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|motto=Embrace the embrace!
|motto=Embrace the embrace!
|leader=Steve The Unicorn God
|founded=May 17th 2014
|founded=May 17th 2014
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|friend4=Infinity Waffles
|friend4=Infinity Waffles
|date=January 29th 2020}}
|date=September 17th 2020}}
{{diary | style=violet | text = 11:31
{{diary | style=violet | text = 11:31
Omnipotent One, do you ever stop and think that maybe... just maybe... I might need a hug?}}
Omnipotent One, do you ever stop and think that maybe... just maybe... I might need a hug?}}

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Hug Central
Motto: Embrace the embrace!
Alignment: true cuddliness!
Totem Monster: Chesthugger
High-level Rank: huggernaut
Leader: GodBrinjal 
Date Founded: May 17th 2014
Membership Count: 29
Forum Headquarters: Hug Central
Guild Page: Hug Central 
Data current as of September 17th 2020
!Hero's Diary
11:31 Omnipotent One, do you ever stop and think that maybe... just maybe... I might need a hug?


Sometimes, when you're sick, feeling depressed, or just a little down, a hug can somehow make everything better. Hugs are truly wonderful, so Hug Central was created for lovers of hugs and all things simple, warm and comforting.

Hug Central is a light-hearted, big-hearted and fun-loving guild full of people who love both giving and getting hugs. Our mission, other than simply to enjoy ourselves, is to provide a place where anyone, regardless of personality, guild, level or anything else can come if they ever need someone to cuddle.

Our rules are:

  1. Be nice
  2. Hug people
  3. That's pretty much it

Although we say "Be nice", that does not mean we dislike those with evil alignments, you can still eat your kitten sandwiches as long as nobody is made uncomfortable by it. It just means that if you're going to, say, start a food fight, you shouldn't throw food at people who don't want to get messy. Basically, don't upset our members or our guests. And as for "Hug people", unless you are a member you are not obliged to hug anyone, but someone else may very well hug you.

If you are a member (or supporter) of Hug Central, we encourage you to put our symbol: ♡ in your motto. This spreads the news of our guild to anyone who sees you in the pantheons or even the godville times. This is optional, but we would appreciate it.


After he gained his 1st rank Careerist achievement, Brinjal had no reason to stay in his guild. As a result, he found himself wandering from guild to guild, unsure of what to do. He joined the guilds his friends were in, and left them for another without staying long at all. He had no guild any more, he was a wanderer, changing guilds over and over, hoping to find one where he felt he belonged. At this point, you may be expecting to hear that he had a vision which explained to him that his divine purpose as chosen by the holy great random was to found a guild, or that was given a quest by a mysterious man to create a guild to bring joy to the land of godville, but it was in fact a lot more mundane. One day, he sat down and thought about all his friends, and how whenever he was having a bad day, he could always rely on one of them to give him a hug and cheer him up.

But then, a sad thought came to him, that there must be many gods out there who have few friends, or friends who are reluctant to hug. Gods who have nobody to wrap their arms around and squeeze until they forget their troubles. Brinjal thought this to be a tragic situation. He wanted to help them. One solution would be to just set up a stall giving out free hugs, but no, that was not enough. He alone couldn't end this, it would take a whole guild. And so, he made up his mind, he would create a guild with the aim of delivering hugs to all those in need and bringing happiness to the lonely gods of godville. And this guild would be called Hug Central. And with that, he went off to get a guild hall built.

Guild Hall

Our signature drink glows slightly due to the magic it contains.

Everyone is welcome here, and you can be sure of a warm welcome and a warm hug, so please drop by, even if you are not a member. While our original guild hall was destroyed in a raid by pirates, a new guild hall was soon built, better than the first.

From the outside, our guild hall is unmistakable. When the light catches it, it shines in all the colours of the rainbow and is truly something to behold. Once you come inside, there is much to enjoy. To the left of the main entrance is the bar, which magically changes theme to suit events, or just for fun. It might not be the best in godville (that honour goes to the bar at our allies, the Ankh-Morpork City Watch) but it stocks a wide range of drinks, including our signature drink: Warm Embrace. The recipe is a guild secret, but we can confirm that it contains the juices of several fruits and a small amount of magic which it allows it to give the same warmth that alcohol can provide without being intoxicating. Once you have your drink, you can take a rest by the fireplace in one of the various comfy chairs (which are slightly larger than average to allow someone to sit next to you and give you a hug) and sofas in the main hall.

In the basement where our treasury used to be, there is now a swimming pool, and also a small spa with a jacuzzi and steam room. In the west wing can be found our guest rooms. With comfort being one of the main aspects of Hug Central, every room is a deluxe suite! Also in the west wing is a small infirmary, to provide help to anyone sick or injured. The east wing has our library, with quite a range of books to borrow, and also, for those of you chasing their dueler achievement, a training area with a magic training area, dummies for melee combat practice and targets to practice archery skills. In one of the rooms adjacent to the main hall is the dining area and kitchen where we prepare food which, like a hug, is simple but comforting. Our pantries are always stocked with the freshest ingredients, to make a delicious meal for anyone who wants one.

To prevent a repeat of the pirate incident, our hall is protected by an enchantment which prevents people from damaging the hall, stealing from it, or harming others. But the enchantment is not the only thing that surrounds the hall: the hall is also surrounded by our beautiful gardens, a wonderful place to relax. Stroll lazily down the winding garden paths between the trees. Enjoy the variety of flowers. Sit by our koi pond and listen to the gentle sounds of the stream and the waterfall nearby, or if you want another type of water feature, stop by to appreciate our fountain. You can explore our hedge maze and see if you can find the statue of our founder with arms outstretched at the center, or admire our orchard and the herbs and vegetables that we grow.

So whatever you want, be it a place to rest, good food and drink, somewhere to relax or of course a hug, we can offer just that, so please come visit us any time. We'll be happy to see you.


If what you have read has made you want to join our guild, then that is wonderful. At Hug Central we are always looking for more beautiful people to join our ranks, but by beautiful we don't mean flawless skin or luxurious hair, we know that outer beauty is worth almost nothing next to inner beauty. In our recruits we look for people who are:

  • Kind
  • Friendly
  • Helpful
  • Polite

And of course

  • Hug-loving!

We also value chubbyness because the more features you share with a teddy bear, the more huggable that makes you!
But even if you don't think you have all these values, we would be happy to have you since we are a very welcoming guild and don't have overly high standards when it comes to recruits. The only thing we insist upon is that you be happy to give and receive hugs.

How to join

If you wish to join us, simply wait until your hero is out of town and not fighting a monster, then tell them: Join the "Hug Central" guild until they start off on a quest to join us. But do not tell them to cancel their quest first. And don't try this if your hero is under level 12, because at that level they are not eligible to join a guild. This may not work the first time, or the second, or even the fifth or the tenth, but keep trying, your hero will listen eventually! Remember if the hero is in town or in the middle of a fight they will usually ignore you, so just wait a while for them to be free, and then you can join!

However, once your hero joins the guild, until they reach Cardinal rank after 135 days, they may be tricked into accepting quests to join another guild. Should this happen, tell your hero: Cancel your quest until they change their mind. Once again, you may have to do this multiple times to get your hero to listen.

Guild Spotlight mentions

  • Edition 3117, Day 3361 g.e.

Hug Central is a bunch of heroes and heroines occupying 47th place in the pantheon of popularity. Rumor says there are about 29 of them. Veterans in this guild call themselves “huggernaut”. All time favorite of this guild is Chesthugger. Guild's admission tests include proficiency with the “disarming smile” skill.

  • Edition 3190, Day 3434 g.e.

Hug Central is a guild ranked 19th in the pantheon of popularity, consisting of 34 heroes and heroines. The highest rank here is “huggernaut”. Favorite monster of the guild is Chesthugger. Guild's admission tests include proficiency with the “bloody itch” skill.


Sometimes if you want to give someone a hug, typing *hug* or even ⒽⓤⒼ❤ just isn't enough. If you want something more visual, here are some ASCII hugs:

<< V . V >>
\\_(' ; ')_//
\(∪ ◡ ∪)/
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
(っ⌒ ∗ ⌒)っ
ヾ(⌒ ‿ ⌒)彡
ヾ(─‿‿─) 彡
(~ ̄▽ ̄)~
╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭
ヽ(´ ▽`)/
ヽ(°◇° )ノ
(つ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡° ༽)つ
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
(>^-^)> <(^-^<)
♡。゚.(♡´‿` 人´‿` ♡)゚♡ °・
(Ɔ˘⌣˘)(˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ C)

If you have another variation that isn't on this list, stop by the forums and give us a hug so we can put it here!