero heal his pet and not waste money. And it's not just for pets. It's for anything that you can think of. It is always an advantage when you can ask people for information because sometimes, the best advice are those that are lived, not written. Of course, once you are experienced enough and have developed your own strategies and shortcuts, it is only fair that you do as what was done to you. Help others who are younger and newer than you. Sharing is, after all, one of the cornerstones on which Godville was built.

Notey.png NOTES:

  • Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have in the guild council. We do not bite. - EJ Rose, current guild leader.
  • The God Benefits is guaranteed only for the guild I AM. We do not claim this to be the case for all guilds in Godville.
  • Make sure to check out the guilds page for other information.

What are pets and what are they for?

Pets are traveling companions to our solitary heroes that they may acquire once they reach level 18. A message will be sent to the god once a hero becomes eligible for acquiring a pet.

Benefits of having Pets

Pets have a number of effects to the lives of your hero. Depending on the type of pet your hero acquires, they may have special attributes that other pets do not possess like the Vengeful Mole's ability to reveal points of interest in the dungeon (See Pets page for other types of pets). Though most of them are helpful, some of them can be a disadvantage to your hero. Here are some of the proven effects a pet can have on your hero.
  • Attack during fights. Occasionally a pet may choose to help your hero during fights. There are several ways they can do this, the point is they help deal damage to the enemy.
  • Sometimes will dig up gold or artifacts, possibly even golden bricks. When a pet is too restless, they sometimes put their pent up energy into digging whatever soil or concrete they are currently standing on. This can lead to unearthing hidden treasures that they will surrender to their heroes.
  • Pets that have special features will also have special effects. The most common is the rideable feature that will help your hero travel faster. Others are dungeon-ability that will help heroes when they enter the dungeons (See Pets page for types of pets and their features).
  • Will intimidate traders for discounts. Traders are easily scared of pets and will almost always give more than usual for the heroes artifacts. Although this seldom happens when buying equipments, it will still give a small boost on the hero's pockets.

Notey.png NOTES:

  • There are other effects that a god may noticed in a heroes diary. But since those effects may be for cosmetic purposes and not entirely because of having the pet, we saw fit to exclude those here.
  • Having a pet level up to 30 will unlock the animalist medal.
  • Unlike heroes, gods can't influence pets.
  • Make sure to check out the Pets page for other information.

How do I know if my pet is knocked out and how do I heal it?

First off, you must understand that in the world of Godville, pets DO NOT die. However, pets can be knocked out or rendered unconscious from saving your hero from a lethal blow from a monster. There are two ways to check if your pet has been knocked out:

  • The easiest and most simple way is to find a diary entry that says your pet has been knocked out and your hero only has a limited time to resurrect him. This can be found either in the actual diary or in the Third Eye. Here is an example:
!Hero's Diary
08:07 PM The Bipolar Bear raised its hand for a deadly final strike against me, when Baloo suddenly threw himself under its feet. The monster stumbled and fell dead on the ground, its neck broken. Baloo was knocked out by the impact of the monster's carcass. Oh, my Lord, if I don't bring him back to his senses in time, he'll lose all his levels and his will to compete!

  • The other simple way and requires only a little bit more effort is to check the status of your pet. If your pet is knocked out, a red cross will appear with a timer that shows how long you have to heal your pet. This is the more surer way as it is possible for gods to overlook a diary entry because of the limited space it has.

How to Heal Your Pet

There is actually only one way for your hero to heal your pet. Have enough money to take the pet to a healer. The cost can be approximated by using this simple formula: Healing Cost = 450 * level of the pet. This is the only way. You can't make miracles and hope it heals your pet. This is out of a gods control. Unless your hero chooses to heal your pet, he's a goner.
However, there is something that gods can influence, their heroes. The most that a god can do to heal a pet is to make sure that their hero has more than enough money AND make sure they don't waste it on other things. Yup. That's it. Nothing else. There isn't even a voice command that can make a hero heal their pet. Bummer right?
Before continuing a god must understand that this is no simple feat. Healing a pet takes so much more than resurrecting your hero, not just because there are a lot of steps, but because there are also a lot of godpower needed. And even if you follow all these steps perfectly, there still isn't a guarantee that your hero will heal your pet.
Here are several ways a god can improve their heroes' gold:
  • Going to Arena or Dungeon. The Arena and the Dungeon are the most sure-fire way to get a boost of gold and artifacts. Beware of the Arena though, losing will cause your hero to lose gold so make sure you win. In the dungeon, if your team loses there is a penalty fee but you won't lose all your gold. (See the Arena page and Dungeon page for more information.)
  • Giving the dig command. If successful this will give your hero artifacts or gold. Maybe even a boss monster, which in this case is a good thing since you will want to defeat the boss for its' treasures.
  • Complete your quest command. This will make your hero quest faster and therefore, get the rewards faster. This is helpful especially for epic quests that give a lot of rewards.
  • Activating special artifacts. Special artifacts can sometimes give your hero gold or other artifacts, but the most useful in this case are the boss-monster artifacts or the mini-quest artifacts since those yield the most rewards when completed.
  • Combining artifacts to create activatable artifacts. Not all artifacts give gold but all of them are useful. I will add a list of artifacts useful for this particular dilemma once the FAQ is complete. For now, check out the resurrection page for more information on this.
  • One of the easiest, and probably the most overlooked or ignored, is the Bingo in the Daily Newspaper. You don't need to complete the whole bingo. All you need to do is use up all your clicks and it will give you a nice gold reward that is useful for healing pets.
  • The most passive one is to stay in a powerful or influential guild. One of the perks of being in a guild is the free items or gold that heroes receive from partner establishments. the Higher the rank of a hero, the higher these perks are. Making sure you are in a guild and staying in the guild to achieve high ranks could be the difference between healing your pet and losing him.
  • The last one is to sell all your artifacts. This may seem common sense because heroes do this all the time but people tend to forget that heroes accumulate artifacts when going to the dungeon, arena or simply traveling. Never underestimate the value of bold artifacts. Sometimes you may think that you don't have enough, but upon selling all your artifacts, you find that you actually have more than what you need. At the same time though, one must not overestimate this value.
Here are several ways a god may lower the chances of their hero wasting gold coins:
  • There are several towns that are known to be the drinking route of heroes. They tend to waste more money when in one of these towns so avoid them as much as possible. These towns areBeerburgh, Herowin and Los Adminos. Make sure that when passing these towns, your hero has sufficient health and space in his inventory that he won't need to go to town anytime soon.
  • Heroes who just finish a battle in the arena tend to avoid wasting money. The only risk is if your hero loses the fight along with all his hard-earned money.
  • Heroes who return to town with low health also tend to avoid wasting gold. There are several ways a god may influence this:
  • Losing a Boss Fight or Fleeing from a Monster. All a god needs to do is stop encouraging and this is sure to happen.
  • Using combine command to prevent a hero with full inventory and full health from returning. A hero will return to town if they have full inventory regardless of whether they have low health or not.
  • A hero with an aura will also avoid wasting gold. The most useful aura in this respect is the aura of abstinence, but any aura will do. Here are the ways to acquire an aura:
  • Solve the Godville Times crossword to get an aura. This forum serves as a discussion where people will sometimes post hints to the crossword. Using the Godwiki List Articles will also help in finding the correct answer. E.g. list of artifacts and list of monsters.
  • Activate artifacts that give aura. You may also use the combine command to acquire the artifacts. I will compile a list and include it here once done. In the meantime check the resurrection page for more information.
  • Encouraging too much can give your hero the aura of rage When all else fails, this will not. This is one sure way of acquiring an aura, though it may take you a lot of godpower to get.
  • Punishing to the point of minimum health (1) will give your hero the aura of bliss. The risk of getting this aura alone is enough to deter many heroes since if not calculated correctly, it may result in the hero's death upon which they will lose all their gold.

Notey.png NOTES:

  • For non-temple owners: If your hero has more than 3000 gold using encourage or punish will risk turning that gold into a golden brick.
  • Be sure to check out the Pets page and resurrection page for other information.
  • Also check out the voice of god page for a list of voice commands and their effects.

How can I finish my temple faster?

It takes 1000 bricks to build a temple; no mean feat. Each brick is represented by 0.1%. Some Gods can complete the task in considerably less than a year; for many, it takes more than a year. It's all about getting gold bricks. The principal strategies are:

  • Convert coins to gold bricks: use an encourage or punish command when your hero has at least 3,000 coins. Sometimes you'll get ignored. Careful not to do too many encourage or punish in succession as the hero may get an aura of rage and ignore you.
  • Complete quests: you often get gold bricks for completion.
  • Got to the arena. Winning gets at least a brick. Sometimes turning up is enough to get one. If you don't like spending charges on duels you can do a duel within three minutes after the hour where the result is random.
  • Some artifacts will convert bold artifacts to gold bricks when activated e.g. alchemical transmuter, philosopher's stone, transmogrifier.
  • Boss monsters may have them. So if you do boss fights you may win bricks.

Notey.png NOTES:

What's the use of voice commands?

Voice commands are a way for gods to send instructions or orders to their heroes. One voice command will cost 5% godpower. This is a way for gods to have specific influences in a hero's life. A list of all possible commands and their effects can be found in the Voice of God page. In here, we will enumerate some or all benefits that can result from using voice commands classified in specific fields.

Questing, Gold, Temple and Ark
  • "Dig" command will give you more artifacts or gold that your hero can use to buy gold bricks. Sometimes heroes may get a golden brick from digging itself.
  • "Quest" command is used for completing quests faster which will give more rewards and gold bricks.
  • "Buy/Trade" command is useful when you think you have enough gold to buy brick/wood and you don't want your hero to waste it.
  • "Go to town" and "heal" command is useful when you don't have enough godpower to heal your hero.
  • "learn" command will make your hero level up faster.
Arena, Duels or Boss-Fights
  • Aside from being specific in their intent, voice commands lets a god influence their hero to an extent that will not cost much gp. This is especially useful in duels and boss-fights where charges can be easily depleted just be encouraging and punishing.
  • Useful voice commands include strike, heal, defend and pray.
  • "cancel" command will prevent your hero from leaving the guild.
  • "create 'guild'" command will make your hero start a new guild.
  • "cancel" command will cancel the pet registration quest and will let your hero find a new pet.
  • Some voice commands are useful when you are trying to heal a pet. See How to heal Your Pet above.
  • Voice commands lets a god drive the direction of the heroes' spelunking. This is useful as the chances of finding the treasure are higher if a god is at the helm of the party.
  • Voice commands that are useful in the dungeon are go (direction), heal and pray.

Notey.png NOTES:

  • Voice commands will not work if your hero is fighting a monster, trading, resting, or in town.
  • Sending consecutive voice commands within a minute is almost always a sure waste of godpower.
  • Some voice commands will not work in the arena, during boss-fights or even in the dungeon.
  • Make sure to check out the Voice of God page for more information about voice commands.

What is personality and how does it affect my hero?

Personality is the direct effect of you, a god, influencing your hero. Encouragement makes them good and Punishment makes them evil. There are different levels of goodness and evilness depending on the frequency of your encourages and punishes. An encourage and a punishment will off-set each other so if you use both equally, you'll have a neutral hero. This is listed and defined in detail in the personality page. Both good and evil heroes can benefit from having personality. The more you influence, the better the benefits, hence both pure good and pure evil are actually more beneficial than a neutral, gentle or spiteful hero. Basically, the effects can be summarized like this:

  • Good Heroes will heal faster.
  • Evil Heroes deal more damage.

Guild Alignment

The guild alignment is the average personality all members in the guild have. For example, if the all guild members are righteous, then the guild's alignment will be bright. A hero with an alignment on the other side of the spectrum will directly influence the alignment and pull it closer to neutral. A recent update states that a hero will now pay attention to the guild's alignment and will be more inclined to stay if it matches their own. This means less join 'guild' quests for pre-cardinal ranked heroes or maybe faster ranking. Like personalities, the guild alignment has quite a few benefits depending on the alignment:
  • Bright Guilds will have decreased healing costs, will be more inclined to heal themselves and pets, receive buying and selling artifacts discounts and will have more godpower and charge regeneration.
  • Dark Guilds will have decreased need for healing (could possibly mean take less damage), inflict more damage, receive trading skill or equipment discounts and receive free items from traders.
As with personality, the more extreme the guild alignment is, the better the benefits. Neutral guilds typically will not see any of these benefits.

Notey.png NOTES:

  • Check out the alignment page and the personality page for a more detailed information.
  • Also check out this update regarding the relationship of guild alignments to heroes' personality.

How do you use skills and what are it's effects?

Skills are useful techniques that your hero will acquire once they reach level 15. Your hero can acquire a maximum of 10 skills. Skills are automatically used by the hero. A god can't influence how or when a skill is activated. Skills have levels and will have increased effects per level. Heroes can trade a skill for another at the same level. The effects of the skills depends on the type of skill your hero has. There are three:

  • Combat skills help your hero during fights. Usually by adding more damage.
  • Trade skills help your hero by selling higher or buying lower, though they are mostly used for selling.
  • Transport skills help your hero travel back to town faster.

Notey.png NOTES:

  • Heroes have two ways to upgrade a skill. They will either pay for training or learn it for free.
  • Check out the Skills page and the List of Skills page for more information.

What is the point of pantheons?

Pantheons are rankings of both gods and heroes against other gods and heroes. Pantheons can be divided into three categories:

  • Long-term - these pantheons rank heroes and gods by properties that will mostly remain the same. The pantheons in this category are:
    Gratitude - Gods are ranked according to their contributions to Godville.
    Might - Heroes are ranked according to experience gained and level.
    Templehood - Heroes and Gods ranked according to their temple's completion date.
    Gladiatorship - Heroes are ranked according to their win/loss ratio, level being taken into consideration.
    Storytelling - Heroes are ranked according to their Chronicles rating.
  • Short-term - these pantheons rank heroes and goes by properties that are always changing. Attaining and keeping high ranks in these pantheons are almost an impossibility The pantheons in this category are:
    Mastery - Heroes are ranked by their skill mastery and equipment quality and maintenance.
    Construction - Heroes are ranked by number of golden bricks collected.
    Taming - Heroes are ranked by their pets' level.
    Duelers - Heroes are ranked by their win/loss ratio at the current arena season.
    Survival - Heroes are ranked according to to total number of monsters killed without dying.
    Savings - Heroes are ranked according to the gold they have saved.
    Creation - Heroes are ranked by their goodness.
    Destruction - Heroes are ranked by their evilness.
    Arkeology - Heroes are ranked by the number of gopher logs collected.
  • Guild - these pantheons rank guilds by various properties contributory by the guild members.
    Unity - Guilds are ranked according to the rate of members joining and leaving.
    Popularity - Guilds are ranked according to their influence in towns.
    Duelery - Guilds are ranked according to the average ELO rating of it's dueling members for that Arena season.

Many of them you will never worry about because only the early players can get high rankings like the pantheon of templehood. But others change often. Most pantheons have no practical use whatsoever to gods and heroes. Exceptions are the pantheon of Gratitude, Duelers, Popularity and Duelery. Gods in pantheon of gratitude sometimes receive benefits from the administrators. The pantheon of popularity is a key factor in unlocking the high-level rank of a guild. The pantheon of duelers and duelery are key factors in unlocking the guild monster totem.

Notey.png NOTES:

  • Check out the Pantheons page for other information.

How/Where can I get accumulator charges/godpower?

There are several ways to get accumulator charges and godpower. Here are the most common ones:

For Godpower

  • When your hero praises, prays, sacrifice to you.
  • The voice command pray, praise, sacrifice, will add some power to your gp.
  • The godpower cap in the daily news gives godpower once a day per player.

For Charges

  • The easiest way is to buy them.
  • Some activatable artifacts will give accumulator charges.
  • When you complete your temple it will generate charges for you everyday.
  • When your hero levels up, it will give you one accumulator charge.

Other non-common ways to acquire godpower/charges:

  • Winning in the Arena will give you one charge.
  • Defeating an enlightened boss-monster will recharge your godpower to 100%.
  • Rating all submissions in the ideabox will recharge your godpower faster. Do this everyday.
  • Getting an idea approved and having your name listed in the pantheon of gratitude, is rumored to get you charges from the admins every once in a while, depending on your ranking and points, as thanks for contributing to the game.

Notey.png NOTES:

  • Basically just being involved in the overall development of the game will get you in the good graces of the Admins and they are known to be generous to players they are thankful to.
  • Checking out the Daily Forecasts in the newspaper will help you see if there are special conditions in the use of gp on that day. i.e, Sending heroes to the arena only costs 25% godpower today or charges will recharge 70% rather than the usual 50%.
  • Check out the Godpower Accumulator and Godpower page for other information.

Tips and Suggestions

Important.pngBeware! Entering a Serious Section! For Gods only!
This section is the tips and suggestions regarding the game for new gods in the guild I AM. Please do not edit anything without express permission from the Council Members of I AM. Unless you are a council member in which case edit to your hearts content.

The tips and suggestions written here are strategies that the gods who wrote them have developed over the duration of their godhood in godville. They do these things not because they are right, but because they work for them. We do not claim that all these tips will also work for you. The reason we've decided to include such a section is to give you an idea on how to develop your own strategies, depending on your current goal. Sure you can use them for your own, but remember, the things written here are personal opinions, actions or traditions done by the people who wrote them and are in no way proven to be effective or can guarantee similar effects for you.

Arena and Boss fights

  • I use voice commands every 2-3 steps and I use different commands every time. "Heal", "defend", etc..
  • In the arena, if my hero and her opponent has around equal health, I will not interfere unless the other god interferes first.
  • Also in the arena, if the other god is AFK(away from keyboard) I would punish at the last possible step just to make sure it doesn't tie.
  • I adjust my strategy to match the other gods' so I will not be at a disadvantage. I tend to use voice commands more as well.
  • When fighting bosses I always check their abilities first and adjust my strategy accordingly.
  • I encourage when my hero can afford a missed encourage and punish only when she can afford a punish.
  • I also only encourage when my hero is defending to minimize the damage taken and punish when attacking for more damage, same with voice commands, yet I know some people will do it the other way around.
  • I almost always never use "pray" in the arena as it gives the impression you have less than 100% total godpower left and no charges. This sometimes make opponents influence aggressively. Of the times I did use the "pray" command, I was baiting the other god to waste their godpower.

Healing Pets

  • Always make sure you have at least 5000 over the amount you need. For example, If your pet is lvl 10 then 10 times 450 is 4500, add 5000 and you have 9500. 9500 is the minimum amount I will be able to breathe easily. This way, even if your hero still decide to waste money, you still would have enough to cover the healing costs after other expenses. If you are a non-temple owner though, 3000 should work as well (the other 2000 is for the savings that only temple owners must pay).
  • I only solve the crossword once the hero arrives in a town. Oh I research all the answers beforehand but won't actually submit it until she arrives and has enough money to heal the pet. This way, I can ensure that she still has the aura even if she takes a long time just browsing and wandering about.
  • When I need the aura of rage, I only encourage when my hero is in town. For the same reasons as mentioned above but there is another. A hero that arrives in a town with low health will avoid wasting money, that's true enough. But once there, a hero will spend money on the doctor, and encouraging AFTER they arrive will remove that and therefore lessen the expenses of the hero.
  • Check the status of your pet at least once a day, especially if your third eye is set to keep track of a lot of things. This will make sure you don't miss any knocking out happening.
  • For non-temple owners, if you solve the crossword with at least 25k, chances are you will get an aura of abstinence. After completing a temple though this stopped working for me.
  • Send your hero to the dungeon or arena as soon as possible. That way, if you lose, you will still have enough time to do it again.
  • I spare no gp when healing my pet. I sometimes go a little overboard but I believe 5-10 charges will be enough to cover everything you need. Make sure you always have at least that amount for non-temple owners, and double that for temple owners. You never know when your pet might be knocked out.
  • For the bingo, the only tip I can give you is always make sure you use the first two clicks as soon as possible. Doesn't matter if u can only extract one per click. Use the third click when your hero gets to town after acquiring the gold you need and before selling the artifacts. The third click will give you 2000 gold at least, though personally I've never had less than 3500.
  • If after going to the dungeon I still don't have what I need, I use the "dig" command to find treasure, artifacts, or underground bosses. After one or two successful digs, this is usually enough to make me feel comfortable with what I have.

Dungeon Dwelling

  • I only dungeon when I have at least 5 charges to spare. This way, I won't have to be worried about running out of godpower.
  • When with another god who is active, I let them drive. Conserve your gp for fights.
  • When no other god is active, I drive and instruct, making sure I don't waste too much gp on driving. I reserve 2 charges for driving alone. 2 charges may seem overkill but trust me, it's not.
  • Read the Dungeon and Boss Monster wiki pages. It will save your life. Trust me.
  • Having lesser companions is preferable as it means that the monsters will be weaker than with a large party.
  • Letting the party wander until they get the first clue before driving is a good way to conserve godpower.
  • Use voice commands to avoid boss fights by going around warning signs.