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<p style="color:Navy;">Will [http://godvillegame.com/gods/Mad20%dragon Mad dragon] run again?</p>
<p style="color:Navy;">Will [http://godvillegame.com/gods/Mad20%dragon Mad dragon] run again?</p>
<p style="color:Navy;">Can we finally convince [http://godvillegame.com/gods/Pamcakes Pamcakes] to run?</p>
<p style="color:Navy;">Can we finally convince [http://godvillegame.com/gods/Pamcakes Pamcakes] to run?</p>
<p style="color:Navy;">Only 5 days left!</p>
<p style="color:Navy;">Only 4 days left!</p>
===Our Current Leader===
===Our Current Leader===

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  • Elections coming up in less than a week. Time to convince Pamcakes!
  • Everyone stay safe and stay home.
  • Welcome to our new member Wastedgod!
IT Geeks
Alignment: Humane
Totem Monster: Task Manager
Leader: GodMad dragon 
Date Founded: November 2011
Forum Headquarters: IT Geeks Forum in Guilds' Headquarters IT Geeks
Guild Page: IT Geeks 
Data current as of 25th April 2020

About us:

Being an IT Geek

We are IT geeks. We dispatch entire armies of workers with our mighty shell scripts. Our homes may lack wine racks, but our 42U four-post equipment racks are loaded with second-hand network equipment and servers. We know how to use MediaWiki markup and templates, yet reject all things presentational in favor of semantics. Gratuitous Star Trek reference goes here. We're IT Geeks!

(Note: You do not actually have to be an IT Geek to join us. Most of us aren't.)

Our Origins

Founded in November 2011 by Amun J Farnsworth at the behest of his mighty-good-looking/not-at-all-nerdy hero Tutankhamun J Fry. Once an active member of the guild, he left to pursue his other adventures across the world of Godville. He has since fallen into the endless void of presence with no progress. Also known as uninstallation.

Where are we now?

Now, under the leadership of the great Mad dragon, the IT Geeks are a friendly guild of 30 members. Often managing to gain moderate positions in all of the Pantheons, our strongest point is our unity, often reaching up to the top 20, and over half our members have Temples constructed for our various Gods and Goddesses. The Guild Council is active, mostly full of posts boasting about who has done the most for the Guild, but if you join you will find yourself surrounded by helpful people who can guide you through the confusing place of Godville.


How to join

So you wish to join? Good choice! There are several easy steps which will ensure you get a place in our guild. Follow these, and you will find yourself amongst our ranks.

The Steps

Joining IT Geeks
  • Go to the Godvoice Page
  • Enter into the box "Join "IT Geeks" Guild"
  • Press Send
  • This will take up 5% of your Godpower. It is unlikely to work first time. Wait thirty seconds, and then repeat. If this does not work, you can wait another thirty seconds. Attempt several times. You might need to come back later when your hero is feeling more compliant.
  • Soon they will embark on a quest to join us. After that is finished, you will find yourself with us.


Once you have joined you will quickly start to rise through the ranks. Starting as a fan, you will rise to intern and then recruit. And so on and so on. Once you have been in the guild for 800 days, you will become a 'root', one of the highest achievements of our guild. Only 11 of our 30 members have achieved this, just over a third. Though you won't be able to post in the council at first, after a couple of days you will be able to join in with our conversations.


If you ever find your hero embarking on a quest to leave the guild (a random event), you will of course want to cancel immediately. Simply write "Cancel Quest". After several tries, you will find that your hero suddenly gives up, and chooses to find something better to do. The longer you are in the guild the less likely you are to leave. However, it is important to note that if you neglect your hero, not checking up on them for a month, they will be forced to leave the guild by the weight of their own sadness. Moral? Look after your hero.


Active Council Members

Here is a list of our most active members in the guild council, always ready to promote IT Geeks!

Active Members

Be sure to congratulate them for their devotion!

Think you should be on here? Message Speedstergirl in the Guild.

All Members

IT Geeks Members

  • Flying Pasta Man
  • Pamcakes
  • Trixie Lee
  • Mallie
  • JoergSievers
  • Mortemer
  • Field Mouse
  • Mad dragon
  • Astarion
  • Solarmax
  • Death Duckie
  • DGH
  • Kolurize
  • Lerindel
  • Niog
  • Stoxis
  • Speedstergirl
  • Jahuuu
  • Goddess of Souls
  • Phublis
  • Jiraiya31
  • Windows Vista xxl
  • Namjoon bub
  • Anty1011
  • Akaa
  • Blakeapeterson
  • Niama
  • Mvdison
  • E Jay
  • Wastedgod



With elections in soon, here you will see some regular updates about our candidates and current votes.

Will Mad dragon run again?

Can we finally convince Pamcakes to run?

Only 4 days left!

Our Current Leader

Our current leader is the great Mad dragon. A benevolent leader, she was even willing to forgo her place in the elections for another candidate. Hail, wise leader.

Guild Monster

We have managed, after many trials, to befriend the Task Manager. It now stands with us as our Guild Monster, organising our tasks and promoting overtime work. If not for our monster, we would all be lazy and never get anything done. Therefore, we thank you, Task Manager.

How do elections work?

Elections have been around since early 2015, where the first ever elections took place. The idea is to select a leader, someone who can make the important desicions. While they showcase the desicions, it is often only at the agreement from the rest of the guild. If the leader abuses their power, they can be impeached by anyone with a Cardinal rank or higher.

In the IT Geeks guild, it is often seen as a burden. Take for example the Goddess Pamcakes. She has managed not to run ever, despite most of the guild wanting her to. Why she does this is a mystery. No one knows.

If you join our guild, after a few months you will have the chance to vote in the elections. This will give you the power to make help us choose who a good leader would be.

Elections happen every time a leader's term ends. A term is 4 months. Anyone with Cardinal rank or higher can vote, and anyone with Hierarch or higher can run. The candidates must get 25% of votes from the elegible voters, as well as the highest amount, to win.

Think this page could be improved? Contact Speedstergirl who will be happy to try and help.