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These creatures are strong, hard workers, and fierce spirited. Blessed with speed and well as strength, it is a joy to watch them run valient and free in their wild state. Mankind (and now Herokind too, as it were) has used these beasts for Mans( and Heros) own means for countless years. Consiquently, horses are very much like the slaves of the animal kingdom. However, some horse owners treat the horse as more of an equal partener, rather than simply a subordinate. These lucky horses are rumored to reach greater levels of speed and strength as a result of their benevolent treatment. It is therefore advised for heros to try to control their infamous stupidity when it comes to care and maintaince of a horse. Horses are very spirited, which it is why it is a truly sad thing to witness a horse be broken. This spirit is what causes conflicts for horses, and sometimes they will fight heros to the death rather than submitting to the heros will and being broken. This is why one does not actually find a horse being kept as a pet by a hero. Although a good old fashioned horse may seem like an ideal pet, the life of a hero does not have room for a horse. Heros have managed to find a compromise of this pet status in the well known Trojan horse. Do not mix a Trojan Horse up with a regular horse, though, because they are very different; one if the few similarities between the two is thier pride. They would therefore both be offended if you got them confused.


  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Physical fitness and capibility
  • Spirited


  • Pride
  • Spirited
  • Afraid of fire