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The Holykeeper is a guardian angel gone horribly wrong. It has been ignored in the Bible and other such writings for so long that it turned to evil and began to rampage about, smiting heroes and heroines, raging about the fact nobody has acknowledged them all the while. The holykeeper is about 19 feet tall and resembles a crudely drawn zombie, with a stained white robe, patched and scarred wings with dirty feathers, and long matted hair of any color.


  • Can call lightning down from the sky
  • Its impressive height frightens many heroes into running away without a fight
  • Emits a horrible rotting stench that can wither heroes brain cells


  • Spontaneously combusts when in direct sunlight
  • Any mention of sunlight, or anything else implying joy, reduces it to tears
  • Will drone on and on about how unfair life is, allowing the hero to slip away