Howling Moon

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Howling Moon
Motto: Power Through The Moon
Alignment: Neutral
Date Founded: September 20, 2017
Guild Page: Howling Moon 

About The Howling Moon

Heading back to Godville the hero EliasTheTyrant decided to stop by a tavern nearby as it was getting dark. The hero had killed quite a few monsters and sold his huge stack of loot. Elias had so much gold that he bought multiple rounds for everyone at the tavern. Elias was completely wasted, he tried to start fights with the bartender so he eventually got kicked out of the tavern. Soon Elias started to walk aimlessly into Elias found himself in a forest. Elias fell down drunk looking at the moon about to pass out, but before he feel asleep he heard a pack of wolves howling at the moon. As soon as Elias woke up he ran as fast as he could too Godville. Elias did not stop running until he reached the guild registration desk and applied for the guild "Howling Moon".

Howling Moon's Logo

How To Join

To join the Howling Moon you will need too send a command to your hero.

Join "Howling Moon" guild

For this to work best you should wait until your hero is "Out of town" and is not currently fighting. You may have to try several times, I suggest you wait about 30 seconds between each send.

Howling Moon's Goals

The Howling Moon has but a few goals, We hope you try to help use achieve these goals.

  • Slay Monsters
  • Make Friends
  • Make Money
  • Drink and hear the Wolf's howl.