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Strong Monsters of Godville
Inevitabilis amplectaris
Strong Monster
Class Humanoid
Habitat Usually near towns
Artifact 'Free hug' coupon
Description An armor-clad mass of muscles and cuddles

The Huggernaut (Inevitabilis amplectaris "inevitable hug") is a monster whose only form of attack is fiercely hugging its opponent. It wears distinctive red armor and possesses incredible strength, allowing it to crush heroes in its embrace, similar to the brutal hug heroes sometimes use.

Due to its fearsome strength, any attempts to escape a Huggernaut are futile once hugging has commenced. The best hope for heroes who are caught in this smothering embrace is to kill the Huggernaut before it crushes them. This is easier said than done; the strong, thick Huggernaut armor protects against almost all weapon attacks.

Heroes’ best strategy for a successful kill, therefore, is stabbing the Huggernaut through the holes in its helmet or by chopping off its arms. Heroes lacking quality armor capable of such killing are in greater danger. It is imperative these heroes are aware of their surroundings in order to quickly spot a flash of the Huggernaut’s unmistakable red armor. Their only chance at survival is either outrunning the monster before it catches them or praying to be released before the hug becomes fatal.



  • Strong armor
  • Unstoppable strength
  • Lonely heroes are likely to be too stunned by signs of affection to attempt an escape


  • Eyes and mouth are exposed
  • Chopping off an arm aids escape
  • Bright-colored armor leaves it badly camouflaged